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The Marshmallow Study Revisited
showing how preexisting conditions can affect kids willingness to avoid eating the marshmallow or not
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october 2012 by arvind
Separating Fact and Fiction in Brain-Based Learning from Edutopia
via This is a nice summary of current research on brains and learning. I found the part about girls and boys brains important. There are so many books on this topic right ...
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december 2010 by arvind
a social-based, language learning site. Free and paid options
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january 2010 by arvind
Single-media schools, multimedia world
blog post about how much time Americans spend reading vs consuming other types of media. Interesting statistics.
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december 2009 by arvind
Flashcards, vocabulary memorization, and studying games - free, and very cool
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december 2008 by arvind
The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids -- New York Magazine
an article on how to talk to your kids. interesting perspectives on praise vs. scolding
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may 2008 by arvind
Advanced Search - School laptop program begets writing gains
article on Maine's 1:1 laptop program showing writing gains in research study
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january 2008 by arvind

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