Should you buy the Zoom F8 field recorder? – Sam Mallery
If you’re an independent filmmaker who doesn’t own any audio recorders yet, you definitely don’t need a Zoom F8. Seriously. Go work on your story, do some preproduction… anything else related to your film. Tell the gear lust that drove you to read this entire article to go take a hike. :)
audio  hardware  recording  production 
14 days ago
How to see which applications on your Mac are 32-bit and won't be supported in the future
How to see which applications on your Mac are 32-bit and won't be supported in the future
mac  tech 
21 days ago
Doug Schifter
I have been financially ruined because three politicians destroyed my industry and livelihood and Corporate NY stole my services at rates far below fair levels. I worked 100-120 consecutive hours almost every week for the past fourteen plus years. When the industry started in 1981, I averaged 40-50 hours. I cannot survive any longer with working 120 hours! I am not a Slave and I refuse to be one.
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5 weeks ago
A quick look at Log Gamma with - YouTube
This video shows a simple demonstration of the benefits of using a Log Gamma curve to maximise the amount of dynamic range squeezed into a limited bit-depth video file.
camera  tech 
6 weeks ago
Broadcast color filter not showing in 2015 | Adobe Community
The Broadcast Colors effect has been deprecated in Premiere Pro CC 2015 in favor of the Video Limiter effect. It is provided in CC 2015 only to preserve the effect when opening older projects which used the effect, but new instances of it cannot be applied. Definitely check out Video Limiter as it's more capable and robust, and has GPU accelerated capabilities.
colorcorrection  tech 
6 weeks ago
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