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As Long As We Have We by lady_ragnell
Arthur thinks he's going to have to spend Christmas alone--at least until he somehow acquires a whole house full of strays.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  arthurpendragon  arthur/merlin  gwen  lancelot  gwen/lancelot  morgana  gwaine  elyan  freya  leon  modern!au  Christmas  author:lady_ragnell 
january 2016 by ashtree22
For Your Information by reni_days
Merlin sighs. "After your...announcement," he explains, "your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I'm sort of like his gay tutor, it's hard to explain."
fic  merlin  au  modern!au  slash  arthur/merlin  arthur  uther  gaius  gwen  lancelot  gwen/lancelot  morgana  crack  warning!homophobia  author:reni_days  favourite  amazing  humour 
february 2013 by ashtree22
Less Than One Blow by lady_ragnell
From the kinkme_merlin prompt: 16 year old Merlin is captured by bandits on the road to Camelot for the first time. 22 year old Arthur, more arrogant than ever, saves her. After getting yelled at for his efforts, he falls hard and begins to "court" her, while she mostly just thinks he's an idiot.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  au  genderswap  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  gwen  morgana  gaius  lancelot  romance  pining!arthur  oblivious!merlin  plotty  h/c  hurt/comfort  author:lady_ragnell 
february 2012 by ashtree22
All But Memories by pageleaf
Wherein Mike is Merlin reincarnated, Harvey is Arthur, everybody else is everybody else, and they fall in love. Again.
fic  suits  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  harvey/mike  merlin/arthur  reincarnation  au  jessicapearson  louislitt  jenny  trevor  ray  lancelot  rachelzane  gwen  morgana  leon  angst  hunith  dragon  gaius  author:pageleaf  favourite  crossover  donnapaulsen  humour 
january 2012 by ashtree22
DRP Wedding by rageprufrock
"Merlin, hello, this is Rosa, from Clarence House," she said. "May I extend my deepest congratulations on your engagement."
The world fell away. "Oh," Merlin said, "buggering fuck."
fic  merlin  bbcsherlock  au  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  morgana  hunith  gwen  lancelot  gwaine  series  author:rageprufrock 
may 2011 by ashtree22
A Ministerial Appointment by magog_83
Sequel to Meeting the Minister.
It wasn’t many Prime Ministers who got the opportunity to broker relations between the wizarding and Muggle worlds and Arthur felt he had a responsibility to give it his best shot, however much therapy he might need afterwards.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  au  humour  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  author:magog-83  series  morgana  lancelot  fusion  HarryPotter 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Only Fools Rush In by Anon
Being sixteen is not as easy and some people might think, especially not when you're a sixteen year old wizard. It would be easier if Merlin wasn't nursing a horrible crush on his classmate, had friends who spent more time consoling him instead of cajoling him and he didn't feel like a horrible failure every time he picked up a wand.
fic  merlin  au  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  fusion  HarryPotter  gwen  morgana  gwaine  pining!arthur  oblivious!merlin  pining!merlin  morgause  lancelot  elyan  sweet  author:anonymous 
april 2011 by ashtree22
...In Thunder, Lightning, or Rain? by Blue Gold
Immediately after Nimeuh's death, future Merlin appears before current Merlin to warn him that the future is dark and that he needs to change his destiny.
fic  merlin  au  nc-17  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  morgana  gwen  lancelot  uther  gaius  slash  magic!revealed  merlin/morgana  gwen/lancelot  lancelot/merlin  jealousy  sirkay  epic  hurt/comfort  under-the-influence  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  sweet  amazing  awesome 
march 2011 by ashtree22
A New Low by rosemaryandrue
A diabetic Merlin gets stuck in a lift with his prat of a boss, Arthur. Of course it turns out that Arthur's not such a prat after all.
fic  merlin  au  slash  modern!au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  gwen/morgana  will  gwaine  contemporary!au  sirleon  lancelot  uther  pining!arthur  oblivious!merlin  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  sweet  hurt/comfort  awesome 
february 2011 by ashtree22
Not In This Land Alone by torakowalski
When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn't expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.
fic  merlin  au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  slash  gwen  lancelot  morgana  morgause  gaius  modern!au  favourite  author:torakowalski 
december 2010 by ashtree22
Pendragons are NOT the Only Fruit by nahara
Merlin always knew he was adopted. He's found his half-sister Morgana and is about to meet her step brother Arthur. But what Merlin feels for Arthur isn't all that brotherly.
fic  merlin  ust  sweet  modern!au  romance  angst  drama  miscommunication  merlin/arthur  morgana  lancelot  will  gwen  hunith  pining!arthur  author:nahara  humour 
november 2010 by ashtree22
Arthur and the Real Boy by franticsga
Arthur, average golden-boy-super-jock-perfect-preppy-soccer-captain, meets Merlin, indie geek who works at a used bookstore, and realizes that he might be a bit of a pouf.
fic  bbcmerlin  sweet  slash  au  college!au  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  modern!au  gaius  gwen  lancelot  morgana  fluff  nc-17  schmoop  romance  author:franticsga  firsttime 
september 2010 by ashtree22
It Started at the Frat Party by tierfal
When Merlin comes back at six-thirty Saturday morning, he has quite a story for Gwen.
fic  bbcmerlin  au  modern!au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  adorable  slash  romance  sweet  humour  firsttime  college!au  morgana  gwen  lancelot  magic  pg-13  author:tierfal 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Returning the Favour by dreamdustmama
In which there are memories of drunken blowjobs, (very) prattish behavior, hiding behind bins, non-apologies, and returning the favour. Or, Merlin goes to a party with Gwen, where nothing seems to be going right until finally something does.
fic  merlin  au  slash  pwp  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  gwen/morgana  morgana/gwen  lancelot  contemporary!au  oblivious!merlin  pining!arthur  under-the-influence  author:dreamdustmama 
august 2010 by ashtree22
8x12x8 by skellerbvvt
Uther blamed Arthur for Igraine's death but couldn't bring himself to kill him. Instead he keeps him locked up until Merlin and Morgana free him.
fic  merlin  au  slash  angst  merlin/arthur  morgana/gwen  oblivious!arthur  pining!arthur  hunith  lancelot  gaius  gen  uther 
august 2010 by ashtree22
How Merlin Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Destiny by mint-ameretto
Wherein Merlin moves to the Cursed Kingdom of Camelot, Arthur puts a little too much faith into the rules of courtly love and Lancelot has no problem being faithful to his lady.
fic  merlin  slash  crack  r  arthur/merlin  morgana/gwen  arthur/omc  merlin/omc  lancelot  humour  au  firsttime  oblivious!merlin  pining!arthur  crack!fic 
july 2010 by ashtree22
I Think I'm In Love With My Radio by Anon
When a bloke throws a drink on him at a bar, Arthur decides to "stalk" him for his radio show. Merlin, a regular listener, is completely oblivious that he is "Bar Guy." Absolutely fantastic!
fic  merlin  au  modern!au  slash  sweet  humour  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  gwen  lancelot  morgana  oblivious!merlin  pining!arthur  favourite  firsttime 
july 2010 by ashtree22
In Time Of Trial by Shine
Blinded by the smooth words of his cousin, Uther declares Arthur a traitor and orders him arrested. Luckily Merlin overhears and is able to help Arthur escape with magic. Together they must build an army and overthrow Uther for the good of Camelot.
fic  bigbang  merlin  au  epic  slash  romance  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout  drama  firsttime  gwen  lancelot  morgana  angst  nc-17  uther  author:shine  favourite 
july 2010 by ashtree22
weave the sunlight by anonymous
Modern!AU In which Arthur is the least romantic romance novelist in the world, and Merlin is the only person who can cure his writers' block. Arthur keeps losing control of his feet, and Merlin refuses be wooed by witticisms alone--much to Arthur's chagrin.
fic  au  arthur/merlin  author:anonymous  camelotsolstice  denial  fluff  merlin/arthur  gaius  gwen  lancelot  modern!au  morgana  pg  pining!arthur  romance  slash  sweet  uther  nimueh  bbcmerlin 
march 2010 by ashtree22
Memories by shadowglove88
Merlin is tired of the centuries in between reincarnations in which he's so alone, so he stops looking for Arthur, making a life for himself. And yet Arthur comes back into his life, and even without his memories Prince Arthur is playing for keeps.
fic  slash  angst  merlin  au  merlin/arthur  gaius  mpreg  morgana/gwen  oblivious!arthur  lancelot  genre:romance  author:shadowglove88 
november 2009 by ashtree22

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