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Er, since these two are supposedly in the singleplayer of Brotherhood... (and since "only hurts for a second" by doubleleaf on DA is...oddly alluring...) This anon would like to request Malfatto/La Lupo. Maybe they're in search of Ezio and get in each other's way and have angry-back-alley-almost-fully-clothed sex? IDK ._. I just like my men pulling down their breeches for a quickie and moving on with life afterwards. OTL
Part1  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  genre:slash 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
I always ALWAYS play as the Doctor in Brotherhood multiplayer, cuz he's just too awesome not to (totally cosplaying him in April too even if I have to spend a couple of 100 bucks on a replica of that totally awesome syringe weapon!) This anon would like to request some smut involving the Doctor as a dom character. Whether it's with Ezio (AC2 or AC:B) or some (male) multiplayer character, or hell even an OMC is up to the writer, but please someone give the Dottore sum quality time. ;3; Non-con or dub-con, I'm not that picky, just... no fluff or anything please. Let it be sex purely for the sex. Go wild, have fun. The Doctor always manages to give me a massive girl-boner when I play multiplayer >3>;; I think it's the mask... or all the leather... *reaches for her drool-bucket*
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:thieves(AC2)  pairing:Doctor/thief  genre:slash  kink:non-con 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
Dear Anons, give me Malfatto slash please. Preferably Teodor/Malfatto or other way round, but anything m/m and rated nc-17 will do.
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Officer(Teodor_Viscardi)  pairing:Doctor/Officer  genre:slash 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
Doctor X Prowler
Not enough stories out about these two. I would love a story please please please. Maybe something with unrequited love? I'm not too picky, just want some love for these characters. Please and thank you!
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  genre:slash  kink:one-sided_attraction 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
You are some creative people.
I'd like to see what you guys can do with this sentence: I'M A BIRD, MOTHERFUCER, I'M A BIRD. Like maybe the character of anon's choice gets totally wasted and jumps off something tall thinking they're a bird, or I don't know. If you decide to use a dottore or Malfatto, I think this could be useful: That mask isn't a plague mask - it's his face. >:U If any of you are wondering, this is off some artist's comments on deviantART.
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Blacksmith(Auguste_Oberlin)  character:Barber(Baltasar_de_Silva)  genre:gen 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
Dry Cumming
Someone getting forced to orgasm so many times he runs out of jizz. I'd love to see Lorenzo/Giovanni or Malfetto/Leonardo or anything with Subject 16, but honestly it's the kink I want. The anon who fills this gets to pick which fill I write next
Part3  AC2  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Giovanni_Auditore  character:Lorenzo_de'_Medici  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  character:Clay_Kaczmarek(Subject_16)  pairing:Giovanni_Auditore/Lorenzo  pairing:Leonardo/Doctor  genre:slash  kink:dry_orgasm  kink:repeated_orgasms 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
Doctor-Malfatto/Prowler-Il Lupo
For some reason, this pairing has been giving me a major lady boner lately. Then my friend decided to make a joke that Malfatto totally uses aphrodisiacs at abnormally high doses and his targets die of arousal/pleasure. Please. Make a fic out of this. I will rip off my tits and turn them into cupcakes that you can eat if you do. (No death, please, though. xD)
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  genre:slash  kink:aphrodisiacs 
june 2014 by asscreedarchive
Malfatto/Caha. Doctor/Hellequin. Can be anything your mind or heart desires, as long as it's them. This pair needs way more love. Please anons. And make it smutty. <3
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Hellequin(Caha)  pairing:Doctor/Hellequin  genre:het 
march 2014 by asscreedarchive
Ok, this is weird, but I NEED IT. Il Lupo/Malfatto, Lupo on top, sex in the street before/during/after a murder mission. Bonus if the alive/half-dead/dead target is nearby, double bonus if Malfatto's mask is snatched by Il Lupo. ... Please?
Part4  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  genre:slash 
march 2014 by asscreedarchive
Dear Anons, I would like to request something Teodor Viscardi/Malfatto, preferably cute and awkward. Because the doctor is alway paired with either Fiora or Lupo and portrayed as a psycho bastard, and I can't really imagine him like that xD
Part4  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Officer(Teodor_Viscardi)  pairing:Doctor/Officer  genre:slash 
january 2014 by asscreedarchive
Knives Don't Have Your Back
Recently I have found an amazing story of the Officer/the doctor. This story is beautify written and had scenes that made my heart melt. The characters and story was so well written I ended up reading the story again. I would really like to encourage people to read it, so... pleasepleasepleasereadit! This leads to my request. I would like anything, fan art, one-shots, a fan made scene, anything, from the story or just the two characters in general.XP I feel like I'm asking for too much but PLEASE read the story! I can not come up with words to describe how amazing it is. I mean I stayed up till 5 in the morning because I wouldn't stop reading it. So, please and thank you :)
Part4  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:artfill  character:Officer(Teodor_Viscardi)  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  pairing:Doctor/Officer  genre:slash 
january 2014 by asscreedarchive
Malfatto/Il Lupo
I know that quite many people seems to have forgotten the old and very first multiplayer characters from AC Brotherhood. I did not! After all this time I still love the couple Malfatto+Il Lupo, even if they are really just tiny random characters. I have invented so many ff about them but I also want to hear some of you, so please tell me some of yours :D
Part5  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Doctor(Malfatto)  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  pairing:Prowler/Doctor  genre:slash 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive

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