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Just a little love guys?
I've seen a lot of really good prompts out here, but most of them seem to involve men on men. That makes me cheer about as much as the next person, but why not spread the love to the women too? Anon would like to request a little piece for the Smuggler, or Lia de Russo, if you want her full name as stated by Ubisoft. Maybe some Il Lupo/Lia? Or, to make it a challenge, how about a little peep inside her head as she gets caught by an Assassin trying to go about her business? It can be Ezio, it could be a novice (preferably), and for those of you who don't know, Lia is noted as an accomplished human trafficker. That's right, the slave market. So, who wants to have a novice test their mettle against a skilled Templar and get played with in return? Let me know, and yes, for those of you who might ask, sex would be allowed if not incredibly entertaining. Horrible as that may sound.
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