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Assassins under the bed
Picture Connor and Clipper breaking in and investigating Templar Headquarters and end up searching one of the bedrooms... until they hear the sound of approaching footsteps and quickly hide under the bed (it's pretty big) and both of them are surprised to hear Haytham and Charles enter... and they start talking about their plans... while having sex on top of the bed.

Meanwhile, Clipper is having a panic attack while Connor is trying to catch the snippets of conversation regarding their Templar plans. The two assassins manage to endure and even manage to communicate silently (have their own morse code I guess, or if it's a modern setting - maybe they could be texting) about how they plan on sneaking out. Finally, when it's over, and once Charles is asleep, Haytham gets out of bed, and drags the Assassins out from underneath it.

Haytham remarks that he hoped his son learned something from this and kicks them both out with death threats.
Part5  AC3  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Charles_Lee  pairing:Haytham/Charles  genre:slash  kink:voyeurism 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
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