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Is this a f***cking crack language kink?
Reading up on Charles Lee for that fem!connor/lee prompt back in part 5, when I discovered something new about good ol' Charlie. He had the dirtiest mouth in the revolution. Every other word out of his goddamned mustachioed trap was a cuss. Entire sentences of his were just curse words strung together. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. But, he was spanking-worthy with that foul mouth of his. I just want Charles coming up with creatively colorful curses. Don't care if it's while he's hiding in the bushes with (a very confused and possibly disturbed) Thomas and watching Haytham and Ziio get their freak on, if a horse decided his foot was a rat that must be stomped, or if he just plain stubbed his toe. Hell, maybe his little rat-dog Spado does something cute and Charlie can only describe his happiness with "fuck fuck fuckety douchecanoeing ball sucking dick bastard!" Don't care. Just make it funny and half way to crackville. Captcha is feeling dirty today. "The white jelly is what color?"
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Charles_Lee  genre:gen  kink:language 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
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