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James Madison Partners for Education NETS T Certification
asses yourself or your school on teaching with technology/integrating technology
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january 2011 by arvind
Chief Learning Officer Videocast
Peter Senger (who I love) on Sustainability and Learning
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october 2010 by arvind
Photographers Becoming Security Concerns : NPR
Photographers across the country have complained of getting harassed by law enforcement officials citing security concerns since the September 11 terrorist attacks.
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january 2009 by arvind
Accomplice™, Your Partner In Time™
impressive task/project management tool with GTD possibilities. totally free if you're willing to look at ads
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september 2007 by arvind
great, free tiddlywiki hosting service. tiddly wikis are self-contained (one file) wikis. these folks made it so you can update them online or offline. very nice.
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february 2007 by arvind
Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0
article on CNET about kids outsmarting web filters to get access to banned websites
21apples  article  readlater  technology  web2.0  education  digital  future  Delicious  filters  hacking  internet  tools  web  students  legal  freedom  community  commercial  democracy  university 
january 2007 by arvind
Half an Hour: Adults and MySpace
a great article on how adult bad behavior is the real problem with social networking sites, not bad kid behavior
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july 2006 by arvind
The 1-to-1 Stories Project
a blog about 1:1 laptop learning. they are looking for contributors.
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april 2006 by arvind
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