What’s the Matter With Republicans? - The New York Times
This column makes it sound as if Trump supporters actually know or care what's in the bills and proposals and executive orders that affect their lives. As if they studied all this and then made a reasoned decision. What a joke.

I live in a deeply red state, and Trump supporters -- the modern-day, frothing-at-the-mouth Republicans -- come in two sizes. The vast majority are working-class voters who want someone (white) who perpetually talks tough. The more outrageous, the better. There's a macho edge to this sentiment, which is actually all that matters. Even if they knew they were being used they wouldn't care-- just as they don't care that they are constantly lied to. Facts are irrelevant. As long as Trump can point to some "other" boogey man (the press, the Democrats, judges, etc.) they are content.

The other type are the one-percenters whose meanness is more subtle. Their idea of community ends at the gate of their upscale development. As long as the GOP continues its obscene devotion to the welfare of this group, the president can be any kind of clown he wants to be. They are smart enough to recognize Trump for what he is, for the threat he represents, and for the global embarrassment he has become, but who cares? Just like the other one-issue fanatics that formed the recent Tea Party movement, this group has its own single issue: their own wealth.
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Why N.J.'s state beaches are closed to everyone -- except Christie's family | NJ.com
"I don't know if it's fair, but ... my family doesn't ask for any services while we are there," Christie said. 

When asked about it again on Saturday, Christie said: "Run for governor, and you can have a residence there."
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7 weeks ago
New Jersey shutdown: 'Gov. Christie, get the hell off the beach!'
oods of business along the northern barrier island and the Fourth of July weekend plans of thousands of folks,” Wirth said. “Meanwhile, Governor Christie ignores his own New Jersey state shutdown and continue
7 weeks ago
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