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Open Tyrian
Vertical scrolling Open Source schmup.
Games  GameDev  Retro 
3 days ago by asommer
The Sinden Light Gun
Light gun for modern TVs, monitors, etc.
hardware  Retro  Games  GameDev 
3 days ago by asommer
HDL Dump
Playstation 2 hard drive management utility for Windows.
Playstation  Retro  hardware 
19 days ago by asommer
PFS HDD Manager
Hard drive manager for PS2 formatted hard drives.
Playstation  Games  Retro 
4 weeks ago by asommer
C64 Saver
Bwack's C64 Saver circuit.
Commodore  hardware  Retro 
5 weeks ago by asommer
SD Card cartridge for SNES.
Nintendo  Retro  hardware 
5 weeks ago by asommer
EightBit Atari Fonts
Fonts from Atari games and software.
Retro  Fonts  Atari  WebApps 
10 weeks ago by asommer
Mega Drive development kit.
Sega  Retro  hardware 
december 2018 by asommer
Playstation mod code for using an Arduino as a mod chip.
Retro  hardware  Playstation 
december 2018 by asommer
Atari Books
Atari Books collection on
Atari  Retro  GameDev  Learning  books 
november 2018 by asommer
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