(1) Matte Painting / Set Extension VFX Tutorial - YouTube
Tutorial from my previous video on making Matte Paintings / Set Extensions. This tutorial cover the implementation of assets in a 3D tracked scene of fisheyed footage, using the built in 3D camera tracker
YouTube  tutorial  aftereffects  tech  VFX 
6 days ago
(1) Demonstration of the SIMULCAM invented for filming James Cameron's AVATAR - YouTube
Demonstration of the SIMULCAM invented for filming James Cameron's AVATAR
YouTube  tech  filmmakers 
6 days ago
The interview in this matter was held at the
Hart Senate Office Building, commencing at 9:34 a.m.
12 days ago
Hugh McColl’s Last Great Investment - POLITICO Magazine
On the night of September 20, 2016, while tear gas plumed and bottles flew and the interstate burned in Charlotte, the man who built the city was in a hotel room 750 miles away, watching it all on television, wondering what in the hell was going on.

Hugh McColl wielded more influence than any banker in the country during the last quarter of the 20th century, turning a small North Carolina bank into Bank of America, a financial colossus that transformed the nation’s financial landscape as much as it did the city’s skyline.
23 days ago
In Bangladesh, New York Subway Bomb Suspect Reached Out to Rohingya - The New York Times
Bangladesh is a poor, crowded country, a labor factory to the world. Bangladeshis serve as badly paid crews on oceangoing cargo ships, clean up oil wells in Kuwait and drive taxis in New York. It seems every Bangladeshi has a friend or relative working in America or knows someone desperate to get there.
4 weeks ago
Goat's Eye View - YouTube - YouTube
Official channel for London-based pre- and post production house, Goat's Eye View.
Resolve  YouTube 
8 weeks ago
The Cool Stuff in "The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro" — Premiere Bro
JARLE: When it comes to video tutorials, there’s so much bad info out there. I see people with shallow knowledge explaining how to do things, and they clearly have no clue that there are faster methods that will give better results. I hate it when false info gets spread.
premiere  adobe 
9 weeks ago
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