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ISTE | NETS Refresh Project
refresh of NETS standards - great resources here
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january 2011 by arvind
incredibly cool way to get many, many fonts onto your website. some free options, some paid. awesome!
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november 2009 by arvind
Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots
wow, fantastic website that shows you any website in all types of different browsers. this is great for webmasters wanting to test how their site is working cross platform and cross browser
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october 2007 by arvind
Center for Media Literacy
fantastic resource and curriculum for media literacy education
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november 2006 by arvind
XFN - XHTML Friends Network
XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. In recent years, blogs and blogrolls have become the fastest growing area of the Web. XFN enables web authors to indicate their relationship(s) to the people
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october 2006 by arvind
WWW CyberGuides for Web Evaluation
The "WWW CyberGuide" Internet evaluation forms were developed by Karen McLachlan informally as a means of introducing the World Wide Web to novice users in 1996.
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october 2006 by arvind
Center for Digital Literacy - Teaching Resources
The WebMAC instruments are intended to identify areas for improvement of an existing Web site and/or guidance for the design of a new Web site.
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october 2006 by arvind
WebDAV Resources
This site is being produced for the WebDAV community as a central resource for documentation, specifications, software, mailing lists, and other useful items.
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october 2006 by arvind
Sun News - Sun Blogs
Sun's Policy on Public Discourse - i.e. their guide for the employee bloggers. a good read.
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october 2006 by arvind
Example Style Guide
The following document is a style guide for producing content for the [client] Web site. This document outlines basic principles for adding content to the site, defines the basic style sheet classes available to content managers and how they should be use
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march 2006 by arvind
Stylegala - Web Design Publication
a resource guide for web designers who want to maximize the use of web standards and css to make pretty but powerful web sites
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march 2006 by arvind

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