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while vigil you're keeping (through rain and storm) by spacenarwhal
“You owe me a scarf asshole.” Jessica shoots back, kicking her legs up, feet braced against the base of the bed.

Matt snorts and that hurts—sirens and monitors and rushing feet, panicked voices, hearts, so many hearts, going fast, slowing down, stopping, going still, hundreds of hearts in his ears—and he clenches his hands tight as though that’ll help him hold on to himself.

“I hate hospitals.” Matt says raggedly, sharper than he means to, and Jessica squeezes the handrail so tightly the metal creaks.

"Yeah.” She agrees mildly, “They blow."
fic  daredevil  slash  establishedrelationship  mattmurdock  foggynelson  foggy/matt  jessicajones  knitting  clairetemple  hurt/comfort 
july 2018 by ashtree22

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