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Since there have been teenagers, there have been adults trying to control them. The Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the Stubborn Child Law in 1646, allowing parents to have their defiant teenage sons put to death. The Bible suggests stoning them to death. via Pocket
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december 2016 by arvind
Secrets of the teenage brain: a psychologist's guide for teachers | Teacher Netw...
Teenagers think differently to grownups - they are more likely to take risks, be sleepy, misread emotions, give in to peer-pressure and lack self-control. Thanks to advances in technology, we have been able to peer inside the teenage brain and see more clearly how it works. via Pocket
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december 2015 by arvind
The answer was extremely basic. The rule was simply: Each number must be larger than the one before it. 5, 10, 20 satisfies the rule, as does 1, 2, 3 and -17, 14.6, 845. Children in kindergarten can understand this rule. via Pocket
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august 2015 by arvind
The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology | The White House
Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was at the forefront of computer and programming language development from the 1930s through the 1980s. via Pocket
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december 2014 by arvind
Wind Map
beautiful, artistic imaging of wind patterns
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april 2012 by arvind
Virtual Microscope
simulated scientific instrumentation for students and researchers
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february 2011 by arvind
Bugscope: Home
Amazing projects from the U of Illionois where teachers can connect their students to scientists controlling a $600,000 electronic microscope focused on insects
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february 2011 by arvind
First Ever Panoramic View of the Sun Released by NASA
via A great article on Big Think about NASA's new ability to take stereo images of the sun giving them the ability to monitor sunspot activities and more. This is the first ...
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february 2011 by arvind
What Works Clearinghouse: Home Page
from the US Dept of Ed, the What Works clearinghouse is a source of scientific evidence for what works in education
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february 2011 by arvind
Free High School Science Textx
Our grade 10-12 science and maths textbooks are written by volunteers who want to support education and they are openly licensed and royalty-free.
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january 2011 by arvind
Google: Computer Science for High School (CS4HS)
CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) is an initiative sponsored by Google to promote Computer Science in high school curriculum.
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january 2011 by arvind
Computer Science Unplugged |
CS Unplugged is a collection of free learning activities that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. The activities introduce students to underlying concepts such as binary numbers, algorithms and data compression, separated from the distractions and technical details we usually see with computers. CS Unplugged is suitable for people of all ages, from elementary school to seniors, and from many countries and backgrounds. Unplugged has been used around the world for over fifteen years, in classrooms, science centers, homes, and even for holiday events in a park!
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january 2011 by arvind
Processing in Eclipse \
how to have a debugger when using Processing requires Eclipse and some setups. Worth it? Perhaps.
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december 2010 by arvind
The Concord Consortium - beautiful math and science software and tools - free!
Information for Teachers

You’re just a click away from even more powerful teaching. You want to help your students to learn more math and science. So do we. That’s why we’ ...
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december 2010 by arvind
10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics
via put together a nice compilation of free tools for making infographics. Is anyone doing this with their students? It seems like it would meet many benchmarks ...
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october 2010 by arvind
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
great resource with interactive visualizations in math, computer science, physical science, life science, business, engineering, technology, geography and more!
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september 2010 by arvind
Amazing video: turn water into marbles
via This looks like a great science project/party trick. Watch the video, well worth it.
via @WeAreGeek ...
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june 2010 by arvind
Beautiful video explanation of RFID and the fields they create
via Thanks to natenatenate on Twitter for sharing this video, but a wonderful example of how creative photography can be used to visualize a phenomenon - in this case how RFID ...
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february 2010 by arvind - Statistical report on Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities...
Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering is a report that provides information about the participation of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering education and employment. Information on the site is organized by topic and group. Links to additional data sources and reports are provided.
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january 2010 by arvind
BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species
an interactive site for kids to use when trying to identify animal types
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november 2009 by arvind
Stunning images from the book A Child is Born
the amazing photographs that changed the way the world looked at birth and children in the womb. Sadly, most of these photos are used by anti-abortion protesters.
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october 2009 by arvind
SOL K-5 Technology Integration Resources
fantastic K-5 resources for using SMART Boards, streaming video, other web resources in the classroom. Totally worth a long look
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april 2009 by arvind
Cost Analysis of Dissection vs Nonanimal Teaching Methods Factsheet
why schools shouldn't do animal-based labs, purely from a cost perspective. The ethical concerns are obvious.
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march 2009 by arvind
The Cycle / Mrf /
learn how materials are separated for recycling via award-winning. Excellent for using with students learning about green initiatives
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march 2009 by arvind
Computer Lab Favorites
activities to do in the "computer lab" with k-5 students
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february 2009 by arvind
Inventor's 2020 vision: to help 1bn of the world's poorest see better
amazing invention that will bring glasses to the world's poorest billion people. Ingenious
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december 2008 by arvind
an education conference at Science Leadership Academy in Philadeplhia
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november 2008 by arvind
Smartboard in the Classroom
long list of resources on using SMART Boards with specific curricular ideas, project ideas, notebook help, and more.
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november 2008 by arvind
Mr. Meyer's blog
amazing math blog with lessons from a teacher
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september 2008 by arvind
Einstein writes of 'childish superstition' | Science | The Guardian
Interesting article on Einstein and his thoughts on god and religion
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may 2008 by arvind
World Science Festival
5 day science festival celebrating, what else, science! 2008 is in New York City
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may 2008 by arvind
Processing Workshop at daniel shiffman
a workshop on Processing, the programming interface for Java
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february 2008 by arvind
Free Absorb Content on Yenka
free math and physics content for 14-16 year old students. Great resource. Targeted for use on a whiteboard
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february 2008 by arvind
Darwin's letters debut on the web
Cambridge University will be offering thousands of letters written by Charles Darwin through their new website
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may 2007 by arvind | Showtime - Our programs.
wow, all kinds of cool mac science software like dna sequence visualizers, academic article PDF searchers and more
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january 2007 by arvind
DNA Interactive
great website for studying DNA. 2D and 3D animations, lessons, resources for teachers and more
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january 2007 by arvind
Dow/Popsci Periodic Table
fantastic popup periodic table which pictures and witty remarks about them
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november 2006 by arvind
Orbiter - A free space flight simulator
ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tou
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october 2006 by arvind
Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. Microscopy and Science Education Web Site
great microscopy site with many magnified images coupled with electron microscope images. great for science teachers.
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october 2006 by arvind
The National Academies: Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medi...
The National Academies perform an unparalleled public service by bringing together committees of experts in all areas of scientific and technological endeavor. These experts serve pro bono to address critical national issues and give advice to the federal
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october 2006 by arvind
RocketModeler II 2.1f beta
from NASA, simulation that lets user input fuel criteria, rocket criteria, launch site properties and then test the results
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october 2006 by arvind
Science & the City | Webzine of the New York Academy of Sciences
site listing 100 science-related activities in new york city every week
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september 2006 by arvind
Wymsey Weekend: A Guide to Mobile Cooking
wow, is it possible to boil an egg using two mobile phones? science teachers, what do you think?
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june 2006 by arvind
YouTube - Plen Robot -
amazing video of two robots, one that is roller skating, and one that is picking up and throwing a small box. amazing design and programming
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may 2006 by arvind
A site for girls and math, science and technology. Run by the Girl Scouts. Games, activities and more.
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april 2006 by arvind
United Nuclear - Neodymium magnets
super-powerful magnets. the warnings along will make you scared to order them
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april 2006 by arvind
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program » Latest Earthquakes: Feeds & Data
Recent earthquake data in RSS feeds or Google Earth KML plugins from USGS. Great for students studying earthquakes.
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april 2006 by arvind
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program » A Virtual Tour of the 1906 Earthquake in Googl...
Incredible free plugin for Google Earth that lets you visualize the 1906 California earthquake. Zoom into locations with pictures and historical informaiton. Great to use with students.
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april 2006 by arvind
Girls Tech: Evaluating Electronic Resources for Girls
framework for evaluating electronic resources to ensure that they encourage girls' interest in science and technology. very valuable for those evaluating content.
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march 2006 by arvind The Coolest Online Calculator
a powerful web-based calculator. lets you save expressions also (copy/paste to IE). seems like a great app for math teachers to use in class with a projector.
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february 2006 by arvind
National Geographic Printable Photo Posters
free high-res posters from National Geographic 3x3 sheets of paper. print all 9 pages then put them together to create posters
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january 2006 by arvind
Aaron Koblin
amazing visualizations of flight traffic using the Processing software package
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december 2005 by arvind
Go Ask Alice! - Columbia University's Health Q&A Internet Service
easy to use site where questions about many health topics are answered from sex to drugs and more.
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november 2005 by arvind

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