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Aftermath by sheffiesharpe
Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

This is part one of an epic, fantastic Lestrade/Mycroft story.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  lestrade  lestrade/mycroft  mycroftholmes  john/sherlock  johnwatson  anthea  slowbuild  epic  series  author:sheffiesharpe  favourite 
september 2019 by ashtree22
Turn by Saras_Girl
Adult Harry, unhappy in his circumstances, is given a glimpse of another life, a might have been, and has to decide what to do with that knowledge.
fic  HarryPotter  slash  het  Ginny/Harry  Draco/Harry  GinnyWeasley  DracoMalfoy  Hermione/Ron  HermioneGranger  RonWeasley  BlaiseZabini  Blaise/Ginny  AU  Epic 
may 2017 by ashtree22
What We Pretend We Can't See by gyzym
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
fic  HarryPotter  DracoMalfoy  Draco/Harry  HermioneGranger  RonWeasley  Hermione/Ron  Blaise  PansyParkinson  Kreacher  NevilleLongbottom  GinnyWeasley  Ginny/Neville  epic  favourite  amazing  author:gyzym 
march 2017 by ashtree22
Boyfriend from Gascony series by RobinLorin
Modern AU Athos/d'Artagnan series, wherein Athos is a private detective at the Musketeers Agency of Paris and d'Artagnan is training to be a cop in the police academy across the country. Meanwhile, Constance, Aramis, and Porthos don't really believe Athos when he says he does have a boyfriend in Gascony, okay??
fic  themusketeers  slash  athos/d'artagnan  porthos  aramis  treville  constance  athos  d'artagnan  flea  angst  epic  author:robinlorin 
february 2016 by ashtree22
to the sky without wings by leupagus
Poe dreams of a blue-green tree.

Or the Luke/Poe fic fandom you didn't know you wanted.
fic  starwars  preslash  poedameron  lukeskywalker  leiaorgana  hansolo  leia/han  chewbecca  r2d2  c3po  bensolo  luke/poe  epic  family  fantastic  author:leupagus  rarepair 
january 2016 by ashtree22
All the King's Horses by Revenant
MI6 has been compromised, at least one agent inside suspected of working for the criminal mastermind James Moriarty. Bond's assignment is simple: find the mole and resolve the situation. The only catch is that the mission requires something Bond doesn't have in abundance: computer skills. With all of Q-Branch under suspicion he must turn to outside sources, and Mycroft Holmes thinks he has the perfect solution: his youngest brother.

Or: the unholy merging of Reichenbach Falls and Skyfall, and their respective super-villains.
fic  sherlock  bond  crossover  slash  jamesbond  q  sherlockholmes  johnwatson  mycroftholmes  lestrade  anthea  drama  family  epic  author:revenant 
december 2015 by ashtree22
Winter's Children by Neery
When their attempts to recreate the super soldier serum failed, Hydra started trying to breed Captain America clones from his genetic samples. Unfortunately, the serum's effects aren't passed down genetically, so instead of an army of tiny Captain Americas, they get a bunch of tow-headed, asthmatic, allergic, immuno-compromised little Steves.

And then the Winter Soldier stumbles across Hydra's failed experiment...
fic  avengers  captainamerica2  buckybarnes  steverogers  kid!fic  slash  bucky/steve  tonystark  samwilson  natasharomanoff  clintbarton  philcoulson  mariahill  jarvis  angst  epic  hurt/comfort  clones  author:neery  favourite  amazing 
may 2015 by ashtree22
A Shot in the Dark by Silver_pup
When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body. Is this death? Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently.
fic  thehobbit  slash  au  fixit  timetravel  bilbobaggins  bilbo/thorin  thorinoakenshield  gandalf  kili  fili  dwalin  ori  balin  bifur  bofur  bombur  nori  dori  gloin  oin  thranduil  bardbowman  tauriel  legolas  beorn  dainironfoot  slowbuild  epic  author:silver_pup 
january 2015 by ashtree22
Twice Shy by sarkasticfics
The one where Bones is a werewolf and realizes that Jim is his mate the first time they meet. Not that he tells Jim.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  slash  jimkirk  leonardmccoy  kirk/mccoy  spock/uhura  spock  uhura  chekov  sulu  werewolf!au  au  nc-17  smut  epic  author:sarkasticfics  angst 
october 2013 by ashtree22
Even the Light is an Illusion by Mizzy
Tony's been receiving death threats, but whoever is behind it wants him to suffer before they kill him. So to save everyone he cares about, Tony fakes his own death. But it might cost him more than he imagined.
fic  avengers  slash  steve/tony  steverogers  tonystark  pepperpotts  logan  janvandyne  brucebanner  happyhogan  caroldanvers  lukecage  nickfury  mariahill  jarvis  ezekielstane  justinhammer  clintbarton  themandarine  reedrichards  suestorm  angst  fakecharacterdeath  author:mizzy  epic  long 
september 2013 by ashtree22
The Road Delivered Us Home by keelywolfe
In the years since Bilbo left Erebor, he has lost his respectability, gained a nephew, and gotten on with life at Bag End.

He'd left aside adventure for the comforts and peace of his little Hobbit hole, and for the love of a child who needed him. Though perhaps, adventures can yet find him.
fic  au  thorinoakenshield  bilbobaggins  frodobaggins  bilbo/thorin  dwalin  hamfastgamgee  samwisegamgee  pippintook  merrybrandybuck  angst  humour  domestic  author:keelywolfe  epic  fixit  canonicalcharacterdeath  thehobbit 
september 2013 by ashtree22
Only Good For Legends: Chapter One by leupagus
AU where Spock becomes a homicide detective "transferred" to Iowa and meets Jim Kirk, local delinquent.

Fantastic story, though I wish the chapters were set up as actual chapters rather than individual stories.
fic  startrek:reboot  startrek:xi  au  slash  kirk/spock  jimkirk  spock  detective!spock  leonardmccoy  amandagrayson  amanda/leonard  spock/uhura  uhura  christopherpike  winonakirk  samkirk  spock!prime  tpring  epic  author:leupagus 
january 2013 by ashtree22
By Any Other Name by entanglednow
He doesn't know his name, he doesn't know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he's on the run with. But he's pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it.

Or the one where Derek and Stiles both get amnesia and then start living episodes of "Supernatural" but without the incestuous overtones.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  amnesia  angst  author:entangled_now  epic 
november 2012 by ashtree22
Pet by LadyVader
Arthur is in his final year of high school and finds himself entirely too interested in the new English teacher. Entirely inspired by the Police lyrics ‘Sometimes it’s not so easy to be the teacher’s Pet’.
fic  inception  slash  au  arthur/eames  highschool!au  ariadne/yusuf  fischer  cobb/mal  nash  nc-17  angst  ofage!student/teacher  epic  long  author:ladyvader  fantastic 
june 2012 by ashtree22
Sidekick by Closer
If Mike Ross had turned left while running from the cops with a briefcase full of pot, he might have ended up in the Harvard interviews for Pearson Hardman's new personal associate to Harvey Specter.

But instead he turned right, and ended up at MIT's interviews for Tony Stark's new gofer.
fic  avengers  suits  suitsmeme  crossover  mike/tony  steverogers  brucebanner  clintbarton  thor  pepperpotts  jarvis  angst  epic  author:closer  natasharomanoff  philcoulson  nickfury  happyhogan  humour  preslash 
february 2012 by ashtree22
Leave No Soul Behind by whochick
Jim Kirk has had enough of bs Starfleet politics and joins Spock's band of kickass space EMTs.
The plot moves a little slowly at points but it's totally worth it.
fic  startrek:reboot  startrek:xi  slash  kirk/spock  leonardmccoy  chekov  sulu  uhura  christopherpike  angst  epic  long  nero  au 
october 2011 by ashtree22
Evolution by rhaegal
The Enterprise's first mission under the (official) captaincy of James T. Kirk.
fic  startrek  st:reboot  startrekxi  slash  angst  nc-17  spock/kirk  kirk/spock  mccoy  uhura  sulu  chekov  gaila  epic  pining!kirk  oblivious!spock  sarek  pike 
may 2011 by ashtree22
Rapture by Mia Ugly
Snape sees the man, for the first time, on his twenty-fifth birthday.
One of the best HP fics I've ever read.
fic  HarryPotter  slash  angst  snarry  timetravel  harry/snape  snape/harry  harry/ginny  ron/hermione  epic  hurt/comfort  mcgonagall  luciusmalfoy  favourite  awesome  tissue!warning  dumbledore  severussnape 
march 2011 by ashtree22
...In Thunder, Lightning, or Rain? by Blue Gold
Immediately after Nimeuh's death, future Merlin appears before current Merlin to warn him that the future is dark and that he needs to change his destiny.
fic  merlin  au  nc-17  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  morgana  gwen  lancelot  uther  gaius  slash  magic!revealed  merlin/morgana  gwen/lancelot  lancelot/merlin  jealousy  sirkay  epic  hurt/comfort  under-the-influence  pining!merlin  oblivious!arthur  sweet  amazing  awesome 
march 2011 by ashtree22
The Break-Even Point by faye_dartmouth
Turk knows that reality is mostly perception, and the fact is he doesn't know how to separate Danny Williams from Turk Malloy anymore. The lines are blurred and the guise is deeper than the reality. He's not one or the other, but he's a little of both.
fic  crossover  gen  h50  oceans11  dannywilliams  awesome  favourite  hawaiifive0  epic  angst  rachel  gracewilliams 
february 2011 by ashtree22
Easy There by syllic
Arthur is an Oxford Blue. Merlin is an Oxford cox. Lancelot is Merlin's romantic-dalliance-loving friend. Morgana is horribly clever; Gwen is cleverly waiting for Lancelot to grow up. Merlin and Arthur rub each other the wrong way, at first, but it soon becomes clear that Arthur is a university-class rower with a world-class heart.
fic  merlin  au  slash  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  author:syllic  epic  pining!arthur  pining!merlin  gwen/lancelot  morgana  gaius  hunith  uther  modern!au  college!au  harlequinmerlin  humour  angst 
january 2011 by ashtree22
The Tournament of All Magicks by Cori Lannam
Merlin is invited to compete in a tournament of magic. Sure, he'd like to become the champion of all Albion, but first he has to get past giant creatures, a seductive sorceress, and the crown prince of Camelot.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  morgause  author:corilannam  nc-17  epic 
december 2010 by ashtree22
JGL singing Bad Romance
He's ridiculous and adorable and I want him to come sing in Toronto!
epic  awesome  music  JGL  josephgordon-levitt  vids  videos 
november 2010 by ashtree22
In the Space Between them 'Verse by enjambament
Ariadne watches Arthur and Eames. There is something there in the way they watch each other, in the way the lines of Arthur's back tense beneath his pinstriped suit when Eames flicks him, but she doesn’t know what she’s looking for.
fic  inception  slash  series  fluff  epic  eames/arthur  arthur/eames  cobb/mal  ariadne  r 
october 2010 by ashtree22
Damage by Xanthe
When the team investigates a pedophile ring, secrets from Tony's past start to come to light.
Fair warning this one is dark and it'll take a lot out of you, but it's fantastically written.
ncis  slash  gibbs/dinozzo  h/c  hurt/comfort  angst  childabuse  author:xanthe  abby  ziva  mcgee  ducky  firsttime  romance  long  epic  nc-17 
september 2010 by ashtree22
The Rules by entangled_now
Sequel to The Definition of Insanity, last part in the Thermodynamics series.
In which there are rules, and John breaks them.
fic  sherlock  slash  humour  holmes/watson  john/sherlock  sherlock/john  epic  fluff  nc-17  author:entangled_now  series:thermodynamics  firsttime 
september 2010 by ashtree22
Let the Sky Open Up by starandrea
Sequel to "Light Up the Sky for Me" and "When the Sky Calls You Home." Dean decides to take back what Castiel gave up for him. He’s a little more successful than he expected.
fic  spn  supernatural  au  slash  anna  gabriel  sam  epic  skytrilogy  angel!dean  author:starandrea  ellenharvelle  bobbysinger  castiel/dean  pg-13 
july 2010 by ashtree22
Light Up the Sky for Me by starandrea
At the end of the world, Dean still has Sam. What he doesn't realize is that there are other people willing to be his if he lets them.
This started off a little slow but I was sold by the end of it.
fic  spn  supernatural  au  dean  sam  castiel  anna  gabriel  gen  epic  author:starandrea  skytrilogy  ellenharvelle  castiel/dean 
july 2010 by ashtree22
In Time Of Trial by Shine
Blinded by the smooth words of his cousin, Uther declares Arthur a traitor and orders him arrested. Luckily Merlin overhears and is able to help Arthur escape with magic. Together they must build an army and overthrow Uther for the good of Camelot.
fic  bigbang  merlin  au  epic  slash  romance  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout  drama  firsttime  gwen  lancelot  morgana  angst  nc-17  uther  author:shine  favourite 
july 2010 by ashtree22
Seven Magpies by syllic
Arthur opened his eyes a minute later to the sight of seven magpies streaking across the top of the clearing, their shapes dark against the white clouds and the muted grey of the sky. He tried to remember what it was that seven magpies meant—he’d had a nurse who had sung the rhyme to him as a child—but couldn’t.
fic  merlin  angst  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  arthurfindsout  au  epic  slash  genre:romance  hunith  morgana  long!fic  author:syllic  nc-17 
may 2010 by ashtree22
Mercy of the Fallen by Kat Reitz and Perryvic
Kind of SGA meets Constantine. Rodney turned away from the Captain, and moved towards the middle of the room. "Good afternoon. I'm sure we're all anxious for this interviewing process to start, but there's a demon in the room. Lieutenant Barnes there is possessed, and I'm not going to stand here and pretend I don't see it. I'm sure some of you have seen it — well, this whole room is full of us. Why play the secret game?"
fic  sga  slash  au  nc-17  beckett/mckay/sheppard  mckay/sheppard/beckett  earthside  threesome  bigbang  epic  bigbang09  author:perryvic  kat-reitz  john/rodney/carson 
january 2010 by ashtree22
So Wise We Grow by captanddeastar
“Commander Spock, we have located your son,” the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock’s face that he’s never heard of this kid before in his life. “If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week.”
fic  slash  startrek  st:reboot  startrek:xi  angst  au  firsttime  kirk/spock  r  kid!fic  bigbang  epic  author:captanddeastar  favourite  humour 
november 2009 by ashtree22
Defenders of the Realm by lamardeuse
Modern AU where the legend of King Arthur and Merlin have been lost to time.
fic  slash  merlin  merlin/arthur  nc-17  au  het  modern!au  bigbang  epic  gwen/lancelot  lamardeuse  uther/morgana 
october 2009 by ashtree22
Spin the Light to Gold (Master Post) by belyste
It's Jared's first summer as a junior counselor at an idyllic summer camp, and he's looking forward to as much sun and fun as he can handle. But things don't turn out exactly as he plans, and his summer takes an interesting turn when he finds himself falling for a hot older counselor. Featuring Chad, crafts, hordes of kids, and all the summer camp cliches imaginable.
fic  slash  J2  jared/jensen  spn  supernatural  bigbang  angst  au  humour  firsttime  nc-17  kid!fic  rps  college!au  schmoop  romance  favourite  author:belyste  epic 
march 2009 by ashtree22
The Kingdom of the Blaggers by hackthis
AU where Arthur moves to LA to become an actor and lands Ari Gold as his agent.
fic  merlin  slash  au  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  morgana/gwen  rps  RPF  entourage  crack  crossover  humour  nc-17  hackthis  epic  favourite 
march 2009 by ashtree22
The Crown of the Summer Court - astolat
When King Taranis dies, the Summer Court needs to choose a new king. And they must do so in Camelot, so that the last candidate may be included: Merlin.
An incredible piece of fiction.
fic  merlin  au  slash  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  epic  firsttime  nc-17  faerie  favourite  author:astolat 
february 2009 by ashtree22
Aegis - Springwoof and Leah
SGA meets Heroes or X-Men. It's a little weird, but also rather addicting.
Sheppard was a Charmer, one of the feared ones, whose particular Gift let him create faith whenever he needed to be trusted or believed. But Sheppard didn't trust himself not to destroy what he loved most. And somewhere along the line, amid the terror and chaos of the Expedition's first year in the Pegasus Galaxy, what Sheppard loved most had become Rodney McKay.
fic  sga  au  slash  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  mcshep  firsttime  nc-17  hurt/comfort  bigbang  epic  author:leah  author:springwoof 
february 2009 by ashtree22

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