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Rowan and Red Oak by ChuckleVoodoos
Foggy meets a man with a red oak wand and a sweet smile. Over the next eight years, Foggy makes a lot of coffee, reads a lot of tea leaves, breaks a lot of rules and casts a lot of charms. He also spends a good amount of his time pining over his perfect partner and trying to keep his wild outbursts of emotional magic to a minimum.
fic  daredevil  HarryPotter  fusion  slash  foggynelson  mattmurdock  foggy/matt  karenpage  pining!foggy  angst  magic  clairetempleton  author:chucklevoodoos 
september 2015 by ashtree22
Patterns of Intention by drunktuesdays
Derek looked like the stuff of his deepest fantasies. His shirt was rumpled where Stiles had his hands in it, and he was breathing hard as well, chest heaving. His eyes—his eyes were glazed over and he looked stunned, like he’d been—like Stiles had—

“No,” Stiles said, blood draining from his face. The word was croaky and felt like it had to be wrenched out of his chest. “God, no.”
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  scottmccall  allison/scott  deaton  pining  magic  jealousy  rimming  author:drunktuesdays  angst  impliedbutnotactual!dubcon  firsttime 
march 2013 by ashtree22
an awful curse by leah k (blinkiesays)
Derek and Stiles spend three months in comas due to a spell, and when they wake, they have to deal with a lifetime of memories together.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  mrsmccall  scottmccall  angst  pining!stiles  pining!derek  magic  witches  h/c  fantastic  author:blinkiesays  author:leahk  isaaclahey 
december 2012 by ashtree22
Bedtime Stories and Nightmares by scifigrl47
Tony Stark was comfortable with his life. And why shouldn't he be? He's brilliant, rich, powerful, a super hero. He's got a team he trusts, a job he enjoys, his work and his creations, and he's sleeping with Captain America. Tony's life is just fine, thank you very much. He knew that it would change, life always changes, but he wasn't in any way prepared for how it was about to change.

Tony never intended to be a parent, and even if he had, he could never have anticipated this particular change.
fic  avengers  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  kid!fic  dummy  magic  clintbarton  philcoulson  natasharomanoff  brucebanner  thor  pepperpotts  jarvis  domestic  family  realboy!dummy  author:scifigrl47  cute  angst  TalesoftheBots!series 
december 2012 by ashtree22
A Well Kept Secret by stupidmuse_hatesme
Gregory Lestrade had a ring on his finger--but he wasn't married. He felt like it, most days, but if he was married, maybe then he could get a divorce. Most marriages, however, didn't involve some sort of permanent mystical tie between two people. His did. That made things a bit more complicated.
fic  bbcsherlock  slash  au  mycroft/lestrade  johnwatson  sherlockholmes  angst  magic  romance  bonding  pining!lestrade  author:stupidmuse_hatesme  awesome  sweet  misunderstandings  plotty  mycroftholmes 
june 2012 by ashtree22
When the Bough Breaks by alice_day
Sherlock finds himself playing unwilling babysitter to a blond, blue-eyed baby who bears a striking resemblance to a certain doctor...
Also, "Dancing phalanges."
fic  gen  sherlock  bbcsherlock  crossover  friendship  lestrade  molly  mrshudson  humour  adorable  favourite  magic  domestic  transformation  crack!fic  HarryPotter  author:alice_day  kid!fic  preslash 
january 2011 by ashtree22
It Started at the Frat Party by tierfal
When Merlin comes back at six-thirty Saturday morning, he has quite a story for Gwen.
fic  bbcmerlin  au  modern!au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  adorable  slash  romance  sweet  humour  firsttime  college!au  morgana  gwen  lancelot  magic  pg-13  author:tierfal 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Hidden in Plain Sight by Anon
Five years after Uther finds out Merlin's a sorcerer and Merlin runs from Camelot, he hears that Gaius is ill and returns in a girl.
fic  merlin  au  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  gwen/morgana  magic  firsttime  futurefic  gaius  uther  genderswap  nc-17  ust  arthurfindsout  author:anonymous  camelotsolstice 
august 2010 by ashtree22
The Hardest Lessons by Regann
When a sorceress decides to teach Merlin a lesson, he learns about more than just magic.
fic  merlin  sweet  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  angst  slash  romance  fluff  jealousy  magic  pg-13  author:regann  firsttime 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Ethics of Attraction by nagi_schwarz
Excellent modern-day AU where Arthur is a public defender, with one trial to win before becoming junior partner in a big firm, and he gets assigned Merlin's case.
fic  merlin  au  modernau  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  pg-13  modern  magic  slash  romance  angst  author:nagi_schwarz  favourite 
june 2010 by ashtree22
A Fresh Start by lorannah
Modern Day AU where Merlin is the new IT guy at Uther's multimillion dollar corporation. Arthur hates his job and Merlin confuses him for someone who works in the Caf on the first day - Arthur never bothers to correct him
fic  merlin  preslash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  au  gaius  gen  magic  uther  morgana/gwen  author:lorannah 
april 2010 by ashtree22
The Sacrificial Mage by Leah (taste_is_sweet)
SGA magic AU.
Magic was a zero-sum game. If you didn't sacrifice as much as you were given, you would lose.
fic  slash  angst  au  sga  firsttime  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  romance  mcshep  sheppard/mckay  long  magic  transformation  leah  bug!john 
march 2010 by ashtree22
Awash with Love by burkesl17
“I give him this gift Uther. He can only marry for the truest and deepest love. Both on his part and the part of his wife.” When Arthur is cursed the whole of Camelot is determined to find him a bride. Well, all but one person.
fic  bbcmerlin  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  firsttime  angst  pg-13  romance  jealousy  oblivious!merlin  schmoop  fluff  pining!merlin  pining!arthur  author:burkesl17  magic 
april 2009 by ashtree22

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adorable  allison/scott  allisonargent  angst  arthur/merlin  arthurfindsout  au  author:alice_day  author:anonymous  author:baby_razzle  author:blinkiesays  author:burkesl17  author:chucklevoodoos  author:discontentedwinter  author:dreamwaffles  author:drunktuesdays  author:leahk  author:lorannah  author:nagi_schwarz  author:regann  author:scifigrl47  author:stupidmuse_hatesme  author:tierfal  author:torncorpse  author:vlieger  avengers  awesome  bbcmerlin  bbcsherlock  bewitched!arthur  bigbang  bonding  bottom!merlin  brucebanner  bug!john  camelotsolstice  catherinerollins  chinhokelly  clairetempleton  clintbarton  college!au  crack  crack!fic  crossover  cute  danny/steve  daredevil  deaton  derek/stiles  derekhale  domestic  dummy  epic  ericareyes  family  fantastic  favourite  fic  firsttime  fluff  foggy/matt  foggynelson  friendship  fusion  futurefic  gaius  gen  genderswap  girl!danny  governorjameson  gracewilliams  gwen  gwen/morgana  h/c  h50  HarryPotter  hawaiifive0  humour  hurt/comfort  impliedbutnotactual!dubcon  isaaclahey  jackson/lydia  jacksonwhittemore  jarvis  jealousy  john/rodney  johnwatson  karenpage  kid!fic  knitting  kono  lancelot  leah  lestrade  long  lydiamartin  magic  magic!baby  magic-made-them-do-it  mattmurdock  mckay/sheppard  mcshep  melissamccall  merlin  merlin/arthur  misunderstandings  modern  modern!au  modernau  molly  morgana  morgana/gwen  mrshudson  mrsmccall  mycroft/lestrade  mycroftholmes  natasharomanoff  nc-17  oblivious!danno  oblivious!merlin  oblivious!stiles  pepperpotts  pg-13  philcoulson  pining  pining!arthur  pining!derek  pining!foggy  pining!lestrade  pining!merlin  pining!steve  pining!stiles  plotty  possessive!steve  preslash  rachel  realboy!dummy  rimming  romance  schmoop  scottmccall  sga  sgabigbang  sheppard/mckay  sheriffstilinski  sherlock  sherlockholmes  slash  steve/danny  steve/tony  steverogers  stilesstilinski  sweet  TalesoftheBots!series  team  teenwolf  thor  tonystark  transformation  ust  uther  vernonboyd  wingfic  witches 

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