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The Only Hope For Me Is You by foxxcub
Of course Phil would get into Harvard; he was the valedictorian, student body president, honor society treasurer—it would’ve been a damn miracle if he hadn’t gotten in. In the meantime, Clint had two years of high school left, and Phil was just going to be...gone.
fic  avengers  au  highschool!au  slash  clint/coulson  clintbarton  philcoulson  natasharomanoff  steverogers  barney  pepperpotts  pepper/coulson  pining!clint  pining!coulson  oblivious!clint  amazing  angst  author:foxxcub 
december 2012 by ashtree22
Launch Your Assault by foxxcub
Phil Coulson was more than halfway through his six year plan, and everything was chugging along nicely.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t foreseen a cocky junior Art major waltzing into his life, or his floor.
fic  avengers  thor  slash  contemporary!au  college!au  clint/coulson  steve/tony  pepperpotts  mariahill  pining!coulson  oblivious!clint  pining!clint  oblivious!coulson  author:foxxcub  favourite  awesome  philcoulson  nickfury 
march 2012 by ashtree22
Bulletproof by foxxcub
At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark.

By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark's fuck buddy.
fic  avengers  captainamerica  ironman  slash  contemporary!au  college!au  steve/tony  pepperpotts  peggycarter  jane/thor  brucebanner  angst  author:foxxcub  pining!tony  oblivious!steverogers  pining!steverogers  oblivious!tony  favourite  clint/coulson  rhodey  series:bulletproof  natasharomanoff  philcoulson  humour 
march 2012 by ashtree22
The New Stuff by foxxcub
Arthur is a paramedic stationed at a Chicago firestation. Eames is the reckless firefighter he tries to resist.
fic  inception  arthur/eames  slash  au  paramedic!arthur  firefighter!eames  fanart  author:foxxcub  artist:adelaide_rain  pg-13  romance 
january 2012 by ashtree22
All the Rules to Break by foxxcub
A notorious serial killer returns after a three-year hiatus, reminding Detective Arthur Moss of the infamous case he couldn't close. But when the FBI becomes involved, Arthur is forced to work side-by-side once again with Special Agent Daniel Eames, a man who knows Arthur better than Arthur himself will ever admit. Both men must confront their past and heal old wounds in order to bring a psychopath to justice.
fic  inception  au  slash  eames/arthur  arthur/eames  ariadne  yusuf  angst  author:foxxcub  detective!au  domcobb  humour 
december 2011 by ashtree22
Simple Math by foxxcub
Eames and Arthur have hated each other for years but when a rumour goes around school that they're dating, they decide to just pretend for a few weeks rather than try to explain everything. Now they just have to ignore the attraction between them.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  ariadne  highschool!au  angst  author:foxxcub  favourite  humour 
november 2011 by ashtree22
glow glow melt and flow by foxxcub
Arthur knows he’s being fussy. He also knows he’s too tired to focus on how his subconscious seems to think providing him with a mostly-naked, bed-hogging Eames is somehow conducive to him getting a decent night’s sleep.
fic  inception  nc-17  fluff  cuddling  cute  domestic  romance  schmoop  slash  sweet  eames/arthur  arthur/eames  author:foxxcub  firsttime  humour 
november 2010 by ashtree22
A Gentleman Not In Your Books by foxxcub
Sequel to Dreams Are For Rookies.
After the party at Cobb's place, Arthur and Eames go on their first date.
fic  inception  au  cute  slash  sequel  sweet  highschool!au  arthur/eames  eames/arthur  author:foxxcub  fluff  firsttime  nc-17 
october 2010 by ashtree22
The Kind You Could Sing by foxxcub
Eames turns to him during a simple blueprint discussion and says casually, “You settled late, didn’t you?”

Beautiful Inception/HisDarkMaterials fusion.
fic  fusion  au  inception  hisdarkmaterials  angst  slash  arthur/eames  eames/arthur  crossover  pg-13  author:foxxcub  favourite 
october 2010 by ashtree22
Dreams are for Rookies by foxxcub
High school AU. Two months before the end of sophomore year, Arthur gets dragged to a party where he ends up chugging four beers and then gets dragged into a round of Seven Minutes in Heaven with the British exchange student he may or may not have been stalking all year.
fic  inception  slash  highschool!au  arthur/eames  eames/arthur  fluff  au  pg-13  adorable  ariadne  author:foxxcub  humour 
september 2010 by ashtree22
If You're Just Playing Along, I Promise We'll Be Fine by foxxcub
The first mistake, he thinks, is to let Eames pick the bar.
No, scratch that. The first mistake is being in a bar with Eames, period.
fic  inception  slash  pwp  fluff  firsttime  eames/arthur  arthur/eames  r  author:foxxcub 
september 2010 by ashtree22

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