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Found In Translation by Almighty_Hat
Owen Grady speaks Raptor, but it's a language he learned through immersion, the same way his girls learned English. Owen Grady also speaks Parseltongue, but that's because he's a wizard passing as a muggle. It doesn't change a lot about his work, until it really, really changes a lot about his work.
fic  jurassicworld  fusion  HarryPotter  owengrady  clairedearing  au  author:almighty_hat 
25 days ago by ashtree22
your smile speaks books to me by laiqualaurelote
Aziraphale's bookshop becomes accidentally famous on Instagram, to his great distress. Since Crowley invented Instagram, it's also his problem.
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  crowley  newtpulsifer  anathemadevice  ineffablehusbands  Aziraphale/Crowley  author:laiqualaurelote 
5 weeks ago by ashtree22
Aftermath by sheffiesharpe
Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

This is part one of an epic, fantastic Lestrade/Mycroft story.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  lestrade  lestrade/mycroft  mycroftholmes  john/sherlock  johnwatson  anthea  slowbuild  epic  series  author:sheffiesharpe  favourite 
7 weeks ago by ashtree22
Words Cannot Espresso How Much You Bean to Me by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)
“You’re late,” Derek informed him coldly, jaw clenched. He barely even moved his mouth to speak. This guy was seriously scary.

And because Stiles was suicidal, he said, “No, I’m Stiles.”

The look he got could’ve curdled milk. Stiles even noticed that Derek’s muscles were tensing, arms bulging even more and wow this guy was scary and hot but mostly scary holy shit.

“You’re not funny,” Derek informed him coldly.

Stiles shrugged. “I think that’s a matter of opinion.”

aka coffeeshop, weres are known au
fic  teenwolf  slash  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  peterhale  ericareyes  vernonboyd  boyd/erica  isaaclahey  scottmccall  sheriffstilinski  coffeeshopau  contemporary!au  cute  angst 
7 weeks ago by ashtree22
The Habits of a Lifetime by out_there
The idea of Sherlock and Eurus connecting over music, over anything, is terrifying. Mycroft has spent decades watching over Sherlock, talking about their fictional family dog and the myth of the east wind, trying to protect Sherlock from the things he doesn’t remember. He’s worried about Sherlock and stood guard over Eurus, and been worse than useless in the end. He was complicit. While he thought he was juggling both threats, maintaining enough control over the situation to keep everyone safe (mostly Sherlock, but the rest of the world as well), he had allowed the threat to escalate.

In which Mycroft is not an easy man to know and an even harder one to look after. Fortunately, Lestrade is diligent and determined, and knows how to pay attention to people. Where family comes with obligations, but it also cares, even when you don't want them around. Where life mostly goes as expected, but sometimes has unanticipated joys.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  slash  lestrade/mycroft  lestrade  mycroftholmes  johnwatson  john/sherlock  family  author:out_there 
10 weeks ago by ashtree22
A Better Idea by copperbadge
Crowley sleeps for five days, eats pancakes, and is brave enough for both of them.
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  author:copperbadge  favourite  comfort 
august 2019 by ashtree22
all i need, darling, is a life in your shape by deadgreeks
After everything, Aziraphale and Crowley, by unspoken agreement, begin sharing their lives.
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  anathemadevice  adamyoung  angst  fluff  domestic  author:deadgreeks 
july 2019 by ashtree22
the deft, sweet gesture of your hand by deadgreeks
Crowley arrives injured at Aziraphale's door. He takes care of him, reads him an awful lot of Mary Oliver, and knits elaborate metaphors for his insecurities (literally).
fic  goodomens  crowley  aziraphale  Aziraphale/Crowley  pining  knitting  author:deadgreeks 
july 2019 by ashtree22
Pride Goeth by triedunture
Aziraphale and Crowley end up with a kid. It's mostly Crowley's fault. Happy Pride!
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  crowley  aziraphale/crowley  author:trieduntrue 
july 2019 by ashtree22
Family by Association by otherhawk
Warlock Dowling is over-dramatic, insecure and inclined towards running away, which makes sense since he was primarily raised by a certain over-dramatic demon. After the apocalypse Warlock heads home to England to find his nanny.
fic  goodomens  crowley  aziraphale  warlockdowling  postcanon  h/c  foundfamily 
july 2019 by ashtree22
By Definition by idiopathicsmile
Aziraphale has certainly dabbled in the world of carnal delights over the years, most notably in the late nineteenth century, when a certain infernal adversary was enjoying a century-long nap and seemingly the only way to pass the time had been to develop some hobbies.
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  crowley  aziraphale/crowley  asexuality  asexual!aziraphale 
july 2019 by ashtree22
Fashion Victim by enjambament
“Out of all the ways I saw this going, Bucky rescuing us with insightful fashion commentary was just not even on the list,” Nat said as they walked out of the recording studio.

Hill and Coulson come up with an ingenious plan to show the world that S.H.E.I.L.D. can sort themselves out by sending Steve, Bucky and Nat on a whirlwind press tour. It doesn't go that well, but Bucky does defuse a bomb at the Met Gala and save Rihanna's life. Somewhere in there, he possibly saves his own life too.
fic  avengers  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  bucky/steve  natasharomanoff  tonystark  darcylewis  philcoulson  mariahill  samwilson  shuri  author:enjambament  comingout 
june 2019 by ashtree22
Paradigm Shift by missgoalie75
In which after saving the universe, Peter and Scott become friends and it weirdly enough shakes up the Avengers.
fic  avengers  avengersendgame  peterparker  scottlang  steverogers  tonystark  auntmay  hopevandyne  au  author:missgoalie75 
may 2019 by ashtree22
see you tomorrow by crosspolination
“Don’t I get a special goodnight?”
Tony gives him a stare that’s both fond and 'wow, you’re really gonna do this, kid?'
“How about…” Tony stops to think about it, hand on the doorknob. “See you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow?” Peter echoes back. “That’s so basic, Mr. Stark. I see you play favorites.”
Tony laughs. “Anyway. See you tomorrow, kid.”

In which Peter gets his own version of "I love you 3000."
fic  avengers  avengersendgame  peterparker  tonystark  morganstark  pepperpotts  fixit  family  author:crosspolination 
may 2019 by ashtree22
In My End Is Your Beginning by Destina
In which Peter visits Tony's workshop after the memorial service.
fic  marvel  avengers  gen  tonystark  peterparker  harleykeener  pepperpotts  shuri  endgame  author:destina 
may 2019 by ashtree22
All Hail the Underdogs by xiaq
Lucifer was an angel once.

That’s what Nursey thinks, the first time he sees William Poindexter.

Because the boy is beautiful even though he shouldn’t be. Even though he’s doubtless the kind of person who would punch you in the face if you said the words “you” and “beautiful” to him in the same sentence.

His skin is choked with freckles. It’s potentially more freckle than skin. Not just his face, where his nose and cheekbones are so hyper-pigmented they look tanned, but his collarbones and forearms and knuckles. The close-shaved dark ginger stubble of his hair should make his ears look too big or his mouth too wide but instead it accentuates the long curve of his throat, the cup of velvet skin between the tendons in the back of his neck.

“You’re the new defenseman?” Nursey asks. “William Poindexter?”

And the boy turns around and considers him with what might be contempt but what might just be the way his face looks and says, “Yeah?” like its a challenge.

And Nursey thinks:

Oh no.
fic  slash  checkplease  dex/nursey  dereknurse  williampoindexter  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  author:xiaq  highschool!au  au 
april 2019 by ashtree22
The Lie In Which You Linger by flowersheep
Series 4 AU. In which Arthur ends up courting Merlin instead of Gwen.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  au  slash  arthur/merlin  arthurpendragon  gwen  morgana  gaius  elyan  gwaine  percival  author:flowersheep 
march 2019 by ashtree22
That was Then, This is Now by KouriArashi
Chris sits back in his chair, not even sure what to do or say, wondering suddenly and abstractly how he had wound up here, sitting in this nursing home with his first – well. He couldn’t call Peter his first love, precisely – what was between them hadn’t been the sort of thing they had ever put labels on, but damn it, it had been something. And not just the hormones of two teenaged boys, largely sheltered from the rest of the world. He had found himself inexplicably drawn to Peter, so even if they spent months apart, the next time they saw each other, it was as if no time had passed at all.
fic  teenwolf  au  chrisargent  peterhale  chris/peter  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  corahale  sheriffstilinski  melissamccall  scottmccall  allisonargent  allison/scott  family  author:kouriarashi 
march 2019 by ashtree22
Adult Wolf by KouriArashi
As if Sheriff Stilinski doesn't have enough to deal with, now he's been attacked by some enormous dog in the forest, and that's normal compared to what happens next...

Seasons one and two retelling with Sheriff Stilinski being bitten instead of Scott.
fic  teenwolf  au  sheriffstilinski  peterhale  derekhale  stilesstilinski  scottmccall  melissamccall  allisonargent  chrisargent  ericareyes  vernonboyd  isaaclahey  peterhale/sheriffstilinski  allison/scott  family  author:kouriarashi 
march 2019 by ashtree22
Stained Glass Windows by KouriArashi
Peter survives the fire and suddenly finds himself trying to raise children with only a vague notion of what he's doing, while trying to cope with his own grief and find his family's murderer. He ends up turning to Chris Argent for help, and nothing goes as expected.
fic  teenwolf  slash  chrisargent  peterhale  chris/peter  derekhale  allisonargent  corahale  laurahale  sheriffstilinski  stilesstilinski  melissamccall  scottmccall  au  family  author:kouriarashi 
march 2019 by ashtree22
all the pain of yesterday by Spikedluv
Chris retires from hunting and moves back to Beacon Hills with Allison.

Or, a rewrite of early season one.

[I had no idea I needed a fic where Chris, Peter, Melissa and the Sheriff were old high school friends until I read this.]
fic  teen  slash  chrisargent  peterhale  sheriffstilinski  melissamccall  chris/peter  stilesstilinski  derekhale  allisonargent  scottmccall  au  author:spikedluv 
march 2019 by ashtree22
there's a ritual for that by Spikedluv
Six months after Derek and Cora leave Beacon Hills, Stiles gets a text from Cora – they’re in trouble and need help. Turns out that Derek is being wooed by a neighboring pack. The Alpha remembers his mother fondly and would love to have a Hale in her pack. Especially if that means she might breed in the ability to change into a full wolf. And she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer, even when Derek lies and tells her that he already has a mate.

Except Derek didn’t lie. When Stiles shows up to help with the emergency, he inadvertently discovers that he is Derek’s mate. Stiles tries not to think about it (he knows that the mate bond isn’t written in stone, just look at Scott and Allison) as he (and Lydia, and Deaton) research mates and the challenges to the mate bond (because, of course there’s a ritual for that) and try to keep the Alpha of the Palmer pack from discovering Stiles’ connection to Derek.

Throw in the monkey wrench of Peter showing up, and Stiles starting to have feelings, and Derek sometimes looking at him like . . . Stiles doesn’t know, but he doesn’t hate it, and things begin to get a little bit complicated.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  corahale  scottmccall  sheriffstilinski  peterhale  allisonargent  author:spikedluv 
march 2019 by ashtree22
home isn't a place by Spikedluv
Ithaca, New York is known as a sanctuary within the supernatural community, and Cornell University is where creatures such as Kitsune and Selkies can safely attend college. Though Stiles doesn’t think he’s anything special (despite having a ‘spark’, whatever that is), he attends on Satomi’s recommendation; he wants to learn everything he can about the supernatural world so he can return to Beacon Hills and help Scott.

The last person Stiles expects to run into at Cornell is Derek Hale. Derek is gruff and grumpy, but despite that Stiles is drawn to him. When someone begins murdering supernatural students Laura Hale takes Stiles under her wing. Between attending class, hanging out with Kira, adopting a dog, and keeping score for the baseball team, Stiles investigates the deaths to figure out who’s killing his fellow students before he ends up a victim himself.

Through it all, Stiles learns the real meaning of ‘home’.
fic  teenwolf  au  college!au  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  laurahale  kira  scottmccall  sheriffstilinski  lydiamartin  author:spikedluv 
february 2019 by ashtree22
Where No Bittle Has Gone Before by orphan_account
Eric Bittle isn't the first half-Betazoid on a Starfleet ship, but those who came before him were not welcome, so he plans to keep what he is secret. It's not so easy, however, when he's assigned to the Falconer, under the newly appointed Captain Jack Zimmermann-- a person with a past, who does not appreciate weakness. Eric doesn't know if he can get past the icy exterior of his captain, but he's nothing if not stubborn.
fic  slash  crossover  fusion  checkplease  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  eric/jack  startrek  au  startrekau  shittyknight  angst  author:orphan_account 
february 2019 by ashtree22
The Samwell Job by HugeAlienPie
When an unscrupulous reporter outs Jack and Bitty, it should be just another day in sleazy tabloid journalism. Except that Eliot Spencer owes Bad Bob Zimmermann a favor.
fic  crossover  leverage  checkplease  slash  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  eric/jack  alechardison  eliotspencer  parker  alec/eliot/parker  nursey/dex  shittyknight  larissaduan  dereknurse  williampoindexter  nateford  sophie  au  comingout  author:hugealienpie 
february 2019 by ashtree22
Dudeliet and His Bromeo by HugeAlienPie
Stiles and Bitty think the Samwell hockey-lacrosse rivalry is absurd. They won't let it keep them from being friends—no matter what Shitty, Jack, or any number of Chads have to say about it.

~I did not know I needed this in my life but I really really did. Make sure to go on and read the sequel.
fic  slash  crossover  teenwolf  checkplease  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  shittyknight  eric/jack  au  comingout  angst  favourite  author:hugealienpie 
february 2019 by ashtree22
Once Upon a Dream by gryvon
Stiles has been dreaming of the Hale family burning alive since he was a child. After being locked in Eichen for a year, Stiles learns to keep his visions to himself. That doesn't stop him from keeping an eye on Derek Hale while he waits for Kate Argent to make her move. Only watching Derek becomes loving Derek and stopping Derek and Kate from getting together turns into Stiles dating Derek Hale. He's in love with Derek but his visions haven't stopped, only now he has to watch Derek die with the rest of his family. He'll do anything to keep that dream from becoming reality.
teenwolf  slash  fic  au  derekhale  derek/stiles  stilesstilinski  scottmccall  ericareyes  corahale  laurahale  vernonboyd  sheriffstilinski  psychic!stiles  angst  author:gryvon 
february 2019 by ashtree22
From the Hinge of the Tail by uniqueinalltheworld
It wasn’t that Jack was an unreasonable person, of course. He understood how things were supposed to work, that there was an order to them, and that deviations from that order led to problems that ranged from “Top NHL Draft Prospect Drops Out of Hockey, Drops in to Rehab” to “this might be a little hard to explain.” It was just that Eric Bittle made him forget that order.
Okay, I love this for both Bitty/Jack's relationship and Jack/Shitty's friendship.
fic  slash  checkplease  jackzimmerman  shittyknight  ericbittle  eric/jack  author:uniqueinalltheworld 
january 2019 by ashtree22
Positive Image by twentysomething
When Bittle first showed up at a meeting with management, sitting next to Sara with wide, scared eyes, Jack didn't think he had a chance in hell. Sara hired new assistants all the time, most of whom barely made it through a season.
fic  checkplease  slash  au  jackzimmerman  ericbittle  eric/jack  shittyknight  author:twentysomething 
january 2019 by ashtree22
through the crowd by kirkaut
The notification sound isn’t the one that he’s got assigned to Jack, which is why he doesn’t feel any panic when Holster hums an agreement and leans over to peer at Bitty’s phone screen.

At least, not until Holster says his name in the tone of a person with a slowly growing suspicion. “Bitty,” he says, very expectantly. “Who is ‘Good Robert’, and why is he blowing up your phone?”
fic  slash  checkplease  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  holster  eric/jack  fluff  angst  comingout  author:kirkaut  humour 
january 2019 by ashtree22
move together by kirkaut
He nearly slips up a handful of times, mentions of something Bitty did or Bitty said dancing on the tip of his tongue. He lets a couple loose, figuring it isn't unusual for two former teammates and good friends to keep in touch, but he has to stop himself from starting a couple of sentences with, "The last time Bits was here..."
fic  slash  checkplease  jackzimmerman  ericbittle  eric/jack  shittyknight  misunderstandings  miscommunication  angst  author:kirkaut 
january 2019 by ashtree22
only fools rush in by decinq
“I don’t want to get you into trouble,” Kent said. Shitty shook his head.

“No trouble,” he said, and clapped a hand between Kent’s shoulders.
fic  checkplease  slash  shittyknight  kentparson  kent/shitty  accidentalmarriage  jackzimmerman  author:decinq 
january 2019 by ashtree22
Gathering the Honey by what_alchemy
Hope bears Sherlock to John's door, twenty-five years after the fall.
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  sherlock/john  canondivergence  author:what_alchemy  lovely 
december 2018 by ashtree22
That Which You Cannot Undo by uraneia
By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It's a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.
fic  teenwolf  slash  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  scottmccall  kirayukimura  kira/scott  jackson/lydia  jacksonwhittemore  allisonargent  fusion  practicalmagic  magic!stiles  author:uraneia 
november 2018 by ashtree22
Double Blind by smilebackwards
Matt comes to, flat on his back, with Iron Man and Hawkeye hovering over him. “Oh fuck,” Stark says, less than comfortingly.
fic  daredevil  avengers  mcu  mattmurdock  foggynelson  foggy/matt  tonystark  steverogers  natasharomanoff  brucebanner  clintbarton  humour  secretidentity  author:smilebackwards 
november 2018 by ashtree22
Audience: 822,000 and Homeland Security by WerewolvesAreReal
Hardison starts a live-stream for Dragon Age to show off his new mods. And he kicks ass. But his viewers are actually a bit more concerned about the angry guy in the background of his videos, and the blond chick who keeps peering through his windows.

"Is this some kind of performance art," asks peskytroll341.
fic  leverage  gen  humour  alechardison  eliotspencer  parker  author:werewolvesarereal 
november 2018 by ashtree22
To Have and to Hold by KouriArashi
“Yes, well, you see . . .” Deucalion cleared his throat again. “In an effort for authenticity, the writer used an actual binding ceremony in the script. The casting director, wanting to make sure it was pronounced correctly, found an actual shaman to perform it. He did so.”

“You – you mean – are you saying that Derek and I are actually married?” Stiles managed to squeeze out of his rapidly closing throat.
fic  teenwolf  slash  au  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  vernonboyd  ericareyes  sheriffstilinski  author:kouriarashi 
november 2018 by ashtree22
The Crown of the Summer Court by astolat
"The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  au  arthurpendragon  arthur/merlin  gwen  morgana  uther  gaius  elves  author:astolat 
october 2018 by ashtree22
Coming of Age by astolat
"I have called you to give you a warning," the dragon said. "A red moon rises over Camelot this night. The Wild Hunt will ride."

Merlin is the son of the king of the Wild Hunt, and today is his naming day.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  arthurpendragon  gaius  gwen  au  author:astolat 
october 2018 by ashtree22
just a fool who's willing by gottalovev
In Wakanda Steve learns about Spider-Man's adventures. It prompts him to text Tony, to make sure the kid is all right, and slowly a dialog starts. Who knows, they might get to fix things after all.
fic  marvel  steverogers  tonystark  preslash  clintbarton  samwilson  scottlang  fixit  author:gottalovev 
october 2018 by ashtree22
According to Plans by eldee
Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn't have to pretend at all. (Or: in which Stiles' plan for senior year is completely ruined by a supernatural creature stalking him.)
fic  slash  teenwolf  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  jacksonwhittemore  dannymahealani  scottmccall  allisonargent  allison/scott  sheriffstilinski  chrisargent  mrsmccall  fakerelationship  jackson/lydia  isaaclahey  ericareyes  vernonboyd  au  author:eldee 
october 2018 by ashtree22
Save a Horse, Ride a Captain by galwednesday
Bucky tapped him on the shoulder, swaying back and forth a little as he waited for the man to turn around. “Hello,” he said, and then promptly forgot what else he was going to say, because this guy was fucking beautiful. “Wow. Good face.”

Two of the guy’s friends, a man wearing a suit that fit so well it had to be bespoke and a man with a cute little gap between his front teeth, started cracking up. The petite redhead sitting next to them cocked her head to the side and pulled her phone out of her handbag. Beautiful Face just looked kind of pained, so Bucky redirected. He was a gentleman. He could take a hint. No hitting on beautiful guys who were uncomfortable with that sort of thing, no matter how lickable their jawlines were.

“Hello,” he repeated, doing his best to mind his manners. “I’m very sorry to bother you. Can I have a piggy-back ride?”
fic  avengers  captainamerica  buckybarnes  steverogers  bucky/steve  tonystark  dumdumdugan  jimmorita  natasharomanoff  samwilson  humour  meetcute  author:galwednesday 
september 2018 by ashtree22
we wear the same masks by theappleppielifestyle
Tony wants to grab this guy by the shoulders and shake him. There’s clearly something underneath the surface of this bumbling idiot Clark Kent pretends to be. After years of wearing a mask, you learn to recognize your fellow pretenders.

Finally, after minutes on end of trying to get the guy to slip up, Tony cuts to the chase. “Hey, how do you feel about Bruce Wayne?”

(Or, Steve believes that Bruce Wayne and Tony are dating and Tony wants to find out more about this new guy Bruce is actually dating. Meanwhile, Bruce and Clark are happy to sit and watch this unfold.)
fic  avengers  justiceleague  tonystark  brucebanner  steverogers  clarkkent  steve/tony  bruce/clark  humour  crossover  author:theapplepielifestyle 
september 2018 by ashtree22
we will meet in another life by theappleppielifestyle
Tony is there instead of Howard during Project Rebirth. He ends up following Steve into the Howling Commandos, into the Atlantic ocean and into the 21st century.
fic  slash  avengers  captainamerica  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  peggycarter  buckybarnes  author:theapplepielifestyle 
september 2018 by ashtree22
Superbros! series by AlchemyAlice
Snippets of the friendship between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

I love stories that have Bruce and Tony as loving, sarcastic friends.
fic  avengers  ironman  batman  justiceleague  tonystark  brucebanner  author:alchemyalice 
september 2018 by ashtree22
(what is hate) but jilted love by LemonGrenade
After a messy mission, Tony winds up injured and unfit for duty. To keep the press and anyone else overly interested in the current post-Accords Avengers unaware, Tony elects to hide from the public eye at his cabin in the Canadian wilderness. His plan is simple: lay low and work on his projects until he's recovered enough to make it back.

And then Steve shows up.
fic  avengers  post-civilwar  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  rhodey  fixit  author:lemongrenade 
september 2018 by ashtree22
while vigil you're keeping (through rain and storm) by spacenarwhal
“You owe me a scarf asshole.” Jessica shoots back, kicking her legs up, feet braced against the base of the bed.

Matt snorts and that hurts—sirens and monitors and rushing feet, panicked voices, hearts, so many hearts, going fast, slowing down, stopping, going still, hundreds of hearts in his ears—and he clenches his hands tight as though that’ll help him hold on to himself.

“I hate hospitals.” Matt says raggedly, sharper than he means to, and Jessica squeezes the handrail so tightly the metal creaks.

"Yeah.” She agrees mildly, “They blow."
fic  daredevil  slash  establishedrelationship  mattmurdock  foggynelson  foggy/matt  jessicajones  knitting  clairetemple  hurt/comfort 
july 2018 by ashtree22
Even My Phone Misses Your Call by rainbowninja167
Steve makes it all the way to Ohio before conceding that the post-Chitauri road trip might’ve been a mistake.

Or, ten times Steve has to call Tony to come pick him up.
fic  avengers  tentimes  slash  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  mcu  author:rainbowninja167 
july 2018 by ashtree22
You Rained On My Parade by ifeelbetter
Ever since his accident in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark ended his Broadway career (and his marriage), Wade has worked as a script doctor. When his ex passes along Stryfe: The Musical for his help, Wade isn't expecting to hear back from the playwright. So he changed it from a grimdark manpain extravaganza to a rom-com about a couple and their rebellious son, that's no reason for Nate to be this angry.
fic  deadpool  deadpool2  slash  au  broadway!au  nathansummers  wadewilson  nathansummers/wadewilson  piotrrasputin  elliephimister  author:ifeelbetter 
july 2018 by ashtree22
Hope is the thing with feathers by ShanaStoryteller
Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.
fic  teenwolf  slash  au  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  slowbuild  scottmccall  laurahale  corahale  taliahale  lydiamartin  jacksonwhittemore  dannymahealani  peterhale  magic!stiles  everyonelives  author:shanastoryteller 
june 2018 by ashtree22
Snark and Presumption by tobeconspicuous
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a husband.”

“I’m pretty sure Austen said wife not husband.”

“It’s the principle of the thing, now go get him.”

Or the Pride and Prejudice!au I didn't know I wanted.
fic  lawandorder  lawandorder:svu  carisi  barba  barba/carisi  janeausten!au  rollins  amaro  ritacalhoun  author:tobeconspicuous 
june 2018 by ashtree22
For Every Good Reason by Robin Hood (kjack89)
“Apparently, the powers that be at 1PP, 1 Hogan Place and City Hall think it would be good PR if you and I were to maintain the fictional relationship alluded to in the Journal profile,” Barba said.

Carisi gaped at him. “Is this a joke?”

Barba rolled his eyes. “God, I wish it was,” he muttered.
fic  slash  lawandorder:svu  svu  carisi  barba  barba/carisi  oliviabenson  rollins  fin  fakerelationship  author:robinhood 
june 2018 by ashtree22
Repeat Your Favorite Mistakes And Love Them All Again by watchingthestars13
"Oh dear," came Alfred's surprised voice from the stairs, and all of them turned to look at him. His face was a little pale as he stared at all the boys, Jason's huge t-shirt, Tim's dress, Damian wrapped in a spare cape that was in the batmobile. At least Dick was able to fit into Tim's Red Robin pants, and Jason in Damian's Robin pants.
Had Bruce been a lesser man, he would've said 'dear god, help'. All it took now was for their eyes to meet before Alfred composed himself.
fic  batman  superman  family  batfamily  dc  brucewayne  clarkkent  bruce/clark  dickgrayson  timdrake  kon-el  jasontodd  damianwayne  alfred  wonderwoman  cassandracain  deaging  fluff  domestic  author:watchingthestars13 
may 2018 by ashtree22
Something Smart to Do by kianspo
In which Jim finds himself fake-married to his first officer every other month. It's not his fault. Mostly. Dowries and Klingons are involved. Starfleet is decidedly not amused.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  jimkirk  spock  mccoy  uhura  kirk/spock  chekov  sulu  humour  author:kianspo  fakerelationship 
may 2018 by ashtree22
The Most Amazing Things (Some Terrible Lie) by copperbadge
Tony's decision not to reveal his identity as Iron Man to the world was shrewd and calculated. Too bad it's about to backfire on him like a Jericho missile.

Or where the MCU meets 616
fic  avengers  slash  steverogers  tonystark  pepperpotts  natasharomanoff  clintbarton  brucebanner  thor  steve/tony  au  secretidentity  author:copperbadge 
may 2018 by ashtree22
Where James Rhodes Imparts a Basic Fact and Tony Stark is Every College Student's Hero by cosmicocean
The way Rhodey tells it, Tony loses his shit.
Tony disagrees. He would argue that he, in a calculated way, expressed his concerns in an animated manner.
Rhodey still says Tony loses his shit.
Tony knows Pepper believes Rhodey.

Where Tony finds out how much college tends to cost, and decides that something must be done.
fic  avengers  ironman  tonystark  rhodey  pepperpotts  fluff  tissue!warning  marvel  author:cosmicocean  fantastic 
march 2018 by ashtree22
The Genetic Soap Opera (or, One of the Less Dignified Royal Weddings) by waketosleep
Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  slash  jimkirk  spock  spock/kirk  uhura  bones  humour  au  author:waketosleep 
march 2018 by ashtree22
Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori
Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  john/sherlock  johnwatson  sherlockholmes  au  actor!au  author:mad_lori 
february 2018 by ashtree22
A Safe Prisoner of his Fate by out_there
Instinct told him that Captain Gregory Lestrade was a man he could trust. But how could this pirate, who had just stormed his ship, be a true man of honour? Captive on the high seas, with nowhere to run, curiously Mycroft Holmes had never felt more free. If he returned to rigid society he'd become an old man's unwilling husband. If he stayed with Lestrade, the captain had made it abundantly clear he would become his more than willing lover…
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  au  pirate!au  lestrade  mycroftholmes  mycroft/lestrade  lestrade/mycroft  johnwatson  author:out_there 
february 2018 by ashtree22
Save a Horse, Ride a Captain by galwednesday
Bucky tapped him on the shoulder, swaying back and forth a little as he waited for the man to turn around. “Hello,” he said, and then promptly forgot what else he was going to say, because this guy was fucking beautiful. “Wow. Good face.”

Two of the guy’s friends, a man wearing a suit that fit so well it had to be bespoke and a man with a cute little gap between his front teeth, started cracking up. The petite redhead sitting next to them cocked her head to the side and pulled her phone out of her handbag. Beautiful Face just looked kind of pained, so Bucky redirected. He was a gentleman. He could take a hint. No hitting on beautiful guys who were uncomfortable with that sort of thing, no matter how lickable their jawlines were.

“Hello,” he repeated, doing his best to mind his manners. “I’m very sorry to bother you. Can I have a piggy-back ride?”
fic  captainamerica  avengers  buckybarnes  steverogers  bucky/steve  tonystark  natasharomanoff  samwilson  dumdumdugan  jimmorita  gabejones  howlingcommandos  au  humour  author:galwednesday 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Decimation by waldorph
Spock is pretty much doomed the minute Jane realizes that the fatshirt is incredibly slutty, and also regulation.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  jimkirk  spock  kirk/spock  genderswap  humour  bones  author:waldorph 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Tea Wolf by lazulisong
Fucking around the internet is what Stiles does best, okay.

For the prompt: Stiles has been fucking around on Adiago teas, thinking no one will come across his jokes.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  tea  author:lazulisong  humour 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Bluebird by waldorph
After the events of Beyond, Kirk's mom crashes his birthday party and everyone deals with what happened on the last mission.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  jimkirk  spock  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  mccoy  sulu  chekov  winonakirk  author:waldorph 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Muza by sara_holmes
Where Bucky decides that he does not have time for looking after a puppy because he can barely look after himself. Clint has other ideas.
fic  avengers  slash  buckybarnes  clintbarton  bucky/clint  steverogers  tonystark  natasharomanoff  samwilson  brucebanner  therapy  fluff  author:sara_holmes 
december 2017 by ashtree22
Assistant to the Consulting Detectives by idyll
Stiles is going to NYU and ends up working for Sherlock and Joan.

I'm not overly familiar with Elementary, but I love crossovers and this was great.
fic  teenwolf  elementary  stilesstilinski  sherlockholmes  joanwatson  derekhale  derek/stiles  crossover  author:idyll 
december 2017 by ashtree22
Unbroken by Piscaria
When Stiles starts getting sick, he assumes his appetite loss and lethargy stem from the darkness the Nemeton left in his heart. But soon enough, even he can’t deny that he’s showing the same symptoms his mom had. When he's forced to face the truth about his illness, Stiles finds himself making a choice he never thought he’d make.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  slash  sheriffstilinski  scottmccall  lydiamartin  melissamccall  werewolf!stiles  knotting  author:piscaria  angst 
december 2017 by ashtree22
Feel Good Inc by TheResurrectionist
Once a year, the Billionaire Orphans Club convenes for an evening of drinking and conversation. The criteria for membership is as follows:

i. One or more parent(s) deceased, preferably at the same time
ii. Copious amounts of money
iii. Depression/Anxiety (optional, but recommended)
IV. Your name cannot be ‘Lex Luthor’
fic  crossover  batman  avengers  tonystark  brucewayne  oliverqueen  humour  billionairebros 
november 2017 by ashtree22
The Sad Divorced Bastards Club by out_there
"Don't know if you're doing anything right now, but there's a few of us at Walker's on Craig's Court. Thought you might want to come down for a drink."

"Why would you think that?" Mycroft says disbelievingly.

"Because you qualify as a member of the sad divorced bastards club," Greg says as Anderson returns from the bar, and sets two glasses on the table. Greg knows how it feels to find yourself living alone again. How empty a flat can feel, and how hard it can be to remember who you are without that other person. He knows how loneliness can creep in. "Might as well attend a meeting."
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  lestrade  mycroftholmes  lestrade/mycroft  sherlockholmes  johnwatson  author:out_there 
november 2017 by ashtree22
A Secret History of Salt by Teaotter
Her face softens into something he can't read. "We stole you, you see, and we're not going to give you back."
fic  leverage  captainamerica  buckybarnes  wintersoldier  alechardison  eliotspencer  parker  alec/parker  au  crossover  author:teaotter 
october 2017 by ashtree22
An Ever-Fixed Mark by imperfectcircle
Fusion with Ursula le Guin's planet O. In a world with very different marriage rules, a noble wedding and a magical threat still can't make Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana talk about their feelings.
fic  bbcmerlin  fusion  arthur/merlin  arthur/gwen  merlin/morgana  gwen/morgana  arthur/gwen/merlin/morgana  author:imperfectcircle 
august 2017 by ashtree22
Righteous Among Nations by Ellidfics
Steve Rogers has just revealed his true nature to the crew of the USS Avenger. Now he waits to see their reaction...until he receives an unexpected visit, and learns that his past isn't as forgotten as he thought it was.

Missing scene for Straight on till Morning by Sineala.
fic  startrek  startrek:tos  avengers  marvel  steverogers  caroldanvers  hankpym  janvandyne  wandamaximoff  author:ellidfics 
july 2017 by ashtree22
Straight on till Morning by Sineala
Avengers comics meet Stark Trek TOS

Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he'd never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony's own design. What's more, the Avenger's captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive... and very, very attractive.

But nothing is ever easy for Tony. As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own -- and the truth could change everything.
fic  slash  avengers  startrek  startrek:tos  fusion  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  nickfury  janvandyne  hankpym  clintbarton  caroldanvers  wandamaximoff  pietromaximoff  rhodey  au  ptsd  h/c  author:sineala 
july 2017 by ashtree22
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