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Hangover Assassin Style
Connor in ToKW (the beginning) looks like someone who woke up seriously hungover and is dismayed to find that he has no idea what happened, why he is in a forest and where his pants (and drinking buddies) went.Not that I blame him. But it makes me want to write an actual hungover-fic. With Edward. And Hickey. Because those two would not be absent from a night of drunken idiocy. Maybe an AU where Ed lives, Ziio lives and Haytham is actually marrying Ziio (it took him 20 years to propose) and stag night happens. With Connor. And Edward (who is the instigator). And Colonial Boyband and Shay.
Part6  AC:misc  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Edward_Kenway  character:Thomas_Hickey  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:templars(AC3)  character:Shay_Cormac  pairing:Haytham/Ziio  genre:het  crossover:The_Hangover  AU:crossover 
august 2017 by asscreedarchive
Daddy's Pissed
Charles and his men did a lot more than just choke Connor that day. Haytham somehow finds out about this. Blistering fury ensues.

Bonus points if Connor is secretly watching and smiling to himself
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/templars  genre:slash  kink:non-con 
january 2015 by asscreedarchive
Christmas Caroling Showdown
Between the Templar Boyband and Achilles' duckling assassins.

+ Monro/Haytham wooing/poaching underappreaciated background singer Shay
++ Connor's eternal mortification
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:recruits(AC3)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen 
january 2015 by asscreedarchive
Colonial Templars as an Actual Boyband
Cause who doesn't want to see them singing. Maybe they were singing in the Green Dragon Tavern one day and they sounded good together and they got wildly popular and became the Mumford and Sons of Colonial America. Or maybe a modern au where they're a super popular boyband that are constantly competing with another band called the Assassins that's led by Connor Bonus if you include them singing modern songs (*cough*MumfordandSons*cough*) Super bonus if you include other characters reactions to seeing them sing
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:band 
september 2014 by asscreedarchive
Connor and Babysitter Templars: What To Do With Hiccups?
Going with the structure of child!Connor being raised by his father and babysat by the members of the Inner Circle, I have a request I'd like to see happen: Basically, Haytham is away on Templar business and Connor is being looked after by some of the other Templars when it starts, that being hiccups. The other Templars do what they can to help widdle Connor get rid of the epidemic but it goes on all day, and everyone starts to despair. Would like to see: Hickey being an arse of course, and perhaps purposely giving out bad advice at first, just to amuse himself. Johnson and Pitcairn trying to be patient but finding themselves exhausted near the end. Charles being the impatient prick that he is, and perhaps even yells at chibi!Connor to go deal with it himself. Church being indifferent and perhaps ignores Connor entirely. And Connor, oh baby!Connor, starts crying in the midst of his hiccups near the end. It would also be pretty funny if the hiccups stopped entirely after Haytham comes home. This is kind of inspired by an episode from Azumanga Daioh! in which Osaka has the hiccups and everyone is trying to cure them.
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:misc 
may 2014 by asscreedarchive
AC3 Zombie AU
(I know, how cliché) So I want to see a zombie apocalypse occurring and how Connor and the rest of the characters deal with it. Maybe Connor and the rest of the Homesteaders hole up in the Homestead and are doing pretty well until the Templars force themselves in while looking for shelter? And later they come across the revolutionaries and debate whether to let them stay with them or not. Basically all of them fight and try to survive in a world gone mad.
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Homestead_residents  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:zombies 
march 2014 by asscreedarchive
Templar Boyband, literally
Haytham's the leader of a band. When he was younger he knocked up Ziio and she never told him, and he went on his merry way to be famous. Then, X years later a kid shows up claiming to be his son. The kid definitely looks like him, so Haytham can't really deny responsibility. But... the band just reunited after a long hiatus and they're doing awesome world tours now and damn if he has time for this family shit! So he kind of ends up pulling Connor in on the ride, not really expecting emotions to kick in, because he's a badass rockstar yo, and those platinums are waiting. Cue Connor somehow worming his way into Haytham's very exclusive group of friends and they all end up adoring him. Or something. After much difficulty, of course, especially from Charles. Extra awesomeness if: +Birch is the band's asshole manager/owner +Edward and Haytham are estranged but would like to make up. Only they both have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon. +Connor has his own band (assassin recruits anyone?), whether before or after meeting Haytham, and was mentored by Achilles which Haytham is still annoyed by +Manage to somehow fit in actual conflict/plot? Up to writer: +Pairings. I don't really care where you go with this. Go crazy- het, slash, incest, everyone/everyone?? Or nothing all and keep it gen. All is perfectly fine with me. +Ziio alive or dead +Connor's age. Preferred if he wasn't a toddler though, cause that just makes it too easy to love him :p +anything else I didn't mention, I probably don't care too much about and you can do whatever you want!
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:gen  AU:band 
february 2014 by asscreedarchive
HetaliaXACIII crossover Haytham watching over little America
This anon has seen stories where there's a Colonial!America and Connor but nothing with him and Haytham. Would so like to see something where Haytham arrives to the New World and at one point, he and his band of Templars watch over the little colony. Bonuses 1) This takes place sometime not too long after Davie dies and America is still mourning him and Haytham provides some comfort. 2) Hickey is a completely terrible sitter often getting drunk and losing track of the colony. He also at one point gets America drunk. 3) America is not very fond of Charles Lee.
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  crossover:Hetalia  AU:crossover 
january 2014 by asscreedarchive
Fem!Connor/Any Templar
I'd just really like to see a fic pairing up Fem!Connor with a member of the Templar boyband. Well, except Hickey since we already have the excellent Short Change Heroes fill. So yeah, the others need love too! Anybody feeling inspired?
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/templars  genre:het  AU:genderswap 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Aveline The mermaid
This idea is kind of germinating in my head, but I don't think I can do it justice, so I am releasing it into the wild.

Aveline is a mermaid. Perhaps only half a mermaid, but still a mermaid.

The Templars are erasing and imprisoning non rational creatures like mermaids because a) they made people act out and b) they have special, useful properties. Mermaid's tears are highly poisonous, and if you eat mermaid's flesh, you become immortal, that kind of thing.
Somehow, her secret got out, and now they're after her in greater force than she can handle, and she turns to Connor for help.
Part5  AC3  AC3:Liberation  status:unfilled  character:Aveline_de_Grandpré  character:templars(AC3)  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:gen  AU:mermaid 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Templar university AU (only with more murder?)
Has anyone read The Secret History?

Basically, what would be interesting is Haytham and the templars as a tightly-knit group of classics students at a small, isolated university who slowly start forming a secret society, and inadvertently kill a local man and try and cover it up.

Thing is, one of them, possibly Pitcairn, starts threatening to go to the police to confess, so that the rest of them decide that they have no choice but to arrange his death to keep their secret and make it look like an accident. (Haytham first brings up the idea in desperation, but Charles is willing to do anything to protect Haytham, and starts putting together a plan. Johnson has qualms, but convinces himself that they have no other choice. Hickey just shrugs and says, sure, if Johnson's going along with it.) When Pitcairn's death starts being investigated, though, things start going even more to shit and there's guilt and remorse and tension, and the group starts to fall apart. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:university 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Haytham, drag
For some reason, before Charles' induction, Haytham winds up having to dress as a wealthy lady to gather information for a mission. While the rest of the Order are disbelieving at first, after a miraculous corset, a well-tailored dress, an extra shave and some expertly-applied makeup... he doesn't look half bad. In fact, he makes quite a pretty woman...

After the information-gathering is done, sex happens to show the group's appreciation for the Grand Master's new look.

(A pairing instead of a gang bang is awesome as well. Anon has a particular soft spot for Charles and Haytham, but someone else is fine too.)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  kink:crossdressing  kink:gangbang 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Haytham+Fem!Connor- Rape and Recovery
While on a mission, Fem!Connor is captured, beaten, and raped by one of her father's old enemies. Sometime later, Haytham and his band of Templars, while on a similar mission, arrive to great shock find her bleeding, unconscious body with her clothes torn to shred and to surprise find that the assassin is in fact a woman. What's worse is that one of Fem!Connor's recruits come by at the wrong time and assume that the Templars raped her (whether the recruit knew of Connor's true gender is up to you) but knowing they would be out numbered trying to take on the Templars, they decide to hastily go inform Achilles and the other recruits. Meanwhile, Haytham and his band bring an unconscious fem!Connor back to base. Whatever happens from this point is up to you but want to see Haytham comforting his daughter and helping her through this horrible time. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  character:recruits(AC3)  genre:het  genre:gen  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:non-con  AU:genderswap 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
The Tyranny of Emperor Kenway
What if instead of Washington getting the Apple of Eden, Haytham Kenway got a hold of it? Connor wakes up in a lovely mansion, with fine clothes, and servants who all address him as Young Master Kenway. Upon further investigation, it is revealed that Haytham seems to think he raised Connor, and that Connor is a templar, and a rather high ranking one at that. Oh, and on a side note, the Templars rule over the colonies with an iron fist.

The DLC rules are the same, Connor remembers everything about being an Assassin and such, but he seems to be the only one who remembers the real world. And now he has to figure out how to stop his father, and set the world right again. Will he try to reason with Haytham, or resort to force right away?

Also, some bonus points if all the Templars act really buddy buddy with him, especially Charles Lee, and are really surprised and can't figure out why Connor suddenly hates them so badly. (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:apple_shenanigans  AU:allegiance_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Mutant AU
So I was bored, surfing the net, and ended up reading most of TV Tropes American Presidents pages. Apparently George Washington had insane amounts of luck and was thought by some people at the time to be unkillable and able to control the weather.

Clearly we need some kind of AU exploring this.

How about an X-Men style universe, where some people have crazy awesome powers (Washington being one of them). Maybe Connor has his DLC powers? Which Templars and which Recruits would be mutants? And what would they be able to do?
Part5  AC3  character:templars(AC3)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:George_Washington  pairing:Haytham/Ziio  genre:het  crossover:X-Men  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
King Washington, punishment, AU
King Washington has captured all the rebel forces ammassed against him, including those he thought loyal to him (the Templars). He needs to make an example of them, but he finds the thought of sex slaves and rape distasteful- he has the lovely Queen Martha (I think that was his wife's name? Please correct me if not). He does not want to torture them himself: his guards are not creative under the Apple's power and the only men he has who are experiences with torture are either needed elsewhere or were the resistance.

An idea forms. Why not force the prisoners to punish each other? He has a special arena built in the throne room and invites nobles and the wealthy and the important to watch the spectacle. It's an excellent sport, taking random pairs and threes of the prisoners and giving them instructions and instruments necessary (guards keep a close eye on everything, of course, and he has the protection of the Apple should anything go awry.) (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:King_Washington  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  genre:het 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Templar boyband, apple shenanigans, crack
I don't care what the shenanigans are, I just want something super silly with the loveable villains of ACIII.

Freaky friday flips? Clones? Time travel? Smut is awesome but totally optional.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:apple_shenanigans 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Three Sentence Ficathon
Now for something a little different.

There's a multi-fandom three sentence ficathon going on here:

Curiously, there's a lot of AC going around in it, so this anon proposes we go prompt and fill things (you can do it anon if you want) and post our AC fills here in this thread.

Are you up for the challenge, anons?
Part5  AC3  AC:modern_assassins  status:filled  character:Shaun_Hastings  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  genre:slash 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Werewolf AU - Haytham is the ultimate papa-wolf
Exactly what it says in the title. The Assassins and Templars are all werewolves, hence their desire to be in groups (packs)and the constant fighting to defend their territory.

At some point after their first meeting Haytham stumbles across a badly injured Conner, who for some reason (sickness, exhaustion, etc) is not holding his own against his attacker/s. Now, so far, their relationship has been as in the game (strained, passive aggressive to outright hostile, full of insults, putdowns, and snark); however, seeing Conner in danger hits Haytham right in the instincts/true feelings. That is his baby/puppy and someone is going to die. Cue Papa-Wolf Haytham annihilating Conner's attacker/s, bundling up the injured Assassin, and taking him off to a safe place so that he can be mothered (er, fathered) back to full health. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  character:recruits(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:werewolves 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Templar Boyband, modern Mafia AU
Haytham and his associates are very powerful men, operating outside the law. They kick ass, make money, and engage in rather morally questionable activities. The police know better than to interfere with them, and it could be argued that life is better for the impoverished and vulnerable with them around.

Everything is going rather swimmingly, until a new cop shows up in town. One who's not afraid to ignore the warnings of his superiors. One who will stop at nothing to get justice. One who has a vendetta against Charles Lee. Of course, it takes about half an hour hacking Google to figure out this new cop is none other than Haytham's son and his ragtag bunch of misfit cops are all unfortunate victims of the less lovely side to their criminal activities.


- The mafia are very affable in their 'management style'. "No, sir, you must be kinder to your dancers. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:templars(AC3)  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:recruits(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:modern  AU:mafia 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
I have to tell two they're surplus, only which two?
Could Anon get a Mamma Mia-ish story?

Connor is going to get married to Washington (or Clipper) and wants his father there, the only thing is, he doesn't know who his father is! Enter Haytham, Charles and *INSERT OTHER TEMPLAR HERE* (I was thinking maybe William or Thomas.) He thinks he'll be able to tell his who his father is at first glance but NOPE. Now he has three men, all believing they're his dad, all wandering the Homestead and finding out more and more about their apparent estranged son.

I think that's about it, whether it's Ziio or Achilles playing the part of the mother is up to WriterAnon. Also sexy times are not necessary but are encouraged.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:George_Washington  character:templars(AC3)  character:Achilles_Davenport  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  genre:slash  crossover:Mamma_Mia  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Revenge of the Minstrel
So I never thought I'd say this, but I sort of missed the minstrels in ACIII.

...okay, so that's a complete and utter lie, but I'd love to see how Connor, or Haytham and his Templar lackeys (or all of the above?) would react to minstrels running around Boston or New York or even one of the villages in the frontier.

What would happen if one cornered our touch-despising Connor?

Maybe Charles Lee is out doing Templar-y things and can't seem to lose his singing "friend"?

What would happen if one took a liking to Haytham and decided to serenade him--as he was trying to stealthily climb up a building?

Or what if one trailed Ziio all around the frontier as she tried to track down Haytham for a "meeting"?

Or...? Doesn't matter, just make it cracky and funny
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:minstrel  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  genre:gen 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
The DLC is Connor's delusion, aftermath
(This prompt contains some very minor spoilers for The Infamy!)

So, the premise of TOKW is that Washington got his hands on the Sceptre of Eden, and went mad with power. However, in the DLC there are a few hints that an Apple of Eden is the real cause of this nightmare, and that the scenario is not entirely real. What if the DLC is all a hallucination of Connor's?

Somehow, he wakes up, back in the normal version of reality, only to find himself sprawled on the floor with his recruits and several Homesteaders and Aquila crew-members pointing various sharp, deadly weapons at him, and treating him as though he is some sort of serious threat. He is, of course, utterly bewildered, and asks what on earth is going on. Surely they know he would never intentionally harm them, and could not forgive himself if he did? (...)
Part5  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:recruits(AC3)  character:Homestead_residents  character:Aquila's_crew  character:templars(AC3)  character:George_Washington  genre:gen 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
DLC WashConHayth
Anon really wants a bottom!Connor, hurt/comfort fic.

After shooting Connor multiple times, the Apple suddenly bombards Washington with flashes and desires of his alternate life (where canon!Washington desired Connor for years but could never have him) and Connor's native brothers manage to drag him to safety.

Months pass. While Connor takes time to recover and gain some new powers, Washington has become obsessed with finding him again, which is why Putnam knocks Connor out rather than killing after Arnold's assassination.

Washington is practically giddy and cannot restrain himself as he rapes and humiliates Connor in front of ether his generals and royal subjects at some grand celebration at his palace. When Connor is dragged away from the party and to a cell, he is confronted by noneOther than the Colonial Templars.

The group has started an underground rebellion against the King and some of them are members of his court (maybe Haytham and Charles). (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:King_Washington  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/King_Washington  genre:slash  kink:non-con  kink:humiliation  kink:exhibitionism 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor/templar, capture and embarrassment
There have been a few prompts already where Connor is captured by a templar and noncon ensues. This anon would like to see something similar, except where he isn't actually penetrated/ the smut doesn't go THAT far.

Essentially, this anon has a huge kink for the capture bit, but not so much for the really pron-y parts. It would be really great to see a story that focuses on how Connor is super embarrassed by his position and frustrated at the fact that the templars could do anything to him. I don't care which templar it is, but would like to maybe see Charles or Haytham or Hickey (preferably all 3) involved. They catch him, then chain him up naked in some easily accessible room in the templar headquarters, where the main templars in the game often enter, and even lackeys/guards/lower ranked templars can access. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/templars  genre:slash  kink:bondage  kink:teasing  kink:torture  kink:humiliation 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Coffeeshop AU!
Inspired by the above prompt! Which is really great and this anon would love to see filled.

I've yet to stumble upon a coffeeshop AU for AC (maybe I'm in the wrong places?), but every fandom needs one/more than one, right?

So. The usual super clich coffeeshop AU. That's basically it. No preference for characters or pairings!
Part5  AC3  status:filled  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:coffe_shop 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor's Bizarre Adventure
What if Ratonhak:ton was a Stand user? What would his Stand be called, and what power would it have? Would some of the Templars have Stands, too? How would this affect the game?


Bonus: if a member of the Joestar family makes a cameo. ANY member, no matter how impossible.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  crossover:Jojo's_Bizarre_Adventure  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Hunger Games fusion
No! Hear me out, anon! This isn't a completely terrible prompt!

In the distant future, after a terrible civil war, the regular citizens of Panem live in twelve districts. Each district must offer two tributes between the ages of twelve and eighteen (one male, one female) to fight to the death in the annual Hunger Games, run by the aristocratic citizens of the Capitol. This year, however, is a Quarter Quell- every twenty-five years, there are variations in the usual rules, to make things more difficult for competitors. For instance... having each district offer four tributes rather than two, and forcing all past tributes still living to recompete.

Some ideas:

-Ezio is one of the most infamous, legendary victors, and has finally managed to put the horrors of his Games behind him... only to be torn from his beloved wife and daughter and forced to enter the tournament again. (...)
Part5  AC:misc  status:unfilled  character:assassins  character:templars(AC3)  character:Juno  genre:gen  crossover:The_Hunger_Games  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
so of all the colonial templars, it seems like Pitcairn is forgotten about most of the time. so what this anon would like to see is a fic involving the rest of the ac3 templars giving him the attention he doesn't usually get. don't get me wrong, I love all the others, but I just feel so bad for Pitcairn. he doesn't even get a lot of attention in the game so now I want to see a fic where he's the center of attention.

it doesn't necessarily have to be smutty, but smutty would be preferable.
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:templars(AC3)  genre:slash 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Kill Bill xover, Connor is the Bride
No idea how, but it strikes Anon that Connor, as an Assassin, hunting down Templars one by one is really, really similar to the dynamics (though not quite the plot) of Kill Bill.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  crossover:Kill_Bill  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
I loved the Colonial Templars before you learned they were Templars, especially Johnson and Pitcairn. So what if Connor decided not to kill them, believing them sincere in their pursuit for peace but just failed when it came to diplomacy, and probably convinced both of them to a truce while isolating them from the other Templars. Johnson probably convinces Connor to spare Hickey, and they all team up with a shocked!Haytham in hunting down Church... meanwhile, poor Charles is left in the dark as Connor steals his Templar brothers from him.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:allegiance_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Instead of hunting the Templar inner circle after he became an Assassin, Connor also becomes a Templar with the hopes of sabotaging them from the inside. For years, he earns their trust and camaraderie while ruining their plans and hunting down their agents as his Assassin alter ego. Until one day, he's finally caught and his assassins ties are revealed, the Templar inner circle believe death is too good for the traitor among them.

Would love to see:

* Devastated, pissed off Haytham. He was absolutely murderous when Church betrayed the Order, how would he react to the traitor being his own son?

* NonCon - would love either HaythCon, LeeCon, HickCon, or all three, or even if they give Connor over to sadistic lower tier Templar grunts while they sit back and observe
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  kink:non-con  kink:torture  AU:allegiance_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Charles Lee and Clipper switch bodies
Charles Lee and Clipper both get grievously injured at some point and somehow switch bodies while they are in convalescence. Now, Charles is in the uncomfortable position of the Assassins dropping in on him to check how 'Clipper' is doing and if he's recovering (and is startled to discover that Connor is very attentive and polite and...not-savage). Meanwhile Clipper has a near heart-attack every time one of the Templars drop by to offer condolences (minus Biddle). And Haytham treats him so gently, inquiring after his needs, obvious affection in his manner...

Both Charles and Clipper end up back in their real bodies without anyone else knowing about the switch, but they are both conflicted as they realize that the other side is not so different and, in particular, Haytham and Connor are not so different. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Charles_Lee  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  character:recruits(AC3)  pairing:Haytham/Charles  genre:gen  genre:slash  AU:body_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
slenderman, Achilles-Haytham cooperation
Slender is a known legend during the colonial times (I know it's a meme, but let's just pretend? :D). Both the Assassins and the Templars find out he really exist and decide that supernatural bogey man who steals children and does who knows what with them are bad for both their respective ideals.

So they enter into a brief and grudging alliance to get rid of the creep who is going after helpless children. Except...well, Connor's still a teenager. Something nobody really thinks about because he acts and looks so mature. And everything goes to shit when he becomes the next victim.
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:recruits(AC3)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  crossover:Slenderman  AU:crossover 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Role Reversals
What if Haytham had become an Assassin and Connor a Templar? Picture when Haytham arrives in Boston, he strengthens the Brotherhood alongside Achilles and hunted down the remaining Templars. During this time, he married Ziio and they had children. Though one fateful day, his eldest son is killed in a fire but actually kidnapped and raised by Charles Lee and the remaining Templars.

Because Haytham's life isn't tragic enough, Ziio falls ill and he is left to care for his two young sons (Edward and Jim?) as a single parent. Not sure if he carries on family tradition, training them to become Assassins - or just decides to retire and leave the Brotherhood in Achilles and Connor Davenport's care... until that fateful day when the Templars rise from the ashes to resume control over the colonies. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  pairing:Haytham/Ziio  pairing:Haytham/Connor  genre:slash  AU:allegiance_switch 
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The Second Purge
Just listened to this deleted scene between Achilles and Connor:;=CyMoc-Lq_Og

"Your father, what's to explain. He and the other Templars hunted us to the last man."

Connor had his chance to kill Lee, Johnson, and Pitcairn at the Tea Party; but did not take it. The Templars seeing the threat of the re-emerging Brotherhood, decide to put their plans of domination on hold in order to deal with the Assassins. At the Homestead, Connor is currently training with his recruits when residents go missing. Alarmed, Connor activates eagle vision sees a swarm of red figures everywhere, suddenly it's a fight to keep his recruits and himself alive as the Templars begin to hunt the Assassins once more.

* Picture the recruits have a fair amount of training under their belts including past experiences in fighting. Connor and Achilles, have been training the recruits for months before they planned on sending them on contract missions. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:recruits(AC3)  character:templars(AC3)  character:Achilles_Davenport  character:Homestead_residents  genre:gen 
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The Old World Templars come to the Colonies
I'd love a fic where the Old World Templars, maybe Reginald Birch and some other powerful Templars who Haytham knew from back in England (or just the Old World), come to the Colonies. They soon find out that the assassins are up and running again (they didn't know in England, so when they first came to the Colonies they were expecting all the assassins to be gone) and the Brotherhood leader is the son of the man they had put in charge of the Order in the Colonies. Maybe they become suspicious of Haytham? And then maybe they think Haytham isn't a good enough leader of the Templar Order in the Colonies anymore, because of this or because they think he's become too 'soft' for not killing Connor right away or something?

It's up to you how they react to this news. I just really want them to get upset with Haytham (the level of their anger and what methods they might take or w/e is up to you) and they also meet Connor somehow. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Reginald_Birch  character:templars(AC3)  character:Haytham_Kenway  genre:gen 
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Connor is captured by the Templar's...
I know right? Who saw this prompt coming...

Connor, the manly-man assassin has been captured by the Templars during an unfortunate mission gone wrong. Anyway, he's taken away to... a templar headquarters situated in the middle of nowhere and chucked into a cage... just for show...

Now detailing the condition of his imprisonment space, it's basically a room with the bare essentials bed, loo, table, chairs etc. but it's confined by metal bars, and it's very... VERY open, so if someone just happened to stroll by and witness Connor getting molested by somebody *hint hint nudge nudge* nothing would be hidden to prying eyes. There would also be comfy seats placed around the viewing area, for if there were an audience.

Bonus points:

-If Connor remains his determined, stubborn self at the start, not some weak individual, but eventually caves in after many episodes of humiliation. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/templars  genre:slash  kink:non-con  kink:exhibitionism 
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Amnesiac! Connor, Templars grow to actually care for him
Charles Lee finds an amnesiac Connor and, despite wanting to kill the boy, decides to take him to Haytham just in case the grandmaster has a better plan. Haytham, once he realizes Connor is amnesiac, decides to keep Connor alive and convert him to the Templar cause.

At first, the Templars are wary of this Connor (Church is expecting Connor to gain back his memory at any time, Charles thinks it's a trick, Pitcairn and Johnson aren't quite sure what to think, etc.). But amnesiac! Connor is really, really sweet and caring. He'll bring them some food when they work so hard they forget to eat, he'll put that blanket over them when they fall asleep at their desks, he's polite and very, very helpful, and damn it all if the Templars aren't starting to feel real affection for him.

Of course, just when they grow truly fond of him, he gets his memory back and runs off. So now the Templars need to figure out what to do.
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Charles_Lee  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Thomas_Hickey  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:amnesia 
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Brainwashed! Connor, Assassins forced to kill their beloved mentor
Haytham & Co get a hold of Connor and somehow brainwash him into thinking he's a Templar agent. Achilles and the recruits are forced to kill Connor to prevent the Templars from winning.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Achilles_Davenport  character:recruits(AC3)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  kink:brainwashing  AU:allegiance_switch 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Happiness in Slavery
The Assassin Brotherhood had let their guard down after Achilles' untimely death when the Templars attacked. Although the Homestead residents are spared, the Assassins are rounded up to be tried and executed. They grudgingly accept their fate, even when Haytham offers to spare them in exchange that they switch allegiances in order to replace the Templar militant forces that have been lost in the war with the Assassins.

While imprisoned, the recruits are brutally beaten in front of Connor who is forced to watch. Picture Connor being restrained tightly in a chair while being forced to watch one of his recruits after another being beaten by Templar mercenaries with Lee and Hickey present and accusing Connor of being a failure as a mentor to allow his apprentices suffer. He's brought before the Grand Master again, and begs for his friends to spared. Haytham agrees to let them live, only if Connor becomes his slave. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:recruits(AC3)  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Haytham/Connor  genre:slash  kink:torture  kink:manipulation  kink:non-con  kink:dub-con  kink:sexual_slavery 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
You Are A Templar
Would love to read about Templar!Connor in an AU-ish setting where Reginald Birch's spies had been watching Haytham's interactions with Ziio and had Connor taken away after the attack on his village and brought to London (Connor never meets Lee). From there Connor is trained as a Templar Assassin and embraces his role in the Order, but has to leave when one of the precursor artifacts activates and informs him he must return to America and seek out Sanctuary and protect it from those who would use it's power for destruction (the revived Assassins or maybe Washington and the Sons of Liberty?).

Connor gets along well with the Colonial Templars despite the fact that he's a teenager.

Headcanon Relationships (can be General or pairing relationships):

Haytham - Teacher / student relationship. Though he immediately suspects there's more to Connor than him being a trained killer and Birch's youngest pupil. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:allegiance_switch 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor the Spirit
Don't judge me too harshly but I was watching my childhood past-time, the disney movie Spirit, and it came to this part of the movie: ( and i just thought Connor would fit the horse perfectly. Let's put the plot: The group of stallions are the tribe that run wild in green fields and are peaceful with their freedom (connor being the leader or alpha or however wild horses name the leader). until they're disturbed by the humans aka Templars and capture Connor and other horses. Then cue this scene trying to break him but Connor is too much of a wild spirit to permit such a thing.

Whichever writer!anon that wishes to adopt this helpless prompt can arrange the characters however they see fit. But if they do not mind that I help: let's have Ziio be the mother and live, the beautiful spotted horse with the feather in her hair be Kanen (I full hardy ship them but is up to the writer) have the native be an assassin (maybe young Achilles?) (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:Kanen'tó:kon  character:Achilles_Davenport  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:horses 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Lee knew
Random thought, what if Lee realized Connor was Haytham's son when he first saw him? What if instead of leaving him Lee took him back to Haytham and he was raised as a Templar?
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Charles_Lee  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:allegiance_switch 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Haytham raises Connor
Haytham and the crew raise Connor from the time Ziio dies. Connor is his usual stubborn single-minded self except he's more pouty since he's five, Haytham is his usual snarky demanding self except he is actually fatherly to Connor, Charles Lee is his usual Haytham worshipping self and the annoying uncle, William Johnson is the nice uncle, John Pitcairn is the mean uncle, Thomas Hickey is the drunk lewd fun uncle, and Benjamin Church is his usual cowardly money hungry self.
If mini-Connor gets a spanking (preferably for throwing a tantrum) from Haytham or Hickey or someone that's not Church or Lee.
Extra Bonus:
If Thomas Hickey is the babysitter.
Extra Extra Bonus:
For some reason Church has to be the babysitter and Connor torments him to no end.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Reginald Birch/Haytham Kenway, Templar equivalent/Connor
Anon is wondering how Haytham turned to the Templars and why he doesn't use/order someone to use the same methods on Connor? This is, of course, disregarding Forsaken.
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  kink:manipulation  AU:allegiance_switch 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Drunken Hickey shenanigans
As we all know, Hickey likes to drink. A lot. He's sober when he needs to be but unless something serious happens, there is probably a 99% chance of him having a drink in his hand.

What I'd love to see are some drunken Hickey shenanigans. Is he a cuddly drunk? Does he just giggle a lot and let his mouth get him into all sorts of trouble? Does he steal the other Templars' clothes and put them on, utterly confused in the morning as to why he's wearing them and no one will tell him why and just give him a withering look? Does he drunkenly seduce his Templar buddies (and the rest of Boston)? How much bail money do his colleagues have to pay whenever Hickey gets drunk and he offends someone terribly?

Pairings are optional and up to AuthorAnon, I pretty much ship him with everyone.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Thomas_Hickey  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  genre:gen 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Fem!Haytham, The Templars Order
After her break-up with Boy!Ziio, Fem!Haytham (Hannah ?) discovers her pregnancy and the Order has to take care of her. All in their way *coughCharlescough* and maybe even help her in labour.

Bonus for baby Connor crying everytime Charles is around.
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:genderswap 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
repost from part 5: Haytham, drag
For some reason, before Charles' induction, Haytham winds up having to dress as a wealthy lady to gather information for a mission. While the rest of the Order are disbelieving at first, after a miraculous corset, a well-tailored dress, an extra shave and some expertly-applied makeup... he doesn't look half bad. In fact, he makes quite a pretty woman...

After the information-gathering is done, sex happens to show the group's appreciation for the Grand Master's new look.

(A pairing instead of a gang bang is awesome as well. Anon has a particular soft spot for Charles and Haytham, but someone else is fine too.)
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  -Repost  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  kink:crossdressing  kink:gangbang 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Haytham changing, Templars watching
In one of the Haytham sequences, him and his Templar buddies ambush some redcoats escorting Native prisoners and disguise themselves as redcoats. Which means they all changed clothes. And Haytham has a VERY nice body. And the others notice that while they are changing. They start staring, and Haytham's reaction to all this attention is up to the filler.
Part5  AC3  status:filled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Charles_Lee  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Haytham/Charles  genre:slash  kink:teasing  kink:undressing 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive
Homestead Invasion
Returning home after a long naval mission, Connor is looking forward to rest and relaxation at the Homestead while Achilles is away on business. Except he's ambushed by the Templars. The Homestead residents grow a little worried when Connor does not come to visit as he often does, they head to the manor to be politely or rudely turned away by Haytham and/or Hickey. Growing suspicious with all the patrols around the manor, they team up with the Aquila crew to save Connor.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  character:Achilles_Davenport  character:Homestead_residents  character:Aquila's_crew  genre:gen 
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If I knew then, what I know now
Connor finds himself stuck in a time loop for years if not decades, and realizes the path of an assassin always ends in tragedy. So... he decides, what the hell, and tries being a Templar this time around.

* Helps Johnson and Pitcairn with diplomatic solutions for Natives to keep their land and prevents the war.

* Connor buries the hatchet and actually becomes friends with Charles Lee
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:time_loop  AU:allegiance_switch 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive
Templars/Connor, dubcon
So the Mohawk tribe had the Apple all along, right there under all of their noses. What if Charles Lee had, I don't know, bothered to sack the village before burning it and actually found it? I want a post-apocalypse revolutionary war era story where they used it to open the precursor site and now Haytham is pretty much in charge of the world.

Cue years later: Connor is the resistance's best attack dog, and the Templars catch him after he's been a thorn in their side for too long. Any one (or more!) of them decide to use the apple on him for some dubcon to pass the time on top of the world.

Bonus points for Haytham/Charles Lee or Charles Lee/Thomas Hickey happening in the background. Extra bonus for that leading to a threesome with Connor.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Charles_Lee  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:Connor/templars  genre:slash  kink:dub-con  AU:apple_shenanigans 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive
Literal Templar Boyband
(I have been wanting to prompt this for ages, because its what I think every time I see the words "Templar Boyband," and have just gotten up the courage to do it.) Modern day AU in which Connor Kenway discovers thee horrifying truth about his father. Years ago Haytham Kenway was a member of the insanely popular British boyband "Templar Boyz" along with his friends Charles Lee, Thomas Hickey, John Pitcairn, and William Johnson. With this knowledge, the world will never be the same. Up to writer!annon how the Kenways react to all this. Is this Haytham's old shame, or is he quite proud of the band and willing to perform a couple numbers for Connor? Does Connor find this histerical and excellent blackmail material, or is he utterly horrified by the sight of his oh-so-dignified father (and Charles Lee, and all his father's other friends) dancing around in tight leather pants singing pop love ballads? And how do the other former members of Templar Boyz respond to this? (...)
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:band 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive
Templar Boyband gangbang
Wow okay, this is my first time posting a prompt for smut so bare with me here

So, as part of Charles Lee's initiation to the Templar order, maybe the boys decide to have sex with him? A little display of dominance, in away, as well as a sort of odd welcome, illegal as such may have been during the time period. They're relatively gentle to make sure he actually enjoys it, but they're into it for their enjoyment too

I'm mostly aiming for Haytham, Charles, and Hickey, though Johnson and Pitcarin are great as well. (Writer anon may exclude Church if they wish, ahah)

(Bonus points for if Hickey's the kinda guy to do dirty talk during it and/or charles already had a crush on haytham anyways)
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Charles_Lee  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Thomas_Hickey  character:templars(AC3)  pairing:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  kink:gangbang 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive

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