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an education conference at Science Leadership Academy in Philadeplhia
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november 2008 by arvind
Smartboard in the Classroom
long list of resources on using SMART Boards with specific curricular ideas, project ideas, notebook help, and more.
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november 2008 by arvind
One Laptop per Child Foundation @
order a laptop for the developing world, or order 2 and get one for yourself. Offer is only good once a year
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november 2008 by arvind
catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free. Great site, and get one of the cheap scanners to scan your whole library
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november 2008 by arvind
Welcome to FunnyMonkey!
FunnyMonkey builds tools and resources for educators, administrators, students, parents and developers. They make Drupal sites for schools!
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november 2008 by arvind
Running More Productive Meetings | 43 Folders
an article that is just what it says it is. Great tips, I feel good that I follow most of them. Need to follow more
meetings  work  tools  reference  project  productivity  meeting  management  lifehacks  21apples  education  NEIT2008  GTD  Delicious  article  guide 
november 2008 by arvind
DPCI | Web Content Management Systems
Drupal consulting, based out of NYC and LA. Have done some educational portal designs
Drupal  consulting  commercial  NYC  cms  oss  NEIT2008  NEIT2009  Delicious 
october 2008 by arvind
Pascack Valley Regional High School District | Educational Technology
information on their 1:1 program including research, the process, FAQ's and more
1:1  21apples  NYCIST  education  laptop  learning  neit2008  research  rollout  Delicious 
october 2008 by arvind

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