How to Dispute an E‐ZPass Violation in New Jersey: 8 Steps
Contact E-ZPass at 1-800-AUTO-TOLL and request a new tag. The operator will deduct the toll from your account and remove the violation from your record. You won't have to pay the additional $50 administrative fee.
25 days ago
Peter McKinnon Thinks You Should Know These 10 Premiere Pro Tips — Premiere Bro
4. "Kill Switch" - Save Projects On Frozen Screen

This is a backdoor way to get rid of the "spinning beach ball of death" on a Mac in order to save your work in the event of a freeze. Open the Activity Monitor and look for Premiere Pro's PID number. Next, open Terminal and enter the following:

kill -SEGV -[PID#]
Replace "[PID#] with the PID number from the Activity Monitor. This will allow you to save your project before restarting the Premiere Pro. Use at your own risk.
adobe  premiere  tips 
4 weeks ago
Why Your Brain Tricks You Into Doing Less Important Tasks - The New York Times
inators out there, I offer an explanation: Your brain is working against you, and it’s because of a phenomenon called the urgency effect.

Our brains tend to prioritize immediate satisfaction over long-term
10 weeks ago
Opinion | Trump’s Rage Junkies - The New York Times
rey Gowdy lashed out at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, saying, “Whatever you got, finish it the hell up, because this country is being torn apart.”

But that’s like blaming the doctor for your illness. The investigators aren’t tearing the country apart. They are trying to protect and save it.

Trump and his defense machine — including members of Congress — are tearing it apart.

Trump-addicted acolytes are tearing it apart.
11 weeks ago
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