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Found In Translation by Almighty_Hat
Owen Grady speaks Raptor, but it's a language he learned through immersion, the same way his girls learned English. Owen Grady also speaks Parseltongue, but that's because he's a wizard passing as a muggle. It doesn't change a lot about his work, until it really, really changes a lot about his work.
fic  jurassicworld  fusion  HarryPotter  owengrady  clairedearing  au  author:almighty_hat 
6 weeks ago by ashtree22
Where No Bittle Has Gone Before by orphan_account
Eric Bittle isn't the first half-Betazoid on a Starfleet ship, but those who came before him were not welcome, so he plans to keep what he is secret. It's not so easy, however, when he's assigned to the Falconer, under the newly appointed Captain Jack Zimmermann-- a person with a past, who does not appreciate weakness. Eric doesn't know if he can get past the icy exterior of his captain, but he's nothing if not stubborn.
fic  slash  crossover  fusion  checkplease  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  eric/jack  startrek  au  startrekau  shittyknight  angst  author:orphan_account 
february 2019 by ashtree22
That Which You Cannot Undo by uraneia
By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It's a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.
fic  teenwolf  slash  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  scottmccall  kirayukimura  kira/scott  jackson/lydia  jacksonwhittemore  allisonargent  fusion  practicalmagic  magic!stiles  author:uraneia 
november 2018 by ashtree22
An Ever-Fixed Mark by imperfectcircle
Fusion with Ursula le Guin's planet O. In a world with very different marriage rules, a noble wedding and a magical threat still can't make Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana talk about their feelings.
fic  bbcmerlin  fusion  arthur/merlin  arthur/gwen  merlin/morgana  gwen/morgana  arthur/gwen/merlin/morgana  author:imperfectcircle 
august 2017 by ashtree22
Straight on till Morning by Sineala
Avengers comics meet Stark Trek TOS

Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he'd never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony's own design. What's more, the Avenger's captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive... and very, very attractive.

But nothing is ever easy for Tony. As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own -- and the truth could change everything.
fic  slash  avengers  startrek  startrek:tos  fusion  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  nickfury  janvandyne  hankpym  clintbarton  caroldanvers  wandamaximoff  pietromaximoff  rhodey  au  ptsd  h/c  author:sineala 
july 2017 by ashtree22
The Far Side of Avalon by Revenant
Arthur once asked him to never change, but after seventeen lifetimes Merlin finds that change is impossible to avoid. That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Aka, the Bond/Merlin fusion I didn't know I wanted to read.
fic  fusion  merlin  bondage  morgana  q  evemoneypenny  jamesbond  author:revenant  reincarnation 
december 2015 by ashtree22
If the Truth Has Been Forbidden Then We’re Breaking All the Rules by Erushi
“You know,” Napoleon offered, “that first night you chased us in East Berlin - we weren't sure that you were human. Not then.”

Or: A Man from U.N.C.L.E. / His Dark Materials fusion fic where everyone has daemons, moving from the end of the Vinciguerra affair in Rome, through Istanbul, and on to what happens (happily ever) after.
fic  manfromUNCLE  HDM  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  napoleonsolo  illyakuryakin  gabyteller  preslash  author:erushi 
december 2015 by ashtree22
Rowan and Red Oak by ChuckleVoodoos
Foggy meets a man with a red oak wand and a sweet smile. Over the next eight years, Foggy makes a lot of coffee, reads a lot of tea leaves, breaks a lot of rules and casts a lot of charms. He also spends a good amount of his time pining over his perfect partner and trying to keep his wild outbursts of emotional magic to a minimum.
fic  daredevil  HarryPotter  fusion  slash  foggynelson  mattmurdock  foggy/matt  karenpage  pining!foggy  angst  magic  clairetempleton  author:chucklevoodoos 
september 2015 by ashtree22
But The World Won't Stop Turning by thepsychicclam
Derek gets hit by a witch's curse that sends him traveling through time. Fusion with The Time Traveler's Wife.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  fusion  timetravelerswife  scottmccall  isaaclahey  corahale  taliahale  sheriffstilinski  Deaton  angst  author:thepsychicclam 
june 2014 by ashtree22
The Incredible Avengers by Wordsplat
Fifteen years after the Superhero Relocation Program, the former Avengers have disbanded to live ordinary, civilian lives. It’s their kids who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

A.K.A. the Incredibles fusion.
fic  avengers  fusion  theincredibles  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  bruce/natasha  brucebanner  natasharomanoff  clintbarton  clint/coulson  philcoulson  rhodey  buckybarnes  janefoster  jane/thor  thor  peterparker  superfamily  author:wordsplat  cute 
november 2013 by ashtree22
Dragon Choices by tsukinofaerii
When a childhood accident leaves Tony with a remarkable ability to hear dragons, he finds out that on Pern, the dragon chooses. Whether it comes to being a dragonrider or becoming Weyrleader, he has a bumpy flight ahead.
fic  marvel  avengers  au  pern!au  fusion  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  mariahill  nickfury  hankmccoy  hankpym  maryjanewatson  dragonridersofpern  pining!tony  oblivious!tony  angst  goldrider!series  author:tsukinofaerii  amazing  favourite  humour 
december 2012 by ashtree22
King of the Pumpkin Patch by tahariel
Charles has a Scaring deficit, but Erik is happy to help him learn to be more frightening this Halloween.

Fusion with Nightmare Before Christmas.
fic  x-men  xmfc  fusion  nightmarebeforechristmas  slash  charles/erik  charlesxavier  eriklensherr  raven  hankmccoy  oblivious!erik  cute  author:tahariel  humour 
november 2012 by ashtree22
This Is Halloween by Swing Set in December (swing_set13)
Stiles knows he's a weird kid. What with his dad being sheriff of Halloween Town and his mother the fairest Christmas snow angel in all of Holiday Land. They apparently met when The Pumpkin King went on a holiday bender and stole Christmas. Though it doesn't help him now as he runs through the graveyard and up the spiral hill. Jackson and his vampire groupies hot at his heels.
fic  teenwolf  fusion  au  nightmarebeforechristmas  preslash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  sheriffstilinski  allison/scott  allisonargent  scottmccall  lydiamartin  jacksonwhittemore  cute  author:swingsetindecember  author:swing_set13  humour 
september 2012 by ashtree22
'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people by whichisgolden
The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn't know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is his best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc.
fic  x-men  xmfc  fusion  clueless  slash  charles/erik  charlesxavier  eriklensherr  raven  alex/darwin  alexsummers  darwin  emmafrost  janos  azazel  hankmccoy  hank/raven  sebastianshaw  sharonxavier  author:whichisgolden  humour  moiramactaggert 
july 2012 by ashtree22
Kahu a Alaka’i by cattraine
In a world where Sentinels serve the military, and Guides are chattel, Steve is an unbonded Sentinel and Danny an unwilling Guide.
“Apparently Daniel Williams did not subscribe to the calm, meditative approach to Guiding Sentinels.”
fic  hawaiifive0  h50  fusion  thesentinel  slash  steve/danny  catherinerollins  gracewilliams  kono  chinhokelly  author:cattraine  nc-17 
february 2012 by ashtree22
Deja Vu The Black by Sluggard (Hazgarn)
From the moment they first met there was something about their new pilot had made Zoe uneasy. Something familiar that she hadn't quite been able to put her finger on.
fic  crossover  castle  firefly  zoe/wash  mal/inara  ryan/esposito  beckett/castle  kaylee  alexiscastle  sheperdbook  slash  reincarnation  pastlives  romance  characterdeath  fusion  author:sluggard 
january 2012 by ashtree22
I have a holy duty to unzip your genes by jukeboxhound
Good Omens fusion. “Genetics, my fine man,” Charles declares, unperturbed when Erik has to poke him back upright on his stool, “is God’s finest miracle.”

I really hope the author gives in and writes more of this.
fic  x-men  slash  au  fusion  goodomens  charles/erik  author:jukeboxhound  awesome  nc-17  crack  crack!fic  humour  firstclass 
january 2012 by ashtree22
Deep Sea (Eggs, Wolves and Rubber Ducks) by pprfaith
Psychics, werewolves and a whole lot of metaphors make up Charles’s morning after meeting Vampire Sheriff Erik Lensherr. Sequel to Old Metal. First Class/Southern Vampire Mysteries Fusion.
fic  x-men  fusion  southernvampires  charles/erik  raven/logan  victorcreed  jeangrey  kittypryde  author:pprfaith  preslash  firstclass 
november 2011 by ashtree22
Old Metal (Blood, Memory and Rubber Ducks) by pprfaith
Erik is a vampire. Charles is a telepath. Any questions? A X-Men: First Class/Southern Vampire Mysteries Fusion.
fic  x-men  fusion  southernvampires  charles/erik  emmafrost  raven  vampire!erik  preslash  firstclass 
november 2011 by ashtree22
Lean On Me by SpiritsFlame
Parent Trap fusion.
Ten years ago, Charles and Erik split up, dividing their six kids between them. None of them expect them to meet at summer camp. And no one could have predicted the results.
fic  x-men  fusion  parenttrap  slash  charles/erik  alex/hank  raven  seancassidy  darwin  angel  emmafrost  angst  author:spiritsflame  humour  moiramactaggert  firstclass 
november 2011 by ashtree22
This Will Be by SpiritsFlame
Fusion with "While you were sleeping."
Hank McCoy is in love with the perfect woman. One day, he's certain, they will fall in love and be married. It would be a grand plan if they'd ever met. When she falls into a coma, Hank tries to look after her and is thrown into the topsy-turvey world of her family. And he can't help but be drawn to her rude and infuriating foster brother Alex.
fic  x-men  slash  charles/erik  alex/hank  raven  angel  darwin  seancassidy  angst  fusion  whileyouweresleeping  favourite  bobbydrake  coma!au  author:spiritsflame  humour  moiramactaggert  firstclass 
november 2011 by ashtree22
Run for the Light by walktheboat
A fantastic fusion between Thor and Supernatural. I can't wait for the sequel.
Thor and Loki are continuing the family business, "Saving people, Hunting things."
fic  thor  supernatural  fusion  loki  odin  hogun  fandral  angst  author:walktheboat  fantastic 
october 2011 by ashtree22
Duct Tape Makes You Smart by alchemyalice
X-Men via Burn Notice. "My name is Charles Xavier. I used to be a spy..."
fic  x-men  slash  au  crossover  adorable  charles/erik  alex/hank  burnnotice!au  fusion  amazing  raven  favourite  moiramactaggert  firstclass 
july 2011 by ashtree22
Unexpected Forms by BlackEyedGirl
When all Nate knew was names on a file, he used to try and guess the forms of the teams' daemons. When he finally meets them, none of them are quite what he expected.
fic  leverage  hisdarkmaterials  fusion  au  gen  humour  pg  nateford  sophie  parker  eliotspencer  alechardison  author:blackeyedgirl 
june 2011 by ashtree22
Detours and Shortcuts by zarah5
As it turns out, Stan is not in the bathtub, and neither is he dozing on the kitchen floor or under Chin's desk. That is a problem. Another problem is that none of them is able to remember a damn thing about the last twelve hours.

To add insult to injury, Danny's mood notably does not improve when he learns that Chin's boss, Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett, is the freakishly attractive guy in the picture and that if Danny's wearing his t-shirt, it's considerably likely that they met last night without Danny remembering it. Taking circumstances into account, chances are that he didn't leave the best of impressions.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  fusion  hangover  slash  au  romance  pg-13  steve/danny  danny/steve  rachel/stan  kono  chinhokelly  gracewilliams 
may 2011 by ashtree22
To Boldly Go by leupagus
I want so much more of this story!
1500 words of Daanhei the Tellarite first officer and M'garet, the Andorian captain with feeeeeeelings.
fic  fusion  h50  hawaiifive0  startrek  gen  au  humour  dannywilliams  steve  kono  gracewilliams  rachel  crack  amazing  chinhokelly  author:leupagus 
april 2011 by ashtree22
A Ministerial Appointment by magog_83
Sequel to Meeting the Minister.
It wasn’t many Prime Ministers who got the opportunity to broker relations between the wizarding and Muggle worlds and Arthur felt he had a responsibility to give it his best shot, however much therapy he might need afterwards.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  au  humour  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  author:magog-83  series  morgana  lancelot  fusion  HarryPotter 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Sentinel and Guide by elayna88
Steve goes into a zone-out after his father's death and doesn't wake up for days. Then Detective Danny Williams walks into the hospital.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  angst  slash  fusion  thesentinel  steve/danny  danny/steve  kono  governorjameson  rachel  hurt/comfort  close-to-canon  awesome  chinhokelly  gracewilliams  nc-17 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Wait it Out by Anon
Arthur doesn't make mistakes and he doesn't forget. He goes into heat three times a year and he plans for it, every time, he's always ready to deal with this fucked up part of his Manticore legacy but fuck, fuck -

The job has gone south.
fic  inception  fusion  darkangel  slash  arthur/eames  eames/arthur  nc-17  domcobb  humour  firsttime 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Only Fools Rush In by Anon
Being sixteen is not as easy and some people might think, especially not when you're a sixteen year old wizard. It would be easier if Merlin wasn't nursing a horrible crush on his classmate, had friends who spent more time consoling him instead of cajoling him and he didn't feel like a horrible failure every time he picked up a wand.
fic  merlin  au  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  fusion  HarryPotter  gwen  morgana  gwaine  pining!arthur  oblivious!merlin  pining!merlin  morgause  lancelot  elyan  sweet  author:anonymous 
april 2011 by ashtree22
Dragon's Flame by Anon
Appointed as the court's new magic governor, Merlin decides that the most appropriate attire to meet the king would be half-naked with runes painted over his entire body.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  fusion  domestic  jealousy  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  gwen/lancelot  morgana  morgause  uther  gaius  diannawynnejones  mordred  edwin  sweet  pining!arthur  oblivious!merlin  slashdragon 
march 2011 by ashtree22
True Love's Curse by Anon
Assisting Arthur in his princely quests isn't always easy. Sometimes manservants get cursed in the cross-fire and they might even die, shouldn't they find their true love.
fic  merlin  angst  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  fusion  sleepingbeauty  author:anonymous  magic!revealed  h/c  gwen  uther  pining!arthur  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  sweet 
january 2011 by ashtree22
Meeting the Minister by magog-83
The new Prime Minister, Arthur, meets the minister of magic, Merlin. All does not go well.
fic  merlin  HarryPotter  cute  crossover  fusion  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  gaius  preslash  pg 
january 2011 by ashtree22
John's Dragon by misswinterhill
Crossover/fusion with How to Train Your Dragon. Sherlock is peculiar, disgusting, and completely useless at being a decent dragon.
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  au  crossover  fusion  gen  howtotrainyourdragon 
january 2011 by ashtree22
The Republic of Heaven by blind_author
Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start. John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his dæmon...
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  crossover  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  wip  slash  plotty  h/c  angst  favourite 
december 2010 by ashtree22
Man's Original Virtue by Anon
When John was little, his father pissed off a fairy, who cursed John with obedience.
fic  gen  au  sherlockholmse  bbcsherlock  johnwatson  fusion  ellaenchanted  author:anonymous 
december 2010 by ashtree22
That's Not A Problem (You Had Foreseen) by dreamingwriter
Steve's ten when Malie decides she likes being a cat. It's not exactly what he'd hoped for because they live in Hawaii and there's water all around them, and it brings them no end of grief from Steve's father and his gull daemon Nalani, but Malie doesn't care. And, Steve decides after Malie shifts into a large housecat and settles across his shoulders, if she doesn't care, he shouldn't either.
fic  au  crossover  fusion  h50  hawaiifive0  hisdarkmaterials  steve/danny  danny/steve  awesome  favourite 
december 2010 by ashtree22
Arthur does Project Runway by temperance_k
After inception, Arthur decides to follow his dream of becoming a fashion designer.
fic  inception  arthur/eames  fusion  eames/arthur  ariadne  yusuf  saito  domcobb 
december 2010 by ashtree22
Theory and Practice by Anon
Sherlock and John (not in a relationship) decide to touch each others daemons as defense training.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  crossover  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  gen  angst  au  slash  john/sherlock  sherlock/john  holmes/watson  hurt/comfort  author:anonymous  preslash 
november 2010 by ashtree22
The Baker Street Flat by Anon
John’s pretty sure it’s a sign of mental imbalance -- of which he has been all too frequently accused of late -- that he is actually entertaining the possibility that he is communicating with a total stranger two years in the future via the magic mail slot on the door of his new flat.
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  au  angst  fusion  crossover  sherlock/john  sherlockholmes  sweet  john/sherlock  time-travel  lakehouse  favourite 
october 2010 by ashtree22
Soul Deep by xanthe
Most people never touch another person's soul...but when a 20 year old Leroy Jethro Gibbs meets an 8 year old Tony DiNozzo, it sparks an event that links them forever.
fic  ncis  slash  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  tony/gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  gibbs/tony  mcgee  ziva  katetodd  ducky  crossover  angst  jacksongibbs  awesome  author:xanthe 
october 2010 by ashtree22
The Kind You Could Sing by foxxcub
Eames turns to him during a simple blueprint discussion and says casually, “You settled late, didn’t you?”

Beautiful Inception/HisDarkMaterials fusion.
fic  fusion  au  inception  hisdarkmaterials  angst  slash  arthur/eames  eames/arthur  crossover  pg-13  author:foxxcub  favourite 
october 2010 by ashtree22
Under the Tuscan Sun by lisztful
Fusion with the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.
When Arthur loses his home to his cheating husband, the last place he expects to find another is on a lesbian tour of Tuscany. That's not all he finds, either. Complete with lessons learned the hard way, well-adusted friends, gelato, true love, and maybe just a little bit of destiny.
fic  au  merlin  fusion  crossover  slash  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  morgana/gwen  gwen/morgana  femslash  fluff  author:lisztful  angst  nc-17  arthur/lancelot  underthetuscansun 
august 2010 by ashtree22
A Study in Gold by new_kate
Merlin/Sherlock Holmes fusion where Merlin is Holmes and Arthur is Watson.
fic  slash  au  fusion  crossover  merlin  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  morgana  gwen  gen  pg  humour 
august 2010 by ashtree22
Leased by riventhorn
For the prompt: In the fashion described regarding the treatment of Damane in "The Wheel of Time," rather than killing all sorcerers, Uther has a select few "leashed" and enslaved to the service of his armies. Merlin is leashed and Arthur is his master.
fic  merlin  au  fusion  h/c  hurt/comfort  bondage  bdsm  angst  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  bottom!merlin  hurt!merlin  protective!arthur  nc-17  slash  kink  author:riventhorn 
july 2010 by ashtree22
Raise Your Hopeful Voice by bhsbaby
Cas is the quiet Religious kid who has the voice of an angel. Sam is the smart kid who wants to be noticed and get a
girlfriend and thinks glee is the only way to go. Dean is his jock brother who joins to support him, much to his own chagrin.
fic  spn  supernatural  crack  crack!fic  slash  au  fusion  firsttime  glee  fusionchallenge2009  castiel/dean 
june 2010 by ashtree22
The One With The Step-Father and the Son Who Is In Love by crazyboutremmy
That Merlin was upset was only natural – Gaius would have been even more worried if he wasn’t, the child had loved his mother fiercely.
fic  merlin  au  fusion  loveactually  cute  kid!fic  gen  fluff  slash  sweet  romance  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  christmas  pg-13  author:crazyboutremmy 
june 2010 by ashtree22
A Study in Natural Philosophy by mad_maudlin
It's not unusual for people to hide their daemons. Merlin, however, seems to be taking it a little far.
fic  merlin  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  slash  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  action  au  drama  author:mad_maudlin  favourite  pg-13 
june 2010 by ashtree22
Full Disclosure by laytoncolt (nixa_jane)
"People have fallen in love in weirder ways. I just can't think of any of them right now."
fic  au  brendan/emmett  crossover  hewligan  laytoncolt  sg1  sga  thoughtcrimes  fusion  boa-vs-python/thoughtcrimes  humour 
april 2010 by ashtree22
An Ever-Fixed Mark by imperfectcircle
Fusion with Ursula le Guin's planet O. In a world with very different marriage rules, a noble wedding and a magical threat still can't make Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana talk about their feelings.
fic  merlin  slash  au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  het  crossover  gwen/morgana  arthur/gwen  arthur/merlin/gwen/morgana  merlin/arthur/morgana/gwen  ot4  fusion  femslash  author:imperfectcircle 
february 2010 by ashtree22
If You Can't Dance to This, It Doesn't Matter by striped_fic
Jim gets to know the new kid at school. He's a little strange, but so is Jim, so it works out.
fic  slash  startrek  au  kirk/spock  gen  pg-13  startrekxi  pg  friendship  spock  fusion  author:waketosleep  highschool!au  startrek2009  jimkirk 
february 2010 by ashtree22
Overboard by shiny_starlight
Finally an "Overboard" fusion. When single father Merlin Emerson discovers that the man who denied him thousands of dollars that was his due has gotten amnesia, he seizes his chance for revenge by pretending to be his husband. The joke is on him though when he realises that Arthur Pennington is possibly even more wonderful that he ever could have imagined...
fic  slash  merlin  humour  au  nc-17  merlin/arthur  r  romance  amnesia  merlin/will  long  reel!merlin  arthur/sophia  author:shiny_starlight  fusion  firsttime 
december 2009 by ashtree22
For Worse or For Better by anna_zee
Faced with deportation due to a rejected visa application, Arthur cajoles his reluctant assistant Merlin into a sham wedding. He winds up getting something he never expected.
fic  angst  humour  merlin  merlin/arthur  sweet  slash  pining!arthur  pining!merlin  morgana  gaius  hunith  oblivious!arthur  fusion  proposal 
september 2009 by ashtree22
The Specifics of Vulcan Daemons by tinocka
Fusion with Pullman's His Dark Materials books. Vulcan daemons don't settle until their Vulcan has bonded with a lifemate and the crew of the Enterprise is betting on what type of animal Spock's daemon will choose.
slash  startrek  au  firsttime  st:reboot  gen  kirk/spock  crossover  chekov  pining!kirk  bond  fusion  hisdarkmaterials  tinocka 
august 2009 by ashtree22
The Sound of Science by le mot mo
The Sound of Music meets SGA.
Rodney McKay wants nothing more than to be a monk, but before he can he has one last task to complete...tutoring Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard's children.
fic  sga  AU  slash  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  mcshep  FirstTime  humour  kid!fic  earthside  lauracadman  harlequin  lemotmo  fusion 
october 2008 by ashtree22

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