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paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs) by verity
"Oh my God," Rodney says, stricken. "This is—this is one of those British costume dramas Ronon always wants to watch and I'm the uncouth American!"
fic  stargate  sga  slash  john/rodney  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  samcarter  davesheppard  family  dadt  mcshep  author:verity 
january 2013 by ashtree22
Finders, Keepers by laceymcbain
From the beginning of their relationship, Eames has always been the one to find Arthur. A story in which Arthur is kidnapped, Eames is a hopeless romantic, the past informs the present, and true love conquers all.
fic  inception  au  nc-17  slash  eames/arthur  arthur/eames  backstory  military  origins!verse  author:laceymcbain  angst  humour  romance  dadt  series  firsttime 
may 2011 by ashtree22
Put your mind at ease by eleanor_lavish
Somewhere in the last year, while Steve was busy killing bad guys, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been erased from the books and guys like Jeff can marry whoever they damn well please.
fic  h50  hawaiifive0  angst  steve/danny  danny/steve  dadt  pining!steve  oblivious!steve  pining!danny  nc-17  favourite  author:eleanor_lavish 
january 2011 by ashtree22
Writing on the Wall, "Late for the Arrival" by Team Peace
It was no secret that people weren't Rodney's strong suit. This was probably the reason why he hadn't caught on before. The proverbial clue bus had rolled by four times before realization finally hit him like an expertly delivered kick to the head.
fic  sga  sheppard/mckay  john/rodney  oblivious!rodney  pining!john  dadt  ronon  radelzelenka  samcarter  humour 
october 2009 by ashtree22
What Happens Next by bluflamingo
John and Cam have been involved off and on for years. Then one day John shows up on Cam's doorstep with a two year old son.
fic  sga  sg-1  crossover  slash  Mitchell/Sheppard  angst  futurefic  earthside  dadt  pg-13  au  bluflamingo  john/cam  sheppard/mitchell  fluff  kid!fic  establishedrelationship 
april 2009 by ashtree22
Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Atlantis cut off from Earth. Rodney and John oblivious to their feelings about each other. Rodney wanting to have children but finding no woman will tolerate him. John never wanting children but being pestered to do so by every female in the colony. A baby made by stealth and science by Rodney without John's knowledge, combining their DNA. John feeling betrayed and humiliated. Rodney vowing to raise the child alone.
fic  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  nc-17  firsttime  dadt  kid!fic  author:elayna88  teyla/kanaan  ronon/keller 
march 2009 by ashtree22
Singularity by esteefee
The team cuts loose in San Francisco.
John gets his eyes opened and his ass grabbed.
fic  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  postseries  earthside  firsttime  futurefic  mcshep  team  dadt  nc-17  author:esteefee  johnsheppard  rodneymckay 
march 2009 by ashtree22
sga_santa: Fic: Good News (McKay/Sheppard, Parrish/Lorne, PG)
When John got the news that morning, the first thing he did was smile. The second thing he did was make a list of people he needed to talk to.
fic  sga  mcshep  McKay/Sheppard  john/rodney  pg  dadt  Lorne/Parrish  slash  homophobia 
december 2008 by ashtree22
An Inaccurate Telling by chelle and thegrrrl2002
When the rules change, Rodney is asked, but what he tells isn't precisely accurately.
fic  sga  slash  Mckay/Sheppard  humour  FirstTime  john/rodney  mcshep  nc-17  dadt  jealousy  oblivious!rodney  au  author:chelle  author:thegrrrl2002 
august 2008 by ashtree22
Dave's Story by tzzzz
The story of the Sheppard family from John's brother's POV. There's a sequel called "A Family Story"
SGA  gen  Angst  sheppard/other  fic  sheppard  episodetag  slash  dadt 
march 2008 by ashtree22
Not a Love Song by thegrrrl
Denial lives strong in John.
"I'm not gay, all right?" John announced, dropping his tray on the table with a thud.
fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  john/rodney  FirstTime  humour  dadt  slash  mcshep_match  oblivious 
march 2008 by ashtree22

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