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TOPLAB is a multiracial/multiethnic collective of ten women facilitators/trainers, based mostly in New York, but also from Boston, Toronto, Maine and Brazil, who are active as cultural workers, educators, organizers and health care professionals, as well as theater artists, and who have trained and worked extensively with Augusto Boal. While recognizing that Theater of the Oppressed has many applications and social functions the TOPLAB collective chooses to stay close to TO's political roots and use the techniques and methods as organizing tools to affect radical social change and help bring about social justice, peace and empowerment of people who have historically been oppressed and disempowered, and affected by prejudice and discrimination--people whose voices have too often been silenced.
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september 2011 by arvind
Student Press Initiative July 12-15th, New York City
via The Student Press Initiative is a wonderful-looking program which trains teachers on best practices for getting students to publish their work publicly. This looks l ...
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march 2010 by arvind
Smartboard in the Classroom
long list of resources on using SMART Boards with specific curricular ideas, project ideas, notebook help, and more.
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november 2008 by arvind
Dangerously Irrelevant: Why is staff development so bad?
a blog post on why staff development tends to use bad models of practice
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november 2008 by arvind
one hundred push ups
learn how to do one hundred pushups with this 6-week training program. looks pretty easy. can you do it?
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july 2008 by arvind
YouTube - You Suck at Photoshop #1
part 1 of a series of highly-acclaimed Photoshop video tutorials
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february 2008 by arvind
Learn Spanish
nice website that gives you free Spanish lessons with a premium plan for more practice
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august 2007 by arvind
quality screencast software for the Mac - will run you $20
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february 2007 by arvind
Important Projects
cool group that does project management consulting for social change organizations
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october 2006 by arvind
November Learning | Building Learning Communities
November Learning promotes the effective use of information and communication technologies that support and enhance learning for children and communities.
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october 2006 by arvind
IT Directors' Leadership Conference - Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
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october 2006 by arvind
Symantec Education
trainings offered by Symantec on antivirus, spam, ghosting and their other products
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october 2006 by arvind
Internet@Schools East 2004: Final Program
Internet@Schools East conference. There is a west coast conference as well
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october 2006 by arvind
9th Annual Summer Technology Conference - Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
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october 2006 by arvind
PBS TeacherLine | PBS
great website for online courses for technology integration and other disciplines
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october 2006 by arvind
Stonington Retreat
Jume 20-25. The Stonington Retreat is a rare opportunity to engage in high-level discussions and hands-on learning, focusing on the future of technology and education. The retreat is held on Deer Isle, at a vacation lodge called the Goose Cove Lodge. You
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october 2006 by arvind
Wellesly Centers for Women - SEED - Peggy McIntosh
The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum, a staff-development equity project for educators, is in its nineteenth year of establishing teacher-led faculty development seminars in public and private schools throughout the U.S. and in English-speaki
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october 2006 by arvind
The Trevor Institute For Life-Long Learning
The Trevor Institute for Life Long Learning is designed to provide learning opportunities for adults that express Trevor’s philosophy of education. We believe that adults as well as children learn best when they are invested in what they are learning, w
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october 2006 by arvind
Adobe Digital Kids Club: Lessons and activities
The Adobe Digital Kids Club makes it easy for educators to introduce digital photography and video into the classroom. Students take photos with their digital cameras and then use Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 3.0 software for Windows® and Mac to edit, en
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october 2006 by arvind
Educational Robotics
Carnegie Mellon's (Pittsburgh) training sessions on Lego robotics
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october 2006 by arvind
Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a
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october 2006 by arvind
NOVELL: Linux Newbie Cool Solutions
Novell's source for Linux newbie questions
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october 2006 by arvind
learn UNIX in 10 minutes
This is something that I had given out to students (CAD user training) in years past.
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october 2006 by arvind
Welcome to Script Center
Microsoft TechNet script center - lots of resources and tutorials
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october 2006 by arvind
Exchange 2000 Front-End/Back-End
setting up an exchange 2000 front-end/back-end server config
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october 2006 by arvind
Collaboratory Project Home
is a Northwestern University initiative that provides project consulting, training, technical advice, and Web-based resources and services to K-12 teachers and their students who are interested in using Internet technologies to advance education.
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october 2006 by arvind
Genius at Work - Bill Strickland
all about Bill Strickland, a Pittsburgher who is getting national attention for his innovative ideas on helping educate young, disadvantaged people
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october 2006 by arvind
SCG SmallWiki: BotsInc
A new book on Squeak, Smalltalk and programming robots
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october 2006 by arvind
The learning conference for creative professionals. | MacLive Conference
in New York City May 11-13, 2006. Great tracks for Mac creative software products
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may 2006 by arvind
Customized Onsite Technical Training
instructor led online classes, or private classes, or public classes in PHP, ASP, Macromedia, Adobe, Database, XML, .NET and many other web technologies.
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april 2006 by arvind
Big Nerd Ranch
Big Nerd Ranch offers intensive, head-down computer programming courses taught by experts in a retreat environment. In Atlanta, Georgia, Frankfurt, Germany or in Italy
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april 2006 by arvind
Hieraki - Trac
open source wiki for document-management and collaborative workflow. nicely made.
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november 2005 by arvind

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