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Juhani x William porn
Master Templar and Assassin Mentor: it's a concept ripe for enemies to lovers fic!
Maybe set it during or after the Uprising plotline where Juhani is working with the Assassins. Or maybe set it up as one of then is undercover and ends up seducing the other to gain access to information?

I just want these silver foxes to get it on please!
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  AC:Uprising  status:unfilled  character:William_Miles  character:Juhani_Otso_Berg  pairing:William_Miles/Juhani_Otso_Berg  genre:slash 
september 2019 by asscreedarchive
Desmond preggo and pampered
Desmond is a rare Omega with valuable DNA. several other Assassins are assigned to be his harem. He loves and sleeps with all of them and so when he gets pregnant they all shower him with love and attention
Part6  AC:misc  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:assassins  pairing:Desmond/assassins  genre:slash  kink:harem  kink:mpreg  kink:polyamory  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
august 2019 by asscreedarchive
Papal guard/ ezio
I know this is dead but I found this fic recently and really wanted a continuation.
https:// 506305
As long as the guard doesn’t die anything is bloody great.
Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:guards  pairing:Ezio/guard  genre:slash 
august 2019 by asscreedarchive
Alexios/Brasidas Alpha/Omega - On the Run
I've been thinking about this for a while and I would love to see Alpha!Brasidas and Omega!Alexios during the time when you're being pursued by the top number of mercenaries before A Bloody Feast.

Alexios has been persued by bounty hunters all day and he is so, so tired. He finally makes it back to a safe house where Myrinne and Brasidas are waiting with Lagos' family, away from the eyes of the bounty hunters.

Alexios has been helping people and taking care of others for so long, and he's never stopped to take care of himself. He's wary of letting his guard down. He doesn't trust anyone else, especially Alpha's and their intentions. But Brasidas seems to be different.

Brasidas notices how worn down Alexios is and finally asks him, "when was the last time you let someone take care of you?"
Part6  AC:Odyssey  status:unfilled  character:Alexios  character:Brasidas_of_Sparta  pairing:Alexios/Brasidas  genre:slash  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
july 2019 by asscreedarchive
Desmond the Drag Performer
Okay let's take recent controversial event from the news and make it better.

Desmond Miles, mid twenties, works as a bartender most nights but from time to time he gets DRESSED UP AND FABULOUS. What is his drag name? Do any familiar faces come to his shows? Maybe they get a special private show later; Desmond fucks/gets fucked with most of the costume still on.

Whatever pairing you like. Bonus points for Top (or Vers) Des.

(Captcha: "The list toe, dress and library contains how many body parts?" Wait, is toe fetish involved in this too?)
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:filled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover 
july 2019 by asscreedarchive
Ok this is one of my biggest turn-ons: grunting and moaning and vocalizing during sex. So could I get a PWP with the ship of writer's choice but they're REALLY NOISY about it. Maybe some dirty talk too if you're into that.
Part6  status:unfilled  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:noise  kink:dirty_talk 
june 2019 by asscreedarchive
Altaïr the royal bodyguard
Have gone through a spree of 'Malik ends up as Altaïr's bodyguard' fics and I am very disappointed at the severe lack of the other way around.

So, that.

Malik's a king or something and is in conflict with Al Mualim's forces and Altaïr is Al Mualim's prize general/warrior/bodyguard/whatever. Malik's forces have won, Al Mualim is dead, and Altaïr becomes the spoils of war. Malik's advisors push for him to be executed, since he was the one who killed Kadar on the battlefield (and cost Malik his arm), but Malik has another 'punishment' in mind: be Malik's 'loyal' bodyguard and personal servant for the rest of his life.

What does Malik hold over Altaïr's head to keep him in line? (Doubt the threat of corporal punishment would work very well on Altaïr...)

When/How do the pair go from detesting each other and deliberately pissing the other off, to forming a bond tighter than brotherhood? (Can be gen or slash...feel free to drag that shift out, I'm a sucker for slow burn)

Drag in as many AC characters as you want--go nuts, have fun.
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  genre:gen  AU:bodyguard  AU:royalty 
june 2019 by asscreedarchive
Alexios/Bayek Anal fisting
Modern Au! Where Alexios and Bayek meet...somehow. maybe they meet online as a one night stand, and the sex is good enough that they keep going back to each other, wanting more. As they start their relationship, they begin to explore their kinkier sides, and Alexios (hopefully being a needy bottom in this) mentions fisting, and how it's something he is interested in trying. Bayek, always willing to help his boyfriend feed his hungry hole, agrees, and they begin to slowly explore the kink. Alexios and Bayek love it, and become true fist pigs, Bayek even tentatively trying it himself and loves it as well. I...don't know how extreme anyone would want to go with it, but the more extreme the better, honestly.
Part6  AC:misc  status:unfilled  character:Alexios  character:Bayek_of_Siwa  pairing:Bayek/Alexios  genre:slash  kink:fisting  AU:modern 
june 2019 by asscreedarchive
Templar sex rituals + the French revolution
Just like the subject says. I want some of our AC Unity bad guys fucking I mean making love in the name of the Order. Maybe you need to participate in the sex ritual in order to become a templar? Maybe fucking with your grandmaster is a part of a templar's everyday life? It's up to you.
Bonus for the jacobins being involved somehow.
Part6  AC:Unity  status:unfilled  character:templars  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:sex_rituals 
may 2019 by asscreedarchive
(noncon and hurt/comfort) sex slave Daniel Cross
For whatever reason (maybe he's not loyal anymore, or he got injured, whatever), Daniel is no longer considered a useful field agent for the Templars so they're keeping him locked up as a sex slave. Someone from the Assassins rescues him (maybe Hannah, maybe Clay, maybe your reader-insert, whoever you like)
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Daniel_Cross  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:non-con  kink:sexual_slavery 
april 2019 by asscreedarchive
Ned/Jacob Omegaverse hurt/comfot
Omega!Jacob Frye and filler's choice of what Ned is.

Jacob was raped by Alpha!Roth and manages to escape (to Ned's place or to Evie/Henry's place). Jacob ends up raising the child with Ned. Roth gets beat up or killed eventually.

Captcha: "Enter the highest number of twenty three, 52, twenty six or sixty nine:" 69 wOOOOOO yeah let's put some 69ing in this fic too!
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Ned_Wynert  character:Maxwell_Roth  pairing:Jacob/Ned  pairing:Jacob/Roth  genre:slash  kink:mpreg  kink:non-con  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
march 2019 by asscreedarchive
Be it in the afterlife, or some alternate timeline where Lucy has a major kink for those suffering bleeding effect, Lucy is the dominate director of their happy threesome.

+Desmond+Clay refer to Lucy as their Angel.

+If a still-alive timeline, Lucy uses the line, "I have two insane assassins and I'm not afraid to use them!"
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Lucy_Stillman  character:Clay_Kaczmarek(Subject_16)  pairing:Desmond/Lucy/Clay  genre:het  genre:slash  AU:afterlife  AU:bleeding_effect  AU:not_dead 
february 2019 by asscreedarchive
Abbas was just about getting over his hatred of Altair, then of course his best friend/lover Kadar started to idolise him, followed by his eventual death that he'll forever hate Altair for
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Abbas_Sofian  character:Kadar_Al-Sayf  pairing:Kadar/Abbas  genre:slash 
february 2019 by asscreedarchive
Ghost sex!
Dearly departed character of your choice comes to visit their lover in bed. The living lover thinks it's just a dream, but some bit of evidence indicates otherwise ;)
Part6  status:unfilled  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:ghost_sex  AU:ghost 
december 2018 by asscreedarchive
Fuck it what about vore??
Desmond Miles gets non-fatally consumed by Alex Mercer and maybe it's even consensual, he asked Alex to do it??
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  kink:vore  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover 
december 2018 by asscreedarchive
Leo/Ezio - Internalized Homophobia
So, I wanna see an Ezio who genuinely thinks he's straight. And thinks all he thinks for Leo is affection.

Leo knows he's gay. He also hates this fact, tries to ignore it. And his feeligns for his best friend.

I want to see either Leo kissing Ezio, or finding out about the whole ~sodomy~ conviction thing, leading to both outward disgust and inward disgust at the knowledge he didn't mind it that much.

Gimme loads of angst. Tears. Eventual confused sexytimes because Ezio has no idea what to do with a man, and Leo has only had a hurried experience in a darkened alley.
Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo  genre:slash  kink:angst 
december 2018 by asscreedarchive
Desmond/Reader Omegaverse
Reader is an Omega and been in a relationship with Alpha Desmond for a while, and tonight, as Reader's heat kicks in, Desmond is gonna finally give Reader his knot. Looking for gentle but intense PWP.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:heat  kink:knotting  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
november 2018 by asscreedarchive
(Omegaverse) The Animus affects heat/rut
Desmond is an Alpha or Omega (filler's choice) and after a long time in the Animus, whoever is monitoring him notices his hormone levels going whack. He's going really quickly into heat/rut. (Maybe due to events in the genetic memory, or whatever explanation you want ;-)

Alternatively! Desmond could be a Beta, but his ancestor he's in right now isn't a Beta, so he's experiencing their heat/rut because of the Animus/Bleeding Effect.

Anyway the point is, Desmond suddenly really really needs to get some lovin'!
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:heat  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
november 2018 by asscreedarchive
(BDSM, Consensual Adult Incest) Dom Desmond, Sub William
William wants to make amends to Desmond for how asshole he's been in the past. So Desmond ties him up a bit and BDSM funtimes ensue. Bonus points if everything is super consensual. . Of course they have to keep this arrangement a secret from the others, right?
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:William_Miles  pairing:Desmond/William  genre:slash  kink:bdsm  kink:incest 
november 2018 by asscreedarchive
Alkibiades joins Alexios on his odyssey
Alexios meets up with Alkibiades in Korinthia, and the usual quest and information is provided. Except for one difference: after Alexios finishes the quest and slept with him in the temple, Alkibiades springs a surprise by asking if Alexios doesn’t mind him joining along on his journey.

Turns out just after Alexios left Athens to start his search for the clues of his mother’s whereabouts, Alkibiades got ostracized and exiled. And it was both Perikles and Sokrates who helped Alkibiades ensured that he got exiled than getting a worse punishment. And since ostracism is a ten-year exile from Athens, Alkibiades decides that he may as well find some adventuring to do. And he recalls that handsome, rugged misthios that he met and slept with at Perikles’ symposium.

So the whole time, Alexios’ companions is now not only Ikaros the eagle, but also Alkibiades. Having Alkibiades as a companion (Alkibiades claims that he ‘hired’ Alexios to be his personal guard), he becomes a mixed blessing for Alexios. (...)
Part6  AC:Odyssey  status:unfilled  character:Alexios  character:Alkibiades  pairing:Alexios/Alkibiades  genre:slash  AU:misc 
november 2018 by asscreedarchive
Alkibiades/Alexios shameless smut
Alexios may be a power bottom for a Spartan warrior, but it’s Alkibiades who pulls the inner slut out of Alexios. The time Alexios spent in the private party is for Alkibiades to teach Alexios of how to truly let go of his inhibitions and shamelessly enjoy sex like a slut.

-Slutty Bottom!Alexios
-Marathon sex
Part6  AC:Odyssey  status:filled  character:Alexios  character:Alkibiades  pairing:Alexios/Alkibiades  genre:slash  kink:marathon_sex 
october 2018 by asscreedarchive
Wanting some Lykaon/Alexios fill!
No doubt that others have encountered Lykoan’s questline and want something more out of it. I would prefer to see something sweet and smutty. Maybe a tumble on the hay in Lykaon’s home?And Alexios doesn’t mind letting Lykoan lead? ;)
Part6  AC:Odyssey  status:unfilled  character:Alexios  character:Lykaon  pairing:Alexios/Lykaon  genre:slash 
october 2018 by asscreedarchive
you have a p*ssaaay

one or both being turned on by their butthole being called a pussy (is the kink feminizing someone? I have no idea...)
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  kink:dirty_talk 
september 2018 by asscreedarchive
Altair/Malik, age difference
Altair is an actual novice (or journeyman) teenager and Malik a master assassin. After Malik loses his arm, brother and status due to Altair's need to prove he's good enough and ends up messing up their mission instead, Altair's training is abruptly ended (ending his dreams also) and he's sent along with Malik to Jerusalem to work as his helper in the bureau, because Al Mualim enjoys torturing Malik even further. Malik hates having to live with the boy and sends him on all types of impossible jobs and chores to get him out of his way while Altair's equally pissed that he's destined for a life of working as Malik's slave. They start to notice the strange activity in the city and from the letters he's been getting Malik knows something's up, Altair takes it upon himself to investigate and sneak around but eventually ends up in trouble (having to be saved by Malik). Que them learning to work together on what they know and Malik taking it upon himself to train Altair, being annoyed at his constant moping, and thus at some point they develop feelings! Rest of gameplay ends up happening,Malik sends Altair to do these missions across Jerusalem and in the other cities, putting together all this information,killing targets and in the end confronts al mualim (who he always thought of as a father) and overthrows him. You know how the rest goes really, mostly I just want Malik/Altair so the details of the story don't matter too much :p

Don't mind ages, would prefer Altair not under 16 though. Malik maybe somewhere between 26-40?
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  kink:age_difference  AU:misc 
august 2018 by asscreedarchive
Ezio/Guards gangbang during Carnevale
Ezio enjoys Carnevale in Venezia, but he sees that there are certain people, like the city guards, who don’t get to enjoy it. He finds it unfair that the guards still have to work on a holiday, so why not give them a break and bring the holiday to them? Especially the ones assigned to the dry docks of the Arsenale di Venezia? And there are double the number of patrol guards in the dry docks during Carnevale?

So imagine to the surprise of the guards and the leader assigned to the Arsenale on the day of Carnevale to find Ezio waiting for them in the guard barracks, the tables filled with food and wine that are worth more than years of their own pay, and the Assassino that has been a terrifying nuisance in Venezia is more than happy to offer his body to service these hard working guards.

It’s not exactly what most men would want, considering Ezio’s gender. But when you get free luxury food and wine, a break from the Assassino who is a well-known cock slut but still a deadly foe who is happy to service you and your fellow men, and you don’t have to pay for a courtesan (especially during Carnevale for double the price) for a night’s entertainment, you can’t exactly complain about the wonderful gift that landed on your lap.

In short, I want cock slut Ezio be thoroughly fucked silly by the guards and enjoying the way they go at him.(...)
Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:guards  pairing:Ezio/guard  genre:slash  kink:gangbang 
july 2018 by asscreedarchive
A/B/O Past Kadar/Altair,DubCon Malik/Altair, and/or Robert/Altair TW:Miscarriage?
A/B/O AU in which Altair is a "secret" Omega and Kadar was his Alpha. Once Malik realizes that the reason Altair got tossed out a door and Kadar completely lost it afterwards was because Robert could tell that Altair was an Omega. Now, tradition demands that he take his brother's widow to mate and care for... but how does he convince Altair to accept him, a cripple? Especially after all the things he said to/about him? And why is Al Mualim letting an Omega go on such dangerous missions when Altair's blood is clearly running dangerously high?

+Malik POV for my Ovaries.

+Altair's such a dick in the beginning because pregnancy hormones demand Aggro to Protect the Baby. Al Mualim knows this and likes to put that extra edge to use. When he stabs Altair he causes a miscarriage.

+Malik is really very confused on his feelings about all this, because he is pissed at Altair for going into a mission while blood is hot and pissed at Kadar for not fucking telling him he got himself the most eligible bachelor for a mate and pissed the most at his own self for not noticing. And then he finds out about above bonus and goes apeshit.

+Robert de Sable wants to track down the terrifying Omega and make lots of little terrifying babies with him. Malik says screw the plan I am gonna go rogue and protect by brother-in-law/possible husband's honor.
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  character:Kadar_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  pairing:Altaïr/Kadar  genre:slash  kink:mpreg  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
july 2018 by asscreedarchive
Screw the Timeline, I am Out of Fucks to Give AKA GuardianAngel!Desmond
Can be Gen or Desmond/Ezio.

In the process of saving the world, Desmon's humanity is burned out and he evolves into a creature beyond space and time. With wings. And solar/fire control. Some might call him an Angel. And because he's a new baby near goldy thing idle thoughts have consequences. Like his thought that instead of being alone in a cave to be killed and/or captured he'd really wish he could be with his family.

And then he is. But, see, because animus all his familial feelings are wrapped up in Auditore drama. And he seems to have gotten spat out years before Giovanni and his Ezio's brothers were hanged! Thus, intangible and undetectable (except by animals, because traditionally acute supernatural senses and possibly through Eagle Vision) Desmond just starts following around his Ancestors (Desmond: I don't know what's going on, but this Auditore family Soap Opera is HILARIOUS from the 3rd person), causes some grief for their harassers (why is there a bucket of flour over the door?!) until the Conspiracy goes off.
Part6  AC2  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Ezio_Auditore  pairing:Desmond/Ezio  genre:gen  genre:slash  AU:angels  AU:not_dead  AU:time_travel 
july 2018 by asscreedarchive
AC2!Ezio/Followers of Romulus
After arriving at Venice since 1481, Ezio receives a urgent letter that needed him to part for Rome. While investigating the Baths of Trajan, Ezio gets ambushed and surrounded by the Followers of Romulus and they quickly got him bounded and taken down to their underground lair, Nero’s Golden Palace.

Somehow, being ambushed and tied up by these savage looking men dressed in leather and wolfskin pelts gets Ezio hard. One of the Followers noticed that Ezio is turned on and gets the others curious enough to check out. They then find out how much of a cock slut this young Assassino is and decide to keep him in captive for their entertainment.

Turns out, the Followers of Romulus are kinkier than the city guards that Ezio had slept with, and their sex is also more experimental and animalistic. Getting gangbanged every day leads to Ezio looking forward to what these wolfmen would do to him.

To the Followers, fucking the Assassino is way better than killing him, and Ezio thinks the same vice versa.

Ezio ends up being in their ‘captivity’ for nearly a month before they let him go. Because of Ezio’s sexy times in Rome, the Followers of Romulus decide to cut off ties from the Borgia and pledge allegiance to the Assassins instead. No one in the Brotherhood is sure of whether to be confused, shocked, amused, or have no idea in what to make of the news that all it took was for a cockslut Assassin whoring himself out to a Borgia-allied group to have them switch sides. The wolfmen still prefer to have Ezio around with them. ;)

In short, I want to see AC2!Ezio having an earlier visit to Rome than canon, meets the Followers of Romulus and get captured by them, and comes to be familiar with every member’s cock and kinks before he gets released. (...)
Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Followers_of_Romulus  pairing:Ezio/Followers_of_Romulus  genre:slash  kink:gangbang 
june 2018 by asscreedarchive
Jacob unrequited lust for Henry
I forget where I saw this but someone speculated that Jacob's reason for teasing Evie about Henry is that his bisexual ass is jealous. So, how about a fic detailing Jacob jacking himself while fantasizing that he's railing Henry. Maybe it's even while he's hearing the noises of their fucking in the next traincar. Maybe that's not even enough and he later seeks out prostitutes who resemble Henry.
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  pairing:Jacob/Henry  genre:slash  kink:jealousy  kink:masturbation 
june 2018 by asscreedarchive
Altair/Malik ASMR
One of them is an ASMR artist, and the other cannot sleep without watching their videos/listening to them
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  kink:ASMR  AU:modern 
march 2018 by asscreedarchive
Taharqa/Bayer drugged sex
Rather than burying Bayek in the desert after drugging him, Taharqa keeps Bayek at some place well hidden in order to chain him up, drug him with a powerful aphrodisiac and fuck Bayek. Perhaps he can persuade Bayek into the side of the Order of the Ancients by the persuasive and powerful actions of really good sex?

Taharqa's plan worked so well that Bayek became his favourite go to Medjay/slut to enjoy fucking thoroughly whenever he needs to spend time away from Letopolis.

It leads to Aya eventually figuring out what happened to Bayek and track them down in order to save her husband and kick the Scarab's ass to the Land of the Dead and way beyond LIKE THE BADASS WOMAN THAT SHE IS.
Part6  AC:Origins  status:unfilled  character:Bayek_of_Siwa  character:Taharqa  pairing:Bayek/Taharqa  genre:slash  kink:aphrodisiacs  kink:bondage 
february 2018 by asscreedarchive
I adore Bayek. I also couldn't help but think how well these two could mesh. Would love to read anything on this (ultra rare?) ship. Bonus points for Aya being her amazing self 'cause I love her too.

(So I'm kind of already writing this, but knowing me I won't be finishing it any time soon. Or within the year. Hoping some kind Anon could take up the ship, maybe we can inspire each other?)
Part6  AC2  AC:Origins  status:filled  character:Bayek_of_Siwa  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  pairing:Bayek/Leonardo  genre:slash 
february 2018 by asscreedarchive
Federico's knowledge
Federico giving Ezio tips on pleasing his partners. Ezio's eager to learn.
Maybe they practice on each other, if filler is into that. Or maybe not, that's cool too. Maybe Frederico buys a night with a courtesan so Ezio can practice.
Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Federico_Auditore  pairing:Ezio/Federico  pairing:Ezio/courtesans  genre:slash  genre:het 
december 2017 by asscreedarchive
Hypnotised Jacob Frye (ALL THE KINKS)
On Syndicate, there are a couple of missions having to do with Enzio Capelli (and he's not even Italian!), an English thief and conman who can hypnotise people and use the victims by commanding them to help steal for him before letting them go.

But! What if after using him, Capelli doesn't let Jacob go after seeing how useful and skillful Jacob is compared to the usual victims that Capelli used and decides to keep a hypnotised Assassin under his control?

And Capelli later finds how attractive Jacob is and finds it a huge turn on to have the Assassin under his every word and command...?

So Hypnotised!Jacob becomes a cross between a super competent butler and willing whore for Capelli.

It takes weeks before Evie noticed that Jacob has gone missing far longer than she expected, getting worried enough to drag Henry along and find out where her brother is and the last person he spoke to. How she finds and rescues Jacob is up to the writer.

-Capelli has an extra source of income by renting Hypnotised!Jacob out as a male prostitute to hugh class society men/women
-A hypnotised Jacob is far more suspectible and more open to kinks and fetishes that even a normal Jacob would stay away from (sounding, figging, fisting, bestiality etc.) and happily obeys his master's commands. The dirtier/weirder the kink is the better.

-Somehow the Templars find out what Jacob Frye has been turned into and decides to get in contact with Capelli to pay for Jacob. It can be Roth/Jacob, Starrick/Jacob, or just a good old gangbang on the Frye Assassin that has been disturbing the status quo of the Templars in London.
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Enzio_Capelli  character:Evie_Frye  character:Henry_Green(Jayadeep_Mir)  pairing:Jacob/Enzio  genre:slash  kink:brainwashing 
december 2017 by asscreedarchive
Guards/Ezio (gangbang in AC2 secret locations)
AC2-era Ezio enjoys exploring secret locations like Assassin Tombs and Templar Lairs, especially when there are guards present and making patrols in order to get himself deliberately caught and get fucked by them.

You see, what happened in the catacombs of the Santa Maria Novella, the very first place to get the Assassin seal of Darius, didn't end up with Ezio fighting the guards in the large round room so much as they caught hold of him, stripped his clothes off and they all fucked him. By the time he left the catacombs, Ezio had developed a taste for cock ever since.

The guards patrolling the secret lairs have gotten aware of why this young Assassino allows himself to get caught by them. Having to spend time in the underground/ruins/towers and away from their wives or girlfriends, the guards are more than happy to show this young, virile man his place among them. After they're done, the guards let Ezio off and let him take the seal/treasure as long as he doesn't kill them. A win-win for both sides.

Basically, I just want Ezio being a cockslut and having the time of his life getting gangbanged in the secret locations that has patrolling guards in it.

+One of the guards rimming/felching Ezio
++Double penetrations
+++Brutes/Seekers are Ezio's favourites since they have larger cocks/longer stamina to fuck him silly over and over
++++Ezio returning to the secret locations he'd previously visited/get fucked by the guards before to get fucked by them again
+++++Sometimes the marathon gangbang turns into an overnight stay or two with the guards for Ezio. If there's a guard shift right around the corner? Well, Ezio's stay with the guards just got extended
++++++Multiple orgasms and overstimulation
+++++++The guards in the Templar lairs are particularly good at dirty talking about how an Assassin like Ezio can only be satisfied with Templar cocks, which turns Ezio on
++++++++By the time Ezio reaches Venice, word of his sluttiness has already reached the ears of the Venetian guards. The guards that Ezio encounters in Visitazione give Ezio a warm welcome, Venetian-style
Part6  AC2  status:filled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:guards  pairing:Ezio/guard  genre:slash  kink:gangbang 
december 2017 by asscreedarchive
As my friend put it, "Jacob getting reamed by Evie and Ned ehhgbnggnb". I need this now. All consensual! Spitroasting! Strapons! Gjnhghnng
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Ned_Wynert  pairing:Jacob/Evie/Ned  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:threesome  kink:double_penetration  kink:pegging 
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ACIII, Kilt Check!
So, I follow John Barrowman on social media:

(Summed up if you can't watch the video, he lays on the floor saying "This is the first kilt check of the day!", a man in the kilt stands over him, and says: "Yep, it's all there.")

Of course, I stumbled upon this gem as playing ACIII, and I'm now surrounded by red coats in kilts. Hit me, anons. Who's doing the first kilt check of the day? Connor? Haytham? Someone completely random? You decided.

It can lead to sexytimes with the red coats in question or not. Don't mind if it dubcon or noncon. Just appreciating those men really wearing those kilts.
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  genre:gen  genre:slash  kink:clothing 
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Edward Kenway/Stede Bonnet casual sex
Eddy and Stede have a one-night stand, because they got tipsy and wanted to experiment. Preferably not a modern AU please :)
Part6  AC4:Black_Flag  status:unfilled  character:Edward_Kenway  character:Stede_Bonnet  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Stede  genre:slash  kink:drunken_sex 
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what if....
Ned Wynert/Alex Mercer ( ° ͜ʖ °) crack or serious smut

bonus points if Ned tops, because I think Alex is 95% bottom
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Ned_Wynert  genre:slash  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover 
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Frye Twin/Rook Gang(bang)
Just started playing Syndicate, and I'm craving some gangbang depravity.

SO, whichever Frye twin you prefer, maybe after taking over a templar stronghold, having some fun with the Rooks that are so grateful that they've been saved.

However it goes, all consensual and lavishing the Frye twin with all kinds of touching and foreplay before the main event.

+Bonus for some lady loving if Evie's your twin of choice.

++Bonus debauched twin gets back to the train, and insinuates what happened, which gives the undebauched twin ideas with the Rooks later.
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Rooks  pairing:Jacob/Rooks  pairing:Evie/Rooks  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:gangbang  kink:foreplay 
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Connor being kissed
Because Connor is a gorgeous badass sweetheart and deserves the kisses. Bonus if you make it a 5 things format thing
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:het  genre:slash  kink:kissing 
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Shay/Arno Alpha/Omega AU
Prompt: Any scenario really. One idea though is that Omega!Arno goes into heat while Alpha!Shay is nearby. It could be that or him having a one night stand with Shay while being drunk. There doesn't need to be anything explicit if someone doesn't want to write that kind of stuff. I am honestly not picky at all. I'll just be happy if someone decides to fill this odd prompt in the first place.

Bonus 1: Possessive or protective!Shay. Maybe, he gets jealous or protective when he sees certain people in Arno's life (maybe the people Arno usually gets shipped with such as Napoleon, Marquis de Sade, or Elise).

Bonus 2: (Protective?) Baguette Boyband working to prevent Shay from ever meeting Arno again. Maybe, some Baguette Boyband shenanigans.

Bonus 3: Shay doesn't kill Charles Dorian in this AU.

Bonus 4: Bellec reacting to Arno being with Shay. He fought in the Seven Years War and probably at least heard of Shay. His reaction to his student being with his worst enemy can be amusing, angsty, or anything else.

Well, I'll be forever thankful if someone fills this.
Part6  AC:Rogue  AC:Unity  status:unfilled  character:Shay_Cormac  character:Arno_Dorian  pairing:Arno/Shay  genre:slash  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
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Shaun and Ignis FUCCCCKKK
Okay I am halfway certain that Ubisoft and Squenix may have purposely made Ignis Scientia look and act exactly like Shaun goddamn Hastings. Ignis even does history research I swear to god the only way it would've been more is if frickin'Danny Wallace did Iggy's English voice.

Anyway can I get some fuckin uhhhhhh SMUT with these two doppelgangers doppelbanging?
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Shaun_Hastings  genre:slash  crossover:Final_Fantasy_XV  AU:crossover 
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Connor ToKW outfit appreciation
Because it makes him look badass (not that he generally doesn't look badass but it makes him look even more badass) and it shows his gorgeous skin and muscles more than the European clothes, and I have a bit of a kink for people who aren't bothered by wearing less than the people around them, especially if it's a perfectly innocent "where I was raised this is a perfectly appropriate thing" thing. And he looks more comfortable/confident in it, and that's sexy.
So I want The Outfit to get appreciated by someone, anything from looking, through looking and fantasizing, innocent compliments, not-so innocent flirtirting up to straight-up partially clothed passionately vigorous sex.
TLDR: Connor looks good in the ToKW outfit. Someone (Aveline? She's not in ToKW but she could probably appreciate a nice, gorgeous guy) notices he looks good.
No creepiness or noncon please.
Part6  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:clothing 
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NCIS crossover, Connor/Haytham or Connor/any templar or any
Based on a dream about Gibbs interrogating Connor who had a buzz cut (was rocking it too, so few guys can look good with it but he did) asking whether he'd tried to murder his boyfriend.
So, there is this guy (Haytham?)who is some kind of behind-the-scenes big deal in the DOD/pentagon/whatever. And he is steadily banging a male Marine (Connor) who's like half his age, secretly because his career. One night, someone tries to kill him, slit his throat, but Connor scares off the killer and calls an ambulance and Haytham barely makes it, but he lives. Now team Gibbs are investigating it, and Connor is the closest thing they have to a spouse (always suspect the spouse).
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  pairing:Haytham/Connor  genre:slash  crossover:NCIS  AU:crossover 
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Shaytham pregnancy
Shay and Haytham are expecting! With lots of sexy/romantic bellyrubs and caretaking!
Part6  AC:Rogue  status:filled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Shay_Cormac  pairing:Haytham/Shay  genre:slash  kink:mpreg 
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Haytham/Connor, killed but not gone
I just want those two, post Haytham's death, with Connor with the Mohawk haircut he wears so well and that grief/rage/seek-and-destroy-ness he wears even better. Haytham can actually have survived or can be visiting from another plane of existence or can appear in dreams, just no outright necrophilia - because Connor at that point wouldn't stick it in a willing warm living body, nevermind his dad's cold dead one, and this is about they boys getting some closure and reconcilation anyway.
Give me regrets, give me mutual apologies, give me this-is-a-sin-but-it-doesn't-matter-because-I'm-dead/you're-dead-and-I'm-dreaming, give me twisted but fluffy feelings.
Bonus for a reconcilatory blowjob with Connor on his knees and Haytham telling him how good he is.
Double bonus if the angry, guilty sad sex leads to genuine show of affection between them
Part6  AC3  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  pairing:Haytham/Connor  genre:slash  AU:not_dead 
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Assassins do it...
- from behind
- from above
- in haystacks
- on rooftops
- in gardens
- in plain sight
- in the dark
- with fancy toys
- in a tree
- any way you can imagine, because everything is permitted
I just want all the creative ways that anyone got it on. Bonus for Connor, post game, losing his virginity in an unusual way and/or place. (or virginites? are there like special virignities for sex in a tree or on a roof or whatever?)

I just want a lot of porny shorts.
Part6  status:unfilled  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:public_sex  kink:toys 
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Altaïr likes being humiliated
You know how there are those two tall Assassins who hold on to Altaïr's arms as Al Mualim scolds/slaps/stabs him? I want them x Altaïr + humiliation kink

+ them taking turns to fuck Altaïr/double penetration
++ making Altaïr strip naked and touch himself in public
++ Altaïr coming untouched
+++ Altaïr calling them 'sir' or 'master'
+++ Altaïr tied up/pinned down and begging
+++++ Malik and/or Abbas is part of the crowd that sees him and gets horribly aroused and wonders what the hell is wrong with him
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:assassin(AC1)  pairing:Altaïr/assassins  genre:slash  kink:humiliation 
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Foursome action - Mary Read/Anne Bonny/Jack Rackham/Edward Kenway
The one where the ladies and Jack decide to invite Edward since they could use an extra cock, mouth and pair of hands and he knows about Mary and is not bad looking and will screw just about anything that will have him.
Edward, for all his experience with anything that moves, is still not prepared for the free-for-all intensity of a foursome.
Or: I just want a happy, sexy, depraved pirate orgy, pretty please with nude Kenways on top. And bottom. And on their back with Mary sittin on their dick, Anne sitting on their face, and Jack waiting for a turn with said face while Anne kisses him and jacks him off, no pun intended. And on all fours with their dick in one snatch, their face in another and a dick up their arse.
And any position known to the world of polyamorous sex-having.
Part6  AC4:Black_Flag  status:filled  character:Edward_Kenway  character:Mary_Read(James_Kidd)  character:Anne_Bonny  character:Calico_Jack(Jack_Rackham)  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Mary/Anne/Jack  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:foursome 
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Dear god what the fuck? I do not know if I should be worried, apalled, aroused or pretend I didn't see it. But it's hot, in a way. Yay for orgies.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  -Misfire  status:filled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  character:Rebecca_Crane  character:Lucy_Stillman  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Lucy/Rebecca  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:orgy 
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After AC 3 Connor seeks out people who knew Haytham to get to better know him. One of them is Shay Cormac, retired assassin hunter. They develop an odd bond and end up in bed.
Part6  AC3  AC:Rogue  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Shay_Cormac  pairing:Connor/Shay  genre:slash 
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Malik/Altair - Superhero/Ballerino
So I have a Malik sim and he's at the top of the Law Enforcement career track... which is called 'Captain Hero' and is a literal superhero, weird skin-tight suit and improbable superpowers et al.

I also have an Altair sim and he's at the top of the Dance career track... which is World Class Ballet Dancer. He comes back each night in an assortment of shiny leotards. It's great.

So I want Superhero!Malik meets Ballerino!Altair and hijinks and romance ensues.

+ Malik trying to hide his true identity and Altair has a crisis because he thinks he's in love with two different men
+ Malik's regular day job is as a regular cop
++ Altair's fanclub consists of snobby rich old men and women
++ Altair being arrogant and diva af at all his competitors
+++ Altair being shy and awkward about anything not-dance related
+++++++ Set in canon timeline ie Malik is a 12th century Superhero
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  AU:modern  AU:superhero  AU:dance 
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Jacob Frye/Haytham Kenway
The pairing is weird kink enough but in case you need something more:
Jacob calling Haytham a silver fox
Part6  AC3  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Haytham_Kenway  pairing:Jacob/Haytham  genre:slash  kink:age_difference 
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Anyone/Callum Lynch
Cal is so cute(I love Michael!!) you can match him with anyone but Bottom!Cal,please
Part6  AC:movie  status:unfilled  character:Callum_Lynch  genre:slash  genre:het 
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Syndicate Modern Highschool AU
Can I get a retelling of Syndicate in a modern highschool setting? Here's what all I have envisioned, although it could be hard to fit all this into a single plot:

Evie and Jacob just had to transfer into a new school because their single dad moved to this town for work. Jacob tries out for the school sports team the Rooks and he gets in. The cool rebellious "gangster" kids like to make fun of the team for their poor game record. These rebellious kids include Chad Starrick (he hates the name Crawford so he goes by Chad), Max Roth (he starts to homophobically tease Jacob, who puts up with it because he wants to be seen as cool too), etc etc. Evie is your stereotypically studious kid, really into history, and crushing on this Indian guy named Henry. To prove he's not gay, Jacob briefly dates this girl from the "gangster" group, Pearl, but they fight and break up. Ned just wants to use the boy's bathroom and people keep giving him shit because that's "controversial". Robert Topping is that kid who runs dice games at lunchtime and takes bets on schoolyard scuffles, but he's not that bad a guy when you get to know him. Mr. Abberline is the friendly vice principal that Jacob eventually learns to go to to report his troubles. The Rooks eventually start actually winning games holy shit! Jacob comes to realize he is bisexual, and anyone who has a problem with that is gonna catch these hands (his own hands or Evie's or the hands of any of their friends basically)
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Maxwell_Roth  character:Ned_Wynert  character:Pearl_Attaway  pairing:Jacob/Pearl  pairing:Jacob/Ned  pairing:Jacob/Roth  genre:het  genre:slash  AU:high_school 
may 2017 by asscreedarchive
this is the first time i've ever posted on a kink meme in my life wow

but anyways i'd really like some type of adorable ezio/leonardo modern high school au? especially if they've been friends since childhood

Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo  genre:slash  AU:high_school 
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One-sided Robert/Maria &or Altair, age difference, impotence
According to what RL history we have about the who's-who of the Third Crusade, the Knight Templar Robert de Sable was in his eighties during that time frame.

Now, I don't think he was intended to be that old in-game, but for purposes of this prompt, lets say he was.

Men that age are well known to have difficulty getting it up. They may still want sex, but without something like viagra they can't have it. And as we all know, there was no viagra in the twelfth-century holy land.

So that is the situation Robert finds himself in, old and impotent and working alongside some fine young bloods, not to mention that absolute firebrand of an Assassin who wants him in particular dead. He wants them. His blood burns for them. But his flesh remains unable.


+Robert thinking to himself that if he found one of them naked and willing in his bed, that he would happily pleasure them until they forgot their own name, but knows his dick would never get involved.

+When he was younger he discovered his prostate, and is glad it still works for masturbatory purposes. He can still bring himself to orgasm even if he can't maintain an erection.

+While Maria and Altair are the ones I'm primarily thinking of with this prompt, feel free to use any or all of the other Templars as his objects of desire. The more the merrier.
Part6  AC1  status:filled  character:Robert_de_Sablé  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Maria_Thorpe  pairing:Altaïr/Robert  pairing:Robert/Maria_Thorpe  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:age_difference  kink:impotence  kink:sexual_fantasy  kink:one-sided_attraction 
april 2017 by asscreedarchive
Modern AU - the OTP meets at an LBGT group
Frynert or Kiddway or Harlarend or or insert your own OTP. Both of them saw a flyer somewhere and kinda hesitantly attended and they end up finding support and friendship and love.
Part6  status:unfilled  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:femslash  AU:modern 
march 2017 by asscreedarchive
ProtoCreed: Teachers in Love
Alex is the biology teacher at an urban high school. Desmond teaches shop class. They get intimate in secret in places like the supply closet or whatever. The kids are mostly oblivious but the other teachers are suspecting something's going on.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  kink:public_sex  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover  AU:high_school 
february 2017 by asscreedarchive
Let's say five to ten years postgame, Ned and Jacob have been living together most of those years, and now decide to have a child (either by adoption or pregnancy). Everything is fluffy and lovely and cute.

Bonus love if you include their grandkid Lydia~
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Ned_Wynert  pairing:Jacob/Ned  genre:slash  kink:fluff 
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Evie/Jacob has amnedia, Starrick takes advantage
Jacob or Evie is badly injured in a Rook/Blighter fight and somehow gets left behind in all the chaos. They are found by none other then Crawford Starrick, and should have been killed.

Yet Starrick knows an opportunity when he sees one. The Frye twin wakes up in Starrick's house with no memory of who they are, only that their life was saved by Crawford.

Over the weeks/months he carefully grooms them into being loyal to him, and the Templar cause, and before long the pair are lovers, and the twin cannot imagine life without Crawford. They prove a huge assesst to the Templars, all blissfully unaware of the truth.

Their twin, the Rooks and their allies are tearing apart London looking for the missing Frye, but when they finally see them, completely devoted to Starrick, have they lost their twin forever?
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Evie/Starrick  genre:slash  genre:het  AU:amnesia 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Jacob or Evie is married to Crawford and isn't miserable
Jacob or Evie has ended up in an enforced marriage with Starrick and is expecting their first child, Starrick's all important and longed for heir.

Although they did not want this marriage and the Templars still represent all the Frye's loathe, and Starrick still has no patience for the Assassin's beliefs, yet somehow the marriage between them and Starrick isn't as unhappy as one would assume, and it's not just because of their awesome sex life (although that definitely helps)

Bonus: The baby is actually twins. No evil/bastard!Starrick please. He doesn't have to be nice but not cruel to his spouse
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Evie/Starrick  genre:slash  genre:het  AU:arranged_marriage 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Starrick and Roth compete for Jacob
Crawford Starrick and Maxwell Roth both want Jacob Frye, it doesn't matter that the boy is an Assassin, and they know Jacob is fond of male company, and both have caught Jacob's eye, so their attentions would not be unwelcome, but no worthy Templar would ever share their lover with another. So who will win the battle for Jacob in their bed (and maybe unknowingly in their heart) and what methods are both willing to stoop to to ensure their success at the expense of the other?
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  character:Maxwell_Roth  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Roth  genre:slash 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Evie, Jacob and Henry are in a commited threesome relationship
Evie, Jacob and Henry are all in a consensual, happy threesome relationship, they are all ever others lover, deeply in love with each other and no one holds more 'status' than anyone else. They all live happily together, share a bed etc and maybe even have children together.

How 'open' they are about this is up to anon, but I kind of like the idea of rumours - mainly by the Templars, that can never be proved and the the Fryes and Henry remain at the top of high society. Extra bonus if they all somehow married each other, so they can be each other's husband/wife at different times and at different functions.
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Evie_Frye  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Henry_Green(Jayadeep_Mir)  pairing:Jacob/Evie/Henry  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:threesome 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Evie and Jacob are Starrick's beloved pets
The Frye twins are Crawford Starrick's beloved pets/consorts. Starrick takes great pride in having tamed the Assassin twins and loves taking care of them and providing for them, but is a firm Master and will brock no disobedience.

Not all the Templars - especially the higher ups are happy that Starrick has two Assassins in his home and bed, in Templar headquarters and although they are loyal to Starrick personally, neither will obey any other high ranking Templar, and some of the Templars are not happy and decide to teach the twins true obedience.

However they didn't count on Crawford feelings for his twins. He is the only one allowed to punnish them *if* he sees fit. They might be his fellow Templars, but he will show no mercy to those that try to hurt what is his
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick/Evie  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:dom/sub 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Evie/Starrick arranged marriage
Evie has been forced into an arranged marriage with Starrick and it's her wedding night. She has no intention of 'lying back and think of England' but it turns out her husband and her wedding night are not what she expected, and despite herself, turns into the best night of her life

But post (amazing) wedding night, how is she, a proud Assassin, to supposed to manage being married to an equally proud Templar - the head no less. But again, Crawford might pleasantly surprise her

Evie can be changed to Jacob if prefered
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  character:Jacob_Frye  pairing:Evie/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  genre:het  genre:slash  AU:arranged_marriage 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Starrick is one of Frye twins Mate
Despite all reason, and against all odds, Crawford Starrick turns out to be one (or both) of the Frye twins Mate. That's something no one can ignore, not even themselves. Mates cannot live without each other.

It isn't supposed to happen between Templars and Assassins, they are natural enemies, but apparently someone upstairs didn't get the message. So what can be done?
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Evie/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick/Evie  genre:slash  genre:het  AU:soulmates 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Starrick/Jacob To save his family...
For Jacob Frye, family is everything, it may be tiny but it’s all he’s got and he’ll cling to it with everything he has. So when his brother-in-law Henry is accused of stealing company secrets (and money) from Abstergo, the company he works for and faces a long prison sentence, partly because of the power and influence the company has, Jacob’s twin sister Evie having a difficult pregnancy and needs her husband. Henry is facing a harsh prison sentence, at an even harsher prison and Jacob knows Henry won’t survive, and neither will Evie and he cannot loose Evie. He'll do *anything*, including personally begging CEO Crawford Starrick on his knees. But Crawford has a well earned hard reputation that even the most cut-throat business men think twice about offending, and not someone you ask a favour from. Crawford has no time of sentimentality or sob stories...but he does have time to admire Jacob’s very pretty face. Crawford is tired of the faceless one night stands and fortune hunters, not to mention Abstergo’s enemies trying to woo him, and even Crawford knows he could also do with softening his image a bit. Jacob gives him the perfect opportunity.

He 'invites' Jacob to a private dinner and makes him a one-time offer: Crawford will forgive and forget the theft, and he'll take care of the Frye's financially, medically etc, but he wants Jacob to marry him. Jacob knows he has no choice but can he marry a complete stranger, especially one who has such a cold reputation. But despite Crawford’s (almost) smug victory over Jacob's reluctant acceptance, it turns out neither of them are remotely prepared for what has been agreed too...bottom!Jacob only please.

Please don't repost the prompt with anything altered. Can include Templar/Assassins if desired. Can be set in Victorian or modern times. If preferred Jacob can be exchanged for Evie.
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  character:Evie_Frye  character:Henry_Green(Jayadeep_Mir)  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  genre:slash  AU:arranged_marriage  AU:modern 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
ProtoCreed: Digital Love
Okay, you know that fanon where Desmond is "in the grey" post-AC3, his mind uploaded into the global cloud internet whatever? What if there's a big bad computer virus floating around there too? One that was designed as a terrible tool to destroy the internet, but it's gained sentience and has decided to use its powers for good instead of evil? And it's named itself Alex. And they meet. And Desmond is smitten. (Hey he might not be "human" anymore but he still has feelings dammit!)
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Jacob/Roth, Jacob/Starrick - Starrick saves Jacob from abuse
Jacob is trapped in an abusive relationship with Roth. After escaping after a severe beating he runs into (literally) Crawford Starrick who it turns out has a deep hatred of those who abuse their partners.

Against all odds, Starrick turns out to be just what Jacob needs to recover from Roth. It may be a slow process but Starrick is a patient man, and despite being a Templar, a good one. Jacob never thought he'd fall in love - truly, because Roth he now knows was never love, but Jacob refuses to loose their hard won happiness.

Roth however hasn't finished with Jacob, that boy is HIS, but is it wise to go up against the Grand Master, or more especially a man in love and deadly protective
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  character:Maxwell_Roth  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Roth  genre:slash  kink:hurt/comfort 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Frye twins as high-class prostitues, Starrick wants them
Somewhere, something went wrong in the Frye twins lives, and they ended up in the world's oldest profession, both of them. But with their looks, charm, intelligence and wit, it's not long before someone sees their potential and they are taken off the street and into a very exclusive gentleman's club -cum brothel, where they quickly become the favorites.

One of the clients happens to be the powerful Crawford Starrick, who despite his frequent patronage never takes the girls or boys to his bed, but when he meets the Fryes, he is instantly intrigued, almost smitten and for the first time in a long time, he *wants* - but he is also not a man who shares anything he values, and the twins should be valued, any fool can see that.

Starrick isn't prepared to simply be a 'client' of theirs, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the twins are solely his.

Pairing can be Starrick/Jacob, Starrick/Evie or Starrick/Jacob/Evie - totally up to anon. Please no really mean/nasty!Starrick (he can be strict etc but not a real bastard)
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Evie_Frye  character:Crawford_Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Evie/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick/Evie  genre:slash  genre:het  AU:prostitution 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
You aren't an Assassin till you banged a Templar
No, not bagged. Banged.
Or, seducing the enemy as a rite of passage. Smut, crack, whatever.
Preferably Desmond, but will take any/any.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  genre:het 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
You've done it
You've broken my mind in the best way. I loved the sexystuff and fourth wall breakage always rocks.
Part6  -Misfire  status:filled  AC:modern_assassins  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  AU:fourth_wall_breaking 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
Protocreed, self-cest
For the purposes of this prompt, let's assume that Alex can somehow absorb enough of someone's DNA to transform into them, but without killing them. The point is, Alex turns into Desmond and fucks him.

Desmond can be on board with this idea or not. I don't mind if things go into dub- or non-con territory.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  kink:selfcest  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover 
january 2017 by asscreedarchive
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pairing:Desmond/Erudito  pairing:Desmond/Ezio  pairing:Desmond/Ezio/Leonardo  pairing:Desmond/Giovanni_Auditore  pairing:Desmond/guards  pairing:Desmond/Hellequin  pairing:Desmond/Kadar  pairing:Desmond/Leonardo  pairing:Desmond/Lucy  pairing:Desmond/Lucy/Clay  pairing:Desmond/Lucy/Vidic  pairing:Desmond/Malik  pairing:Desmond/Rebecca  pairing:Desmond/Robert_de_Sablé  pairing:Desmond/Salaì  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Clay  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Clay/Lucy/Rebecca  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Lucy  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Lucy/Rebecca  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Rebecca  pairing:Desmond/templars  pairing:Desmond/Vidic  pairing:Desmond/William  pairing:Doctor/Officer  pairing:Doctor/thief  pairing:Domenico/Dante  pairing:Duncan/Clipper  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Adéwalé  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Bartholomew_Roberts  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Benjamin_Hornigold  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Blackbeard  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Charles_Vane  pairing:Edward_Kenway/Charles_Vane/Calico_Jack  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pairing:Ezio/La_Volpe  pairing:Ezio/La_Volpe/Machiavelli  pairing:Ezio/Leandros  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Antonio  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Cesare  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Cristina  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Federico  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Lorenzo  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Malik  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Michelangelo  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/recruits  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Rosa  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Salaì  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Shaun  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo/Sofia  pairing:Ezio/Lorenzo  pairing:Ezio/Lucrezia  pairing:Ezio/Machiavelli  pairing:Ezio/Malik  pairing:Ezio/Maria_Auditore  pairing:Ezio/Mario  pairing:Ezio/mercenaries  pairing:Ezio/Micheletto  pairing:Ezio/minstrel  pairing:Ezio/Petruccio  pairing:Ezio/Piris_Reis  pairing:Ezio/Prowler  pairing:Ezio/Raphael_Sánchez  pairing:Ezio/recruit  pairing:Ezio/Rodrigo  pairing:Ezio/Rosa  pairing:Ezio/Salaì  pairing:Ezio/Shaun  pairing:Ezio/Sofia  pairing:Ezio/Sofia/Yusuf  pairing:Ezio/Suleiman  pairing:Ezio/Tarik  pairing:Ezio/templars  pairing:Ezio/thief  pairing:Ezio/Uberto  pairing:Ezio/Ugo  pairing:Ezio/Vieri  pairing:Ezio/Yusuf  pairing:Federico/Giovanni_Auditore  pairing:Federico/Kadar  pairing:Federico/Leonardo  pairing:Federico/Petruccio  pairing:Federico/Vieri  pairing:Francesco/Cipriano  pairing:Francesco/Cipriano/Tessa  pairing:Giovanni/Rodrigo  pairing:Giovanni/Vieri  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Lorenzo  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Lorenzo/Federico  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Lorenzo/Galeazzo  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Lorenzo/Maria_Auditore  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Maria_Auditore  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Maria_Auditore/Leonardo  pairing:guard/guard  pairing:guard/minstrel  pairing:guard/street_performer  pairing:Harlequin/Officier  pairing:Harlequin/Ottoman_Jester  pairing:Haytham/Achilles  pairing:Haytham/Altaïr  pairing:Haytham/assassins  pairing:Haytham/Aveline  pairing:Haytham/Braddock  pairing:Haytham/Charles  pairing:Haytham/Charles/Shay  pairing:Haytham/Connor  pairing:Haytham/Connor/Charles  pairing:Haytham/Desmond  pairing:Haytham/Duncan  pairing:Haytham/Edward_Kenway  pairing:Haytham/Ezio  pairing:Haytham/François  pairing:Haytham/Holden  pairing:Haytham/Kadar  pairing:Haytham/King_Washington  pairing:Haytham/Miko  pairing:Haytham/Mills  pairing:Haytham/Prowler  pairing:Haytham/Reginal_Birch  pairing:Haytham/Shay  pairing:Haytham/Smythe  pairing:Haytham/Thomas  pairing:Haytham/Thomas/Charles/William  pairing:Haytham/Thomas/William  pairing:Haytham/William_Johnson  pairing:Haytham/William_Miles  pairing:Haytham/Ziio  pairing:Huntsman/Night_Stalker  pairing:Jacob/Enzio  pairing:Jacob/Evie/Henry  pairing:Jacob/Evie/Ned  pairing:Jacob/Haytham  pairing:Jacob/Henry  pairing:Jacob/Jack  pairing:Jacob/Ned  pairing:Jacob/Pearl  pairing:Jacob/Rooks  pairing:Jacob/Roth  pairing:Jacob/Starrick  pairing:Jacob/Starrick/Evie  pairing:John_Cockram/Josiah_Burgess  pairing:Juno/John  pairing:Kadar/Abbas  pairing:Kadar/Rauf  pairing:Kadar/Robert  pairing:Kadar/Sibrand  pairing:Kadar/templars  pairing:King_Washington/Charles  pairing:King_Washington/George_Washington  pairing:King_Washington/Lafayette  pairing:La_Volpe/Antonio  pairing:La_Volpe/Federico  pairing:La_Volpe/Giovanni_Auditore  pairing:La_Volpe/Lorenzo  pairing:La_Volpe/Prowler  pairing:La_Volpe/Rebecca  pairing:La_Volpe/Shaun  pairing:Leonardo/Al_Mualim  pairing:Leonardo/Antonio  pairing:Leonardo/Cesare  pairing:Leonardo/Cesare/Lucrezia  pairing:Leonardo/Cesare/Micheletto  pairing:Leonardo/Copernico  pairing:Leonardo/Damascus_Rafiq  pairing:Leonardo/Doctor  pairing:Leonardo/Gaspar  pairing:Leonardo/Giovanni_Auditore  pairing:Leonardo/guard  pairing:Leonardo/Kadar  pairing:Leonardo/La_Volpe  pairing:Leonardo/La_Volpe/Giovanni_Auditore  pairing:Leonardo/Lorenzo  pairing:Leonardo/Machiavelli  pairing:Leonardo/Mario  pairing:Leonardo/Michelangelo  pairing:Leonardo/recruit  pairing:Leonardo/Robert  pairing:Leonardo/Salaì  pairing:Leonardo/Salaì/recruit  pairing:Leonardo/Shaun  pairing:Leonardo/Sibrand  pairing:Leonardo/Talal  pairing:Leonardo/templars  pairing:Leonardo/Vidic  pairing:Leonardo/Vieri  pairing:Lorenzo/Suleiman  pairing:Machiavelli/Claudia  pairing:Machiavelli/Kadar  pairing:Machiavelli/La_Volpe  pairing:Machiavelli/La_Volpe/Prowler  pairing:Machiavelli/recruit  pairing:Malik/Abbas  pairing:Malik/Ahmet  pairing:Malik/assassin  pairing:Malik/Damascus_Rafiq  pairing:Malik/Darim  pairing:Malik/Federico  pairing:Malik/Kadar  pairing:Malik/Leonardo  pairing:Malik/Leonardo/Shaun  pairing:Malik/Machiavelli  pairing:Malik/Malik  pairing:Malik/Maria_Thorpe  pairing:Malik/novice  pairing:Malik/Prowler  pairing:Malik/Rauf  pairing:Malik/Rebecca  pairing:Malik/Robert  pairing:Malik/Robert/Kadar  pairing:Malik/Robert/Sibrand  pairing:Malik/Shaun  pairing:Malik/templars  pairing:Malik/Yusuf  pairing:Maria_Auditore/guards  pairing:Micheletto/Giovanni_Borgia  pairing:Ottoman_Jester/Guardian  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  pairing:Prowler/Giovanni_Borgia  pairing:Prowler/Harlequin  pairing:Prowler/Huntsman  pairing:Prowler/Officer  pairing:Rauf/Damascus_Rafiq  pairing:Rebecca/Lucy  pairing:recruit/doctor  pairing:recruit/guard  pairing:recruit/recruit  pairing:recruit/templar  pairing:Richard/Ṣalāḥ_ad-Dīn  pairing:Robert/Maria_Thorpe  pairing:Robert/Sibrand  pairing:Samuel/printer  pairing:Sentinel/assassins  pairing:Sentinel/templars  pairing:Shaun/Clay  pairing:Shaun/Juhani_Otso_Berg  pairing:Shaun/Kadar  pairing:Shaun/Rebecca  pairing:Shaun/William_Miles  pairing:Shay/Arno  pairing:Shay/assassins  pairing:Shay/Chevalier  pairing:Shay/George_Monro  pairing:Shay/Liam  pairing:Shay/templars  pairing:Sibrand/William_of_Montferrat  pairing:Tazim/Hülegü_Khan  pairing:templar/templar  pairing:templars(AC3)  pairing:Thomas/William_Johnson  pairing:Ugo/Antonio  pairing:Ugo/Franco  pairing:Umar/Faheem  pairing:Vidic/Cristina  pairing:Vieri/Mario  pairing:Vieri/Petruccio  pairing:Washington/Lafayette  pairing:William_Miles/Desmond's_mother  pairing:William_Miles/Harold_Kaczmarek  pairing:William_Miles/Juhani_Otso_Berg  pairing:Yusuf/Kadar  pairing:Yusuf/Suleiman  Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5  Part6  Part:Fills  status:artfill  status:filled  status:filled(PF)  status:filling  status:filling(PF)  status:unfilled 

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