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Assassin's Creed/Road to Eldorado crossover
Yeah, you heard me. (And forgive me to putting two requests in a row. But in return I'm art!filling that Assassin's Creed/Okami resquest 10+ pages back) Assassin's Creed and Road to Eldorado crossover. Which couldn't potentially work since a character from AC: Project Legacy does go to the new world with Cortez. In short, a certain now Assassin!Giovanni Borgia comes across/protects/saves a certain blond stowaway named Miguel and develops a peculiar interest in him. Or something like that. Have whatever kink you want, I just want me some Giovanni/Miguel!
Part2  AC:Project_Legacy  status:unfilled  character:Giovanni_Borgia  genre:slash  crossover:The_Road_to_El_Dorado  AU:crossover 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
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