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Don’t write lithium off yet – more efficient batteries are on the way | WIRED UK
A lithiuhm-ion battery from Aceleron can be serviced when individual components fail Aceleron From smartphones to laptops, electric vehicles and solar panels,…
magazine  technology  news  articles  sailing  marine  electrical  engineering  energy  portable  lithium  batteries 
14 days ago by asaltydog
LightSail | The Planetary Society
LightSail is a citizen-funded project from The Planetary Society to send a small spacecraft, propelled solely by sunlight, to Earth orbit.
astronomy  aerospace  astrodynamics  planetary  science  satellite  engineering  solar  energy  crowdfunding  research  physics 
9 weeks ago by asaltydog
Tidal Lagoon Power – Harnessing the power of our tides
Harnessing the power of our tides Tidal Technology Projects Investor Information Films Watch our vision for the world’s first tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay and…
marine  coastal  engineering  alternative  energy  tidal  lagoon  swansea  glamorgan  wales 
11 weeks ago by asaltydog
In situ enrichment of microbial communities on polarized electrodes deployed in alkaline hot springs - ScienceDirect
Highlights • Low-cost, battery-operated potentiostat was developed. • The potentiostat was used to polarize electrodes in hot springs for 32 days. • Polarized…
science  articles  chemistry  biology  microbial  energy  biofilms  alkaline  springs  thermophiles  electrodes  research  yellowstone  national  park  america  microbiology  batteries 
march 2019 by asaltydog
Compare Gas and Electricity suppliers - Which? Switch
If you've never switched supplier, or not switched in the last couple of years, you will almost certainly save money on your energy bills by moving to a different deal.
shopping  finance  utilities  energy  comparison 
january 2019 by asaltydog
Mike Reynolds (architect) - Wikipedia
Michael E. "Mike" Reynolds is an American architect based in New Mexico, known for the design and construction of "earthship" passive solar houses. He is a proponent of "radically sustainable living". He has been a critic of the profession of architecture for its adherence to conventional theory and practice...
architecture  building  design  sustainable  energy  reference 
december 2018 by asaltydog
The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution is a modernized version of the Flettner rotor – a spinning cylinder that uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to propel a ship.
sailing  marine  engineering  shipping  alternative  energy  norway 
december 2018 by asaltydog
Powerwall 2 by Tesla - An installers view - Joju Solar
We’ve just installed one of the first Tesla Powerwall2 units in the country for comic actor Robert Llewellyn. We’ve blogged the entire installation process.
howto  computer  hardware  ups  backup  chargers  solar  energy  technology  electrical  engineering  design  batteries  appliances 
november 2018 by asaltydog
sonnenBatterie Vision Press Contact It's time to declare your independence - sonnenBatterie A clean, fair and affordable energy supply for all is finally here.…
computer  hardware  ups  backup  chargers  solar  energy  batteries  electrical  appliances 
november 2018 by asaltydog
Powerwall | The Tesla Home Battery
Compact, affordable and simple to install, Powerwall 2 charges during the day and powers your home in the evening when integrated with rooftop solar panels.
howto  computer  hardware  ups  backup  chargers  solar  energy  technology  electrical  engineering  design  batteries  appliances 
november 2018 by asaltydog
Teraloop is a team of engineering experts dedicated to solving the energy storage challenge, focusing on a new generation of Kinetic Energy Storage Systems.
physics  mechanical  engineering  kinetic  energy  storage 
november 2018 by asaltydog
Home - The Sustainable City
The first operational Net Zero Energy city in Dubai, modeled to become an international showcase for high quality sustainable living.
architecture  design  urban  planning  renewable  energy  dubai  emirates  middle-east 
november 2018 by asaltydog
NIBE Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps and Renewable Energy
Ground source heat pump (GSHP) NIBE is one of Europe's leaders in sustainable energy solutions supplying heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery products.
building  heating  ventilation  electrical  engineering  geothermal  pumps  energy  renewable 
september 2018 by asaltydog
MARGO. Metrology for the acoustic recognition of gas optimised services
MARGO is a patented technique for listening to any meter measuring a gas or a fluid (including natural gas & water).
architecture  building  plumbing  metrology  acoustic  heating  electrical  engineering  ventilation  optimisation  utilities  energy  metering  measurement  standards  research 
september 2018 by asaltydog
Solar Light and Solar Phone Charger by Nokero (no kerosene)
Nokero (no kerosene) is a leading supplier of solar products such as Solar Lights, Solar String Lights, and Solar Phone Chargers.
travel  camping  solar  energy  portable  lighting 
september 2018 by asaltydog
MPOWERD | Luci Inflatable Solar Lights
Every Luci light is solar, lightweight, super bright and never needs batteries, now with mobile charging.
travel  camping  solar  energy  portable  lighting  usb  mobile  chargers 
september 2018 by asaltydog
Suaoki - Beyond Technology
Suaoki offers a range of products within the automotive, solar power and laser measurement fields.
travel  camping  solar  energy  portable  lighting  usb  mobile  chargers  automotive  laser  measurement 
september 2018 by asaltydog
Marine Batteries | Transporter Energy
Set sail with sustainable energy Why replace gas in your boat As marine technology advances, you need a power source that can meet the demands of increasingly…
travel  sailing  marine  electrical  engineering  energy  portable  lithium  application  batteries 
august 2018 by asaltydog
Welcome to the Utility Warehouse
Welcome to the Utility Warehouse. Mobile Menu ... Award-winning customer service from our UK-based team ... Utility Warehouse Limited 2018. Reg'd in ...
shopping  finance  utilities  energy  savings  comparison  budget  planning 
august 2018 by asaltydog
Siemens shows it knows green design inside out at its new Masdar headquarters - The National
Nick Leech talks to the designers of the new Siemens Building, the latest addition to Masdar City, and discovers a project that turns the normal operating procedures of architecture on their head.
architecture  design  urban  planning  alternative  technology  environment  renewable  energy  abu-dhabi  emirates  middle-east  saudi-arabia 
july 2018 by asaltydog
Masdar City | Architecture Projects | Foster + Partners
Masdar City combines state-of-the-art technologies, creating a desert community that aims to be carbon neutral and zero waste.
architecture  design  urban  planning  alternative  technology  renewable  energy  abu-dhabi  emirates  middle-east  saudi-arabia 
july 2018 by asaltydog
Masdar is the regional leader and a major international player in renewable energy and sustainable urban development.
architecture  design  urban  planning  alternative  technology  renewable  energy  abu-dhabi  emirates  middle-east  saudi-arabia 
july 2018 by asaltydog
How much electricity does a vacuum cleaner use? Electricity usage and running cost, energy efficient, eco, green vacuum cleaners
Vacuum Cleaner Electricity Usage Calculator Vacuum cleaners are rated in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW). To find out what your vacuum costs to run, look for its…
cleaning  domestic  appliances  finance  energy  electrical  calculator  household  accessories 
march 2018 by asaltydog
First Light Fusion Ltd
First Light Fusion Ltd Home Contact History Board Scientific Advisory Board Current Opportunities Submit Your CV The Need for Energy What is Fusion First…
science  physics  engineering  inertial  confinement  fusion  energy  research  university  oxford 
march 2018 by asaltydog
Hydrogen Mobility Europe
H2ME is a flagship project giving fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers access to the first truly pan-European network of hydrogen refuelling stations
travel  transport  fuels  hydrogen  refuelling  station  energy  liquids  gases  europe  project  electric  vehicles  renewable 
january 2018 by asaltydog
HySiLabs AN EMISSION-FREE LIQUID FUEL HySiLabs has developed a technology that maintains the advantages of a liquid fuel, without generating emissions.
electrical  engineering  fuels  hydrogen  energy  liquids  gases  renewable 
january 2018 by asaltydog
HomeMade Modern EP115 Building a Solar Powered Workshop
Oct 18 By Ben Uyeda EP115 Building a Solar Powered Workshop For my largest project to date I will show you how I built an off-the-grid solar powered workshop…
howto  building  timberframe  roofing  sheds  solar  energy  photovoltaic  panels  project  renewable  architecture  repair 
october 2017 by asaltydog
Blue Freedom | Sustainable Hydropower
Unlimited Energy We develop small hydro power stations, which can be used immediately and universally to produce electrical energy in harmony with the…
travel  sailing  camping  mobile  chargers  hydroelectric  generators  energy  military  survival  portable  renewable 
july 2017 by asaltydog
Energy performance certificates - joining the EPC register
An energy performance certificate (EPC) is now a requirement if you are a selling, renting or building a property in the UK.
building  property  energy  performance  domestic  survey  certification  guide  register 
june 2017 by asaltydog
EPC Register
An Energy Performance Certificate is required for properties when constructed, sold or let. The Energy Performance Certificate provides details on the energy performance of the property and what you can do to improve it.
government  building  regulations  legislation  property  energy  performance  domestic  survey  certification  register 
june 2017 by asaltydog
Geothermal energy | Renewables and energy security | British Geological Survey (BGS)
Ground source heat pump (GSHP) | Gateway to the Earth Geothermal energy — what is it? Simplified diagram of a geothermal power plant. Geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat…
government  british  geography  geology  survey  plumbing  heating  engineering  geothermal  energy  building  renewable 
february 2017 by asaltydog
EcoMerchant - Energy Efficient, Sustainable Building Materials and Products
Window & Doors Airtightness Natural Insulation Lime products Natural paints and finishes Drainage & Water Self Build Eco-installers & Builders Download Our…
building  thermal  acoustic  insulation  energy  groundwork  drainage  renewable 
november 2016 by asaltydog
Oil and Gas Authority - GOV.UK
Responsible for regulating offshore and onshore oil and gas operations in the UK.
government  energy  environment  offshore  onshore  regulations  oils  gases  marine 
november 2015 by asaltydog
StoreDot Home
Storedot has groundbreaking organic compounds | Charge your smartphone in 5 minutes.
travel  science  organic  chemistry  molecular  biology  nanotechnology  automotive  engineering  electric  vehicles  energy  mobile  electrical  technology  chargers 
january 2015 by asaltydog
HETAS | The solid fuel safety and standards organisation | Stoves Biomass
HETAS is a not for profit organisation offering competent person scheme for installers of biomass and solid fuel heating, registration for retailers, sweeps
building  heating  engineering  alternative  energy  multifuel  stoves  standards  regulations 
october 2013 by asaltydog
GSHP screening tool | British Geological Survey (BGS)
Ground source heat pump (GSHP) | Navigating the map To pan: left-click on the map and drag. To zoom: Drag the vertical slider on the left of the map, use the mouse wheel, hold down the Shift… (not regularly updated).
government  british  geography  geology  survey  plumbing  heating  engineering  geothermal  energy  groundwater  maps  tools  building  renewable 
september 2013 by asaltydog
Tesla Motors | Premium Electric Vehicles
Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses.
travel  cars  solar  energy  technology  electrical  engineering  design 
august 2013 by asaltydog
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