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Can i have yo numba? (can i have it?) by ohladybegood
When Steve's been gone a full month and a half, and making no sounds about returning, Danny updates his monthly plan to Everything Data. It's not, he tells himself, that he's doing it just for Steve's texts.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  steve/danny  danny/steve  pining!steve  pining!danny  humour  rachel  kono  sweet  chinhokelly  gracewilliams  preslash 
may 2011 by ashtree22
If you die, I'll kill you by tailoredshirt
Steve decides to participate in the Death Race, an extreme obstacle course/competition so intense that very few even finish. Naturally, Danny is violently opposed to this idea.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  humour  gen  pg-13  slash  danny/steve  steve/danny  pining!danny  oblivious!steve  kono  author:tailoredshirt  chinhokelly  gracewilliams 
may 2011 by ashtree22
Let's Dance Like We Used To by andrealyn
There isn't a world in which Danny wouldn't go after Grace. So when Rachel moves the family to California, Danny goes with. Steve gets left to process life without Danny.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  au  angst  slash  steve/danny  danny/steve  rachel  kono  pg-13  author:andrealyn  marymcgarrett  pining!steve  pining!danny  favourite  chinhokelly  gracewilliams 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym
When Steve's upset over the one year anniversary of his dad's death, Danny agrees to help him renovate the house to sell it. What he doesn't know is that Steve's really thinking of it as their future love nest.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  slash  steve/danny  danny/steve  author:gyzym  rachel  kono  kono/omf  sweet  domestic  oblivious!danno  pining!steve  oblivious!steve  pining!danny  awesome  chinhokelly  gracewilliams  kid!fic 
march 2011 by ashtree22
This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) leupagus
Mafia boss Danny Williams moves to Hawaii to start up a new business for the "family" and falls in love with the H50 task force leader, Steve.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  au  slash  steve/danny  danny/steve  rachel  stan  kono  meka  kamekona  angst  pining!danny  oblivious!steve  hurt/comfort  kid!fic  sweet  marymcgarrett  awesome  author:leupagus  chinhokelly  gracewilliams 
february 2011 by ashtree22
A Star Looking For A Sky by veronicaluv
Steve receives some bad news and decides to drown his sorrows, leading to certain revelations that Danny never saw coming.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  slash  steve/danny  danny/steve  kono  sweet  angst  h/c  pining!steve  pining!danny  chinhokelly  gracewilliams 
january 2011 by ashtree22

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