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Find Guaranteed Parking with SpotHero
great parking finder app, that lets you find discounted parking rates
parking  nyc  tool  Delicious 
may 2014 by arvind
Pathe Review I Aka American Travelogue (1934) - YouTube
a 1934 travelogue video of The Bowery. See anything familiar?
gcs  gwg  video  nyc  Delicious 
may 2014 by arvind
elegant mapping service. Not the best biking directions, but lovely to look at - gives bike, bike rental, car, bus, subway maps
bike  bicycle  nyc  map  web  app  service  Delicious 
april 2014 by arvind
beautiful place to buy custom furniture. The "Etsy of furniture." in NYC
furniture  shopping  design  home  brooklyn  nyc  Delicious 
march 2014 by arvind
Get Up and Ride
Brooklyn Bike Tours, New York City
brooklyn  bicycle  tours  cycling  nyc  tour  Delicious 
april 2013 by arvind
Hyper Island
world leading life-long learning for professionals and talents all around the world
world  education  adult  lifelong  learning  profdev  nyc  cool  21apples  Delicious 
february 2012 by arvind
The Neptune Foundation's Floating Pool
site documenting the beautiful floating pool in NYC
nyc  cool  pool  swimming  Delicious 
july 2011 by arvind
Hush Studios, Inc.
design and direction studio crafting stories for digital, broadcast, mobile, and physical installations. In NYC, via @cacrandall
nyc  studio  commercial  digital  design  video  Delicious 
december 2010 by arvind
1.5 million square foot new commercial space going into downtown Brooklyn
brooklyn  nyc  city  Delicious 
october 2010 by arvind
cool web designer, some Brooklyn projects
nyc  brooklyn  web  design  commercial  Delicious 
july 2010 by arvind
Drupal Development, Hosting, Support, and Consulting | Advomatic builds websites for good causes using the open source content management system Drupal
drupal  commercial  nyc  consulting  web  oss  Delicious 
july 2010 by arvind
Off-Site Services, Inc
New York City web consulting and development - Drupal, Wordpress, custom PHP and Flash programming | oss
drupal  nyc  consulting  commercial  web  oss  Delicious 
july 2010 by arvind
Tim Hobert
Drupal Developer & Themer, NYC | CMS Web Design
drupal  nyc  consulting  commercial  web  vendor  Delicious 
july 2010 by arvind
custom made furniture, metalwork and more for your home. Can give you for your location, too. Looks great
shopping  furniture  custom  reference  list  nyc  Delicious 
june 2010 by arvind
Park Slope CSA
seems like a great set of options for a Brooklyn Park Slope CSA
food  brooklyn  health  home  local  nyc  green  newyork  Delicious 
april 2010 by arvind
The Neighborhoods Issue 2010 -- New York Magazine
article evaluating the best places to live in New York City. A pretty good article, but of course doesn't apply to all people.
nyc  brooklyn  housing  apartment  newyork  article  magazine  Delicious 
april 2010 by arvind
NYTimes Interactive Coffee List
amazing interactive coffee shop list, by the NY Times
nytimes  coffee  food  nyc  map  mashup  interactive  Delicious 
march 2010 by arvind
fantastic looking conference for teens coming on March 27th in NYC
teen  education  conference  ted  21apples  nycist  nyc  Delicious 
february 2010 by arvind
Leading the Tween Brigade : OurTownNY
Justine Hoffman wins recognition from Our Town Newspaper
ourtown  nyc  education  article  award  hewitt  nysais  Delicious 
february 2010 by arvind
Quintessence NYC
raw, veggie food in the East Village in New York City. I've never been, but looks interesting
raw  vegan  vegetarian  food  nyc  restaurant  Delicious 
february 2010 by arvind
NYC Salon - CC Wiki
March 3rd, New York City, a chance to talk about Creative Commons and education. I'll be on a panel with two other educators using Creative Commons with their students
creativecommons  nyc  event  21apples  panel  discussion  education  technology  nycist  media  copyright  Delicious 
february 2010 by arvind
I'm Speaking at the Creative Commons NYC Salon on "Opening Education" on March 3...
via I, along with some of my distinguished peers, will be speaking on a panel at the Creative Commons Salon NYC on March 3, 2010. The theme is "Opening Education" ...
21apples  creativecommons  education  nyc  speaking  Delicious 
february 2010 by arvind
NYCityMap • DoITT • City-Wide GIS
amazing interactive map of New York City that lets you compare current day to 2006 to 1924 using aerial photography.
nyc  map  maps  mashup  gis  newyork  history  geography  mapping  nycist  21apples  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
The Immigrant Connection articlce on Reshma Saujani and other Indian/South Asian immigrant and 2nd generation folks and how their networks have helped them succeed. Not that any group doesn't use their networks...
network  article  forbes  reshma  saujani  congress  nyc  ny  community  indian  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
What Is Fresh?
a website to help you find what's available/not at New York City farmers' markets. Not a lot of data yet, but lots of potential
farmers  market  data  nyc  vegetables  produce  cooking  food  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
Brooklyn Brainery!: get into things ✁
take $25 peer-led courses on random things. In Brooklyn
brooklyn  education  blog  nyc  art  creative  class  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
Useful Links - New York Times Newsroom Guide to Useful Web Sites
a tremendous collection of links from the NYTimes with categories like: search, journalism, reference, directories, publications, politics, sports, travel, New York, and more
research  reference  news  resources  nytimes  politics  list  21apples  journalism  travel  sports  nyc  Delicious 
january 2010 by arvind
NYC’s 7 Best Veggie Burgers on Citysearch
it's an absolute crime that Zaitzeff isn't on this list, but oh well...
food  vegetarian  burger  nyc  vegan  Delicious 
december 2009 by arvind
Secrets of Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger
wow, I don't eat meat, but the story of this hamburger is amazing!
food  nyc  restaurant  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
New York City Homicides Map
intense map from the NY Times mapping out murders in New York City from 2003-2009. Sad, but powerful use of data and mapping
gis  map  crime  nyc  data  statstics  nytimes  web  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
free NYC eats
great list from the skint on free eats around New York City
skint  free  food  nyc  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
Robots that run NYC
great slideshow of robots used to run New York City
robot  robotics  nyc  article  photos  education  Delicious 
october 2009 by arvind
Borrow things and save money. NYC Lending library. NYC residental building and c...
a cool site that lets you set up to borrow and lend things to people in your neighborhood
newyork  borrow  nyc  web  web2.0  community  social  local  green  environment  Delicious 
september 2009 by arvind
SuperVegan - New York City Vegan Restaurant Guide
great vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurant finder for new york city. google map tie in so you can see where the restaurants are. also classifies vegan vs. veg vs. veg friendly.
nyc  google  reference  vegetarian  mashup  map  vegan  restaurants  restaurant  guide  Delicious  food 
august 2009 by arvind
Prximity NYC - Where You Are, What To Do
cool site that lets you see what's happening based on radius or neighborhood - for NYC
NYC  cool  google  map  mashup  events  list  guide  Delicious 
july 2009 by arvind
Exit Strategy NYC
nice app that lets you find the easiest/fastest way out of the NYC subway iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android(G1), and Kindle
iphone  ipod  Blackberry  Androit  Kindle  mobile  app  software  application  transportation  nyc  subway  Delicious 
july 2009 by arvind
NYCC: Rides, general information
The New York Cycle Club is a recreational and educational and organization for bicycle enthusiasts in New York City.
bicycle  bike  government  map  nyc  pdf  Delicious 
may 2009 by arvind
ScratchDay at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City - May 16, 2009.
21apples  education  free  nycist  nyc  programming  conference  scratch  Delicious 
april 2009 by arvind
I LEGO N.Y. - Abstract City Blog -
wow, awesome lego reenactments of typical New York City things. Makes you feel good. If you know what he's talking about.
nytimes  nyc  design  art  funny  lego  Delicious 
february 2009 by arvind
bodega list
wow, great list of bodegas, searchable by address
map  guide  google  list  nyc  mashup  food  Delicious 
january 2009 by arvind
Skiing in Vermont, By Bus - Frugal Traveler Blog -
helpful article on how to get up to ski in Vermont, from NYC. Buses head up and down on weekends
guide  travel  article  nytimes  nyc  bus  weekends  ski  skiing  Delicious 
january 2009 by arvind
PENCIL - Transforming Schools. Together.
a place to donate good like computers, clothes, furniture and other items for NYC schools
nyc  nonprofit  education  free  computer  donation  hardware  Delicious 
december 2008 by arvind
DPCI | Web Content Management Systems
Drupal consulting, based out of NYC and LA. Have done some educational portal designs
Drupal  consulting  commercial  NYC  cms  oss  NEIT2008  NEIT2009  Delicious 
october 2008 by arvind
Google Maps - NYC transit directions
use Google maps to give you subway and bus directions. amazing and free
free  google  map  metro  mta  nyc  subway  tool  train  web  web2.0  Delicious 
september 2008 by arvind
New York City Parking Garage Rates - Compare Daily/Monthly - Manhattan
Free rate comparison for all parking facilities. Includes regular rates, specials (early bird, weekend, night), supplements (SUV, oversize, luxury), motorcycle fees, and more!
guide  nyc  parking  web  Delicious 
july 2008 by arvind
Ride the City: safe bike routes made easy
plug in two points, find the safest way to bike. cool NYC site
nyc  bicycle  bike  map  google  mashup  cool  free  Delicious 
july 2008 by arvind
helps you find local moving companies
moving  nyc  usa  commercial  resource  Delicious 
may 2008 by arvind
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