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I've Suffered Shipwrecks by paperclipbitch
AU. Most people, when they break up, sort through their record collections, possibly chuck each other’s clothes onto the sidewalk, engage in soul-destroying coffee dates where they try to sort through the emotional debris, and then leave each other the fuck alone.

Clint and Natasha were never very good at acting like normal people, though, which is why they run a cafe together.
avengers  thor  ironman  captainamerica  au  slash  clint/loki  steve/thor  past!clint/natasha  bruce/natasha  darcy/jane  clintbarton  mariahill  peggycarter  pepperpotts  tonystark  steverogers  loki  janefoster  darcylewis  brucebanner  sif  coffeeshop!au  angst  crack  author:paperclipbitch  favourite  awesome  natasharomanoff  philcoulson 
june 2012 by ashtree22
Untitled by snack_size
Clint and Natasha decide to introduce Steve to current attitudes towards sexuality by watching Brokeback Mountain, which leads Steve to re-evaluate some things.
fic  avengers  slash  steve/thor  angst  tony/pepper  clintbarton  brucebanner  jarvis  author:snack_size  natasharomanoff  philcoulson  nickfury  humour 
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