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20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web - read this!
via Wow, what an elegant book! All the questions about the web you want answered from "What is cloud computing?" to "What is a cookie?" All that and an elegantly illus ...
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december 2010 by arvind - elegant photo sharing, made easy
Do you ever need to share a few photos (or a bunch) with people and don't know how to do it? The website should cure what ails you. Just drag pictures onto the site, grab the link, an ...
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november 2010 by arvind
AirDropper - request a file from anyone - super elegant
What a beautiful concept and executed product. AirDropper lets you ask someone to send you a file, gives them a web interface for doing so, an automatically lands the thing in your DropBox account. I ...
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september 2010 by arvind
Drooling over this list of open source software that StandingCloud will let you ...
via StandingCloud lets you try out more than 50 open source projects for free on their servers. Cool service, but look at this great list! ...
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august 2010 by arvind
Awesome Screenshot - probably the best screenshot tool I've seen in a long time
via If you use Google Chrome as your browser, get this tool called Awesome Screenshot. The above video should make it quite clear as to why. Super useful.
via @web20classroo ...
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august 2010 by arvind
Another way Google's Android software is better than Apple's iPhone software
Google’s Do-It-Yourself App Creation Software

via The New York Times did an excellent summary of Google's new App Creator for Android. Why wait for someone to build an app fo ...
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july 2010 by arvind
Online portfolios made easy and elegant by Carbonmade
Carbonmade is a new portfolio site that lets you quickly and easily make your own online portfolio. I could see a site like this being used by a school for student portfolio creation. Why shouldn't y ...
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june 2010 by arvind

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