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far across the distance by LinguisticJubilee
Balin blinks, shifting backwards. “Laddie, it’s—it’s been a year. Bilbo has returned home, to the Shire.” He looks at Thorin, then says more gently, “I did not realize you counted the hobbit among your treasures.”
fic  thehobbit  slash  bilbobaggins  bilbo/thorin  thorinoakenshield  pining!thorin  fili  kili  dwalin  balin  dis  fixit  au  cute  author:linguisticjubilee 
april 2015 by ashtree22
Dreams Of The Future by Moonbeam (luvsbitca)
After the battle Ori sets himself to making Dwalin a thank you gift with a surprising consequence.
fic  slash  dwalin/ori  dwalin  ori  nori  dori  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  author:moonbeam  cute  fixit  au  thehobbit 
january 2014 by ashtree22

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