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Haytham Kenway's Sing-a-Long Blog
So the other day I was replaying AC3 while listening to the soundtrack for Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog (because multitasking, and what do you do with your weekends), and it struck me how Haytham and Connor's ideologies fit pretty well with the lyrics for My Eyes (see here: putting Haytham in for Dr. Horrible and Connor in for Penny). My deranged mind now desires AC characters in a Dr. Horrible setting, with Templars as the ELE/Henchmen Union and the Assassins as the Superheroes. Doesn't have to directly follow the story, just take inspiration from it and have fun! *Haytham Kenway as Dr. Horrible - cynical genius who believes people are flawed and must be controlled for their own good, desperately wants to build a relationship [up to you what kind] with his estranged son ("The world's a mess, and I just need to rule it") *Connor as Penny - idealist who believes people should be free and will make the right choices, had a hard life but always looking for ways to help people, more than a little too trusting (and a few Suggestions) *Ezio as Captain Hammer - egomaniac, Casanova-type, loved by the people, can be a massive kind of a jerk ("Everyone's a hero in their own way; you, and you, and mostly me, and you!") *Charles Lee as Moist - Haytham's friend/sycophant, perpetually sweaty due to undesirable superpowers
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