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Van Gogh Visualization - inspiration for multidisciplinary tech, art, math proje...
via @lenkendall tuned me in to this brilliant visualization of 28 Van Gogh's represented by the 5 most prominent colors in each. I found it visually stunning.
Her ...
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january 2011 by arvind
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
great resource with interactive visualizations in math, computer science, physical science, life science, business, engineering, technology, geography and more!
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september 2010 by arvind
Don't Ask Don't Tell Statistics - Policy History of Don't Ask Don't Tell - Esqui...
interesting visualization of how the US compares to the rest of the world in gays in the military and using execution for capital punishment
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may 2010 by arvind
Girls Discovered
Global maps of adolescent girls - fantastic resource of maps documenting girls experiences around the world
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march 2010 by arvind
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
fantastic list of ways to visualize data set to a periodic-table style chart
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january 2010 by arvind
free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching
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january 2010 by arvind

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