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According to Plans by eldee
Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn't have to pretend at all. (Or: in which Stiles' plan for senior year is completely ruined by a supernatural creature stalking him.)
fic  slash  teenwolf  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  jacksonwhittemore  dannymahealani  scottmccall  allisonargent  allison/scott  sheriffstilinski  chrisargent  mrsmccall  fakerelationship  jackson/lydia  isaaclahey  ericareyes  vernonboyd  au  author:eldee 
october 2018 by ashtree22
For Every Good Reason by Robin Hood (kjack89)
“Apparently, the powers that be at 1PP, 1 Hogan Place and City Hall think it would be good PR if you and I were to maintain the fictional relationship alluded to in the Journal profile,” Barba said.

Carisi gaped at him. “Is this a joke?”

Barba rolled his eyes. “God, I wish it was,” he muttered.
fic  slash  lawandorder:svu  svu  carisi  barba  barba/carisi  oliviabenson  rollins  fin  fakerelationship  author:robinhood 
june 2018 by ashtree22
Something Smart to Do by kianspo
In which Jim finds himself fake-married to his first officer every other month. It's not his fault. Mostly. Dowries and Klingons are involved. Starfleet is decidedly not amused.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  jimkirk  spock  mccoy  uhura  kirk/spock  chekov  sulu  humour  author:kianspo  fakerelationship 
may 2018 by ashtree22
tell all the truth (but tell it slant) by susiecarter
It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn't help as much as you might think.
fic  slash  batmanvssuperma  clarkkent  brucewayne  bruce/clark  loislane  marthakent  alfred  author:susiecarter  amazing  fakerelationship 
july 2017 by ashtree22
Strictly Business by breathtaken
Athos de la Fère is a workaholic acting CEO who needs to marry in a hurry so that he can fully inherit the family business; Charles d'Artagnan is recently graduated, with few prospects and even less direction in life. It's a marriage of convenience that quickly gets out of hand...
fic  themusketeers  slash  Athos/d'Artagnan  Aramis/Porthos  ConstanceBonacieux  Athos  d'Artagnan  Aramis  Porthos  marriageofconvenience  romance  fakerelationship  author:breathtaken  favourite  awesome 
february 2016 by ashtree22
What All This Time Was For by lady_ragnell
On the rare occasions he reminisces about high school Foggy kind of wonders if he isn't just filling in the worst parts of teen comedies.

Foggy goes to his high school reunion.
fic  daredevil  slash  mattmurdock  foggynelson  foggy/matt  karenpage  humour  fakerelationship  author:lady_ragnell 
august 2015 by ashtree22
Say You Will, Say You Won't by Traincat
Johnny Storm found him on a Friday afternoon, wearing the kind of beseeching look that filled Peter with dread.

“I need to ask you a favor,” he said.

“No,” Peter said, swinging away.
Peter and Johnny get married, really-not-really.
fic  spiderman  fantastifour  marvel  peterparker  johnnystorm  suestorm  fakerelationship  johnny/peter  reedrichards  steverogers  jessicadrew  comicverse  author:traincat 
may 2015 by ashtree22
A Hale for the Holidays by rlnerdgirl
"I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

“You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

Two things keep Stiles from bashing his face onto the table: there’s a steaming cup of coffee in the way and, more importantly, his dad will definitely hear. Someone passes by in front of him and a semi-familiar book cover catches his eye. “Derek Hale,” he muses, and stops. No. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  taliahale  laurahale  lydiamartin  scottmccall  kira  kira/scott  ericareyes  vernonboyd  fakerelationship  angst  cute  author:rlnerdgirl 
february 2015 by ashtree22
No Matter How Far Away You Roam by lady_ragnell
In which Merlin gets conned into spending Christmas with Arthur's family and pretending to be his husband, because somehow this is his life.
fic  merlin  bbcmerlin  slash  contemporary!au  arthur/merlin  pretendmarriage  arthurpendragon  ygraine  uther  morgana  freya  hunith  gaius  nimueh  morgause  christmas  fakerelationship  author:lady_ragnell  cute 
december 2013 by ashtree22
Love among the Hydrothermal Vents by DevilDoll
When Namor starts wooing Steve and insisting that they marry, Steve and Tony announce their engagement. Too bad it's fake.
fic  avengers  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  brucebanner  clintbarton  nickfury  namor  natasharomanoff  thor  fakerelationship  stalking  humour  author:devildoll 
november 2013 by ashtree22
The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights by Anonymous
He's watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he's still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he's blurting, "I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know."

How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It's not Stiles' fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists. It's also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can't find it until it's too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be.

Yeah, this could get bad.
fic  teenwolf  au  college!au  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  allison/scott  allisonargent  scottmccall  jackson/lydia  jacksonwhittemore  lydiamartin  laurahale  fakerelationship  cute  favourite  author:anonymous 
november 2012 by ashtree22

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