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elegant project management web-based tool
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may 2013 by arvind
Touching Strangers Photo Collection
a beautifully captured project where Richard Renaldi has strangers pose for a picture with one stipulation, they must be physically touching each other in some way.
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april 2010 by arvind
Mockingbird | Wireframes on the fly
amazingly cool site that lets you easily mock up a website for a project to show people how it would look/work
web  web2.0  cool  technology  project  planning  design  software  tool  free  online  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
a new, creative, onine photography magainze
photography  web  photos  project  art  stories  story  design  collection  21apples  digital  media  Delicious 
december 2009 by arvind
New to agile? Keep it very simple
6 tips for making an agile implementation. Of anything
agile  GTD  productivity  project  implementation  change  21apples  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
Clocking IT
free hosted app for keeping track of tasks and time spent
web2.0  software  productivity  tools  online  management  project  Delicious 
april 2009 by arvind
Write or Draw with Light!
a tutorial teaching you how to use long exposures, darkness, and a small light to "draw" in photos
article  photography  tutorial  photo  art  project  digital  media  Delicious 
december 2008 by arvind
Running More Productive Meetings | 43 Folders
an article that is just what it says it is. Great tips, I feel good that I follow most of them. Need to follow more
meetings  work  tools  reference  project  productivity  meeting  management  lifehacks  21apples  education  NEIT2008  GTD  Delicious  article  guide 
november 2008 by arvind
Strobist: How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio
create a great lightbox out of cardboard and paper to take much better macro photos
photography  photos  lifehacks  tutorial  flash  project  Delicious 
april 2008 by arvind
Photocritic » Extreme Macro Photography on a budget
insane article on how to build a macro camera lens out of a Pringles can!
article  camera  cool  digital  project  geek  hacking  hardware  lens  photography  tutorial  Delicious 
april 2007 by arvind
Ghost Action: A Getting Things Done Application for Mac
supposedly simple GTD tool for mac. you have to pay, but syncs with ical and understands contexts, projects and actions. there is a free trial though.
apple  gtd  lifehacks  mac  management  osx  productivity  project  software  tool  Delicious 
february 2007 by arvind
Project Censored Media Democracy in Action
great media oversight group. list of board members who serve together on various places. neat to see harvard educators paired up with bechtel execs and hundreds of other examples
activism  articles  blog  democracy  education  free  government  resource  project  progressive  library  news  politics  media  information  NYSAISEdTech2006  Delicious 
november 2006 by arvind
An MIT Media Lab Research Project. A robot alarm-clock that hides after you hit the snooze button. Neat robotics application.
articles  technology  robot  fun  project  cool  design  future  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Project Based Learning Checklists
Site run by High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium with fantastic resources for project based learning - read about using multiple intelligences and building motivation, create checklists for projects
project  education  projectBasedLearning  teachers  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
RubiStar Home
Create rubrics for your project-based-learning activities. Fantastic resources for creating rubrics which can be saved to a website or printed out. Premade indicators for various disciplines.
project  education  projectBasedLearning  rubric  teachers  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Why Do Project-Based Learning
components of project-based learning from the San Mateo County Office of Education
project  education  projectBasedLearning  rubric  assessment  curriculum  teachers  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Traits of an Effective Tech Coach
including the EdTech survey for students and teachers to help evaluate effectiveness of a technology program
education  technology  survey  projectBasedLearning  project  curriculum  teachers  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Calendar - Standards Based Calendar Client Project
We are striving to build a cross-platform fully standards based calendar client based on the open iCal standard. Our client is built using the XUL user interface language and is targeted at Mozilla-based browsers, including the Mozilla Application Suite,
apple  client  development  extensions  firefox  free  linux  oss  programming  project  software  technology  tools  web  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Project management and task management software: Basecamp
Basecamp is a web-based tool that lets you manage projects (or simply ideas) and quickly create client/project extranets.
ajax  asp  commercial  community  consulting  css  design  development  enterprise  IT  javascript  programming  project  ruby  rss  software  tools  technology  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Personal and small business information manager: Get organized, Backpack
Backpack is Basecamp's little brother. Backpack is better suited for personal or smaller projects while Basecamp is better suited for business or larger projects.
ajax  asp  commercial  css  development  free  online  portal  project  resources  server  tools  web  Delicious  productivity  gtd 
october 2006 by arvind
Unison File Synchronizer
Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propaga
apple  distribution  free  ftp  linux  mac  microsoft  oss  programming  project  server  software  technology  tools  unix  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Chipt Productions, LLC
Great widget that allows you to connect to your account
apple  design  mac  osx  project  software  tools  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
RoundCube Webmail Project
RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation and message filters. RoundCub
ajax  client  cool  css  design  development  email  free  future  mail  oss  programming  project  php  server  software  sql  tools  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
an elegant reader for google news which takes headlines, color codes them, and pops them into a visual layout. supposed to let you see patterns/bias in the news. interesting approach
news  media  google  21apples  web2.0  information  project  Delicious 
september 2006 by arvind
BumpTop Prototype -
super cool idea for how to organize a computer desktop more like a real desktop, where files can be dragged around, stacked, shuffled and more. watch the video
cool  design  programming  project  technology  software  productivity  21apples  Delicious 
june 2006 by arvind
Incredible, growing library of free audio books. Volunteers read books that are in the public domain to create podcasts. Available in multiple open formats, and free for anyone to use. You can also contribute by reading and recording.
audio  book  collaboration  community  education  free  ipod  library  media  online  project  writing  21apples  NYCIST  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind
//// Welcome to eyespot ////
free video mixing site. Don't have iPhoto or Windows Movie Maker? Don't worry, Eyespot lets you edit, remix and add music to create a video, all using their website, and it's free.
audio  community  design  free  internet  media  project  software  tools  video  web2.0  21apples  education  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind - The Physical Wikipedia
a cool idea of physically "tagging" places with print outs of barcodes. if you snap a shot of the barcode on your camera phone, it takes you to the Wikipidia entry about that place. Try it yourself, very interesting.
camera  collaboration  community  geo  gis  information  mobile  phone  project  social  software  technology  web2.0  wiki  wireless  21apples  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind
JotSpot Live
very impressive tool from Jot that lets multiple people write in the same document at once. Meeting minutes where everyone writes their own stuff, all on one document. Pretty amazing. Free and paid options.
business  collaboration  community  free  management  productivity  project  resources  social  tools  web  web2.0  wiki  writing  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
Meetings, @&!!$*@ Meetings! -
another article on why not to have meetings, and when to have meetings from lifehack
management  article  project  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer
really interesting web app that lets you create your own personalized organizer and print it out. very cool. drop that Palm pilot and get a PocketMod
calendar  design  flash  free  guide  information  management  tools  resources  project  21apples  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
The Omni Group - Applications - OmniOutliner
OmniOutliner by the Omni Group lets you organize ideas with a fully-featured outliner++
apple  commercial  mac  management  osx  productivity  project  software  tools  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
Instructables: step-by-step collaboration
A very cool website showing you step-by-step instructions on how to make cool things. Throwies seem like fun.
community  culture  design  education  free  project  recipes  guide  hacking  hardware  tutorial  photos  tools  Delicious 
february 2006 by arvind
Webmail in Ruby on Rails
open source webmail built on ruby on rails. looks feature limited, or simple depending on your point of view
client  email  programming  project  rails  ruby  server  software  tools  web  Delicious 
february 2006 by arvind
Hieraki - Trac
open source wiki for document-management and collaborative workflow. nicely made.
ajax  cms  community  free  programming  project  software  tools  training  web  wiki  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind
Content Management - TYPO3
powerful content management software, free (open source), ldap support, some browser-limiations for wysiwyg page editing. many commercial support options.
cms  design  enterprise  free  html  mysql  php  oss  portal  project  software  technology  tools  web  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind
Blinksale | The easiest way to send invoices online
website (with free options) to bill clients online. nice site designed with ruby on rails
commercial  development  free  programming  project  rails  ruby  rss  technology  tools  web  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind
the electric sheep screen-saver
Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac. When these computers "sleep", the screen saver comes on and the computers communicate with each other by the i
community  free  images  internet  mac  osx  nerd  software  project  windows  video  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind
iBiz - IGG Software, LLC
iBiz is an easy to use time-billing and invoicing application. It integrates with iCal and Address Book, offers tax support, easily generates custom invoices and does all data saving behind the scenes for you.
apple  mac  osx  project  software  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind

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