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Women Mathematicians, Sponsored by Agnes Scott College
Welcome to the web site for biographies of women in mathematics. These pages are part of an on-going project at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics. via Pocket
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february 2016 by arvind
A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math - The Atlantic
On a sultry evening last July, a tall, soft-spoken 17-year-old named David Stoner and nearly 600 other math whizzes from all over the world sat huddled in small groups around wicker bistro tables, talking in low voices and obsessively refreshing the browsers on their laptops. via Pocket
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february 2016 by arvind
Paths to the White House - Election 2012
NYTimes interactive path to the white house where you can affect which states lose in order to see how the election would play out. Great to use with students.
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november 2012 by arvind
Van Gogh Visualization - inspiration for multidisciplinary tech, art, math proje...
via @lenkendall tuned me in to this brilliant visualization of 28 Van Gogh's represented by the 5 most prominent colors in each. I found it visually stunning.
Her ...
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january 2011 by arvind
10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics
via put together a nice compilation of free tools for making infographics. Is anyone doing this with their students? It seems like it would meet many benchmarks ...
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october 2010 by arvind
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
great resource with interactive visualizations in math, computer science, physical science, life science, business, engineering, technology, geography and more!
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september 2010 by arvind
dy/dan » Geometry: The Supplement
Dan Meyer's geometry slides for an entire year. An invaluable resource to math educators
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march 2010 by arvind
free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching
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january 2010 by arvind

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