The Cool Stuff in "The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro" — Premiere Bro
JARLE: When it comes to video tutorials, there’s so much bad info out there. I see people with shallow knowledge explaining how to do things, and they clearly have no clue that there are faster methods that will give better results. I hate it when false info gets spread.
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3 days ago
Understanding Exports - Video Tutorial on Vimeo
This video takes a practical approach as I go through the interface of Adobe Media Encoder, which both Premiere Pro and After Effects use, explaining what each of the sliders and checkboxes means and giving some guidelines about how and when to use them. You don't have to have seen my first tutorial first, but it will definitely help!
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13 days ago
Trump, Niger and Connecting the Dots - The New York Times
the trigger, and climate change and population explosions are the amplifiers. The result is a widening collapse of small-scale farming, the foundation of societies all over Africa.
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20 days ago
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a Cessna - YouTube
Now, I'm sharing all kinds of aviation adventure
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22 days ago
Jeff Flake’s Defiant Surrender - The New York Times
deed I think the G.O.P. is more likely to be renewed by someone who currently supports Trump or someone not yet active in politics than it is by the men resisting the president today. The Republican establishment, like the House of Lords a century back, has the feel of a fated and superannuated institution that no stratagem can save. In the end the Lords chose to perish in the dark, to vote themselves into irrelevance. Defiant retirements no less than craven collaboration are likely to carry the G.O.P.’s present leaders to the same unhappy destination, the same ultimate irrelevance.

But they are not there yet. And men like Flake and Corker, who right now have the not-quite-admirable courage of men abandoning the fray, still have time enough and light enough in which to stand and fight.
28 days ago
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