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Outside the Box by writing2death
When Jack makes his way down the stairs, tugging his little teddy bear behind him, Reid feels a little bit like his heart is possibly about to explode. Not because the sight is ‘ridiculously cute’, as Garcia had put it once or twice, but because who in their right mind would ask Spencer Reid to babysit?
fic  criminalminds  fluff  hotch/reid  reid/hotch  jackhotchner  cute  preslash 
january 2011 by ashtree22
Yielding by traxits
The very first time, it was an accident.
fic  criminalminds  slash  hotch/reid  fluff  cute 
august 2010 by ashtree22
comfort levels by madeofsequins
“I just meant traveling without really being on a case. Going somewhere where we’re not agents for a day or two. We’re just normal people on a business trip. Okay, well I’m a passably normal person on a business trip. You’re some other kind of person on a business trip.”
fic  criminalminds  slash  hotch/reid  cuddling  establishedrelationship  fluff  author:madeofsequins  pg-13 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Ecstasy by Fabrisse
Reid gets dosed with Ecstacy during a team night out. Hotch takes him home.
fic  criminalminds  preslash  hotch/reid  reid/hotch  nc-17  team  dubcon 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Thursday Nights by newssodark
Reid is there when Hotch needs someone; Hotch is there when Reid needs someone. Thursday Nights mean they're together, until they figure out that every other night should too.
fic  criminalminds  au  angst  hotch/reid  author:newssodark  r  thursdaynights!verse  firsttime 
may 2010 by ashtree22
By hook or by book by aggybird
Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner are students at Hogwarts. Yes, really.
crack!fic  fic  au  awesome  criminalminds  crossover  HarryPotter  cute  g  gen  hotch/reid  preslash  author:aggybird 
may 2010 by ashtree22
Upward Over the Mountain by coffeecocktails
When Rossi realizes that Hotch is interested in Reid, he pretends to show interest in our favorite genius to make Hotch jealous enough to finally pursue the relationship.
The first half of this is absolutely cracktastic. Sadly, the second half could have used a little more work.
fic  criminalminds  angst  hotch/reid  reid/hotch  rossi  humour  hurt/comfort  h/c  r  romance  slash  author:coffeecocktails  firsttime 
april 2010 by ashtree22
Illative Illocution by recrudescence
Reid is finally introduced to Hotch's brother, Sean, as "the boyfriend."
fic  criminalminds  hotch/reid  fluff  reid/hotch  slash  pg-13 
april 2010 by ashtree22
Five times Hotch didn’t have to tell anyone and one time he did by race_the_ace
It probably should have been more shocking than it was, but this was Hotch and Reid. There had always been something lingering there.
fic  slash  fluff  sweet  criminalminds  hotch/reid  reid/hotch  pg-13 
march 2010 by ashtree22
Courtship Rituals by darkhawkhealer
Spencer swore up and down it was all Morgan's fault. And Garcia. It would've been completely her fault, but she meant well, and Spencer had always liked her more anyway.
fic  criminalminds  slash  hotch/reid  cute  christmas  author:darkhawkhealer  aaronhotchner  spencerreid  penelopegarcia  firsttime 
november 2009 by ashtree22
Worst Kept Secret by kyrdwyn
Five Ways the Team Found Out. Sequel to Blaze With the Glory and Regained Through Fire.
fic  criminalminds  slash  au  fluff  het  hotch/reid  rossi/prentiss  author:kyrdwyn  pg-13 
november 2009 by ashtree22
A Different Kind of Solitude by kyrdwyn
When Aaron and Spencer are trapped together by an unsub, things change between them while the team searches for their lost friends.
fic  slash  criminalminds  hotch/reid  reid/hotch  nc-17 
may 2009 by ashtree22
Blaze with the Glory - kyrdwyn
Remember when Rossi told the detective that Reid had been left in a basket on the step of the FBI in 4.12? This is that story.
fic  criminalminds  hotch/reid  slash  rossi  favourite 
february 2009 by ashtree22
'Lady' in Red - severity_softly
Reid dresses in drag to capture a serial killer. Hotch really likes the look.
fic  criminalminds  hotch/reid  crossdressing  nc-17 
february 2009 by ashtree22
Tilting at Windmills by dragonladyk
Keeping things separate becomes an impossibility for Hotch when it becomes clear he is the real target of an unsub striking in his childhood home town.
There's also a brief post-fic at from Rossi's PO
fic  criminalminds  preslash  hotch/reid  team  noncon  author:dragonladyk  aaronhotchner  spencerreid 
june 2008 by ashtree22
First Kiss by scribblinlenore
"The unsub watches his victims closely. If you startle when I touch you, he's going to know something's off."
fic  criminalminds  slash  Hotch/Reid 
june 2008 by ashtree22
The Persistence of Memory by iscaris
Another ep tag for LDSK. More comes from their encounter with the LDSK than Reid had expected. Because we didn't feel bad enough for Reid as it was. "What Reid couldn’t possibly have said was You kick nothing like my ex, even when he was sober."
fic  preslash  criminalminds  hotch/reid  angst  jasongideon  aaronhotchner  spencerreid  author:iscaris 
june 2008 by ashtree22

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