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elegant wireframing software which works on all major platforms
wireframeing  software  tool  web  design  google  apple  mac  osx  windows  linux  Delicious 
october 2012 by arvind
Airfoil for Mac
not sure how this software differs from Apple's hardware offerings, but here it is: Wireless Audio Around Your House
audio  apple  mac  software  linux  windows  app  free  commercial  Delicious 
june 2011 by arvind
e-mail archive software available in open source or enterprise versions. Nice!
free  software  email  mail  exchange  backup  21apples  enterprise  commercial  storage  linux  oss  Delicious 
december 2009 by arvind
55 Open Source Apps Transforming Education
long list of open source tools for education. I hadn't heard of many of them
21apples  education  software  free  tools  oss  windows  mac  apps  applications  linux  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
simple, powerful video editing software for Linux, BDS and UNIX. Might be good for Netbooks.
linux  bsd  unix  video  editing  software  free  oss  editor  21apples  Delicious 
november 2009 by arvind
Tomato Firmware
amazing free software to run your Linksys or Buffalo router. Made mine so much faster and much more reliable! And free!
21apples  free  software  networking  hardware  linux  network  wifi  wireless  router  firmware  Linksys  Buffalo  Delicious 
june 2009 by arvind
converts DVD's to MPEG-4's. Works on Mac, Linux, Windows. Free, and open source.
free  tool  software  windows  video  mac  oss  microsoft  utility  apple  linux  dvd  Delicious 
march 2009 by arvind
many open source and commercial network products including spam, vpn, remote support, spyware, antivirus, WAN load balancing and more
firewall  free  gateway  hardware  oss  vpn  router  administration  spam  filter  business  security  management  network  server  linux  internet  tools  software  antivirus  Delicious 
december 2008 by arvind
Essential free apps for your web design toolkit | News | TechRadar UK
Essential free apps for your web design toolkit From design to testing - open source programs to do it all : TechRadar UK
css  development  free  html  linux  mac  software  web  windows  Delicious 
november 2008 by arvind
Adeona: A Free, Open Source System for Helping Track and Recover Lost and Stolen...
awesome software for Mac, Linux, Windows that lets you track down your stolen laptop. Great for laptop programs
software  laptop  theft  security  free  oss  Mac  Linux  Windows  education  21apples  Delicious 
november 2008 by arvind
Processing 1.0 (BETA)
free, open source software from MIT that is great for teaching kids programming that produces beautiful visuals. Java wrapper works on Mac, Windows, Linux
processing  free  software  21apples  education  NYCIST  NEIT2007  programming  java  oss  mac  windows  linux  Delicious 
november 2007 by arvind
Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots
wow, fantastic website that shows you any website in all types of different browsers. this is great for webmasters wanting to test how their site is working cross platform and cross browser
web  design  browser  standards  html  xhtml  mac  windows  linux  free  code  css  Delicious 
october 2007 by arvind
Scp -- Secure File Transfer between UNIX machines
super-useful command that lets you transfer files directly between two unix machines. makes it easy to move files between servers.
commands  guide  linux  tutorial  unix  NYCIST  Delicious 
january 2007 by arvind
Backing Up and Restoring Your MySQL Database
nice easy read on how to backup your mysql databases from the command line
backup  database  linux  server  software  sql  tutorial  moodle  NYCIST  Delicious 
january 2007 by arvind
elegant backup softare for mac, windows and linux targeted at backing up your home files
21apples  mac  windows  linux  software  backup  network  Delicious 
january 2007 by arvind
Jon Peck: How to Configure an $80 File Server in 45 Minutes
nice article on setting up a cheap old box with linux and a webserver.
article  guide  linux  server  software  torrent  tutorial  ubuntu  apache  Delicious 
november 2006 by arvind
EphPod - iPod for Windows (and Linux) :: HOME
amazing free software for syncing your ipod and your computer. can easily download all the songs from your ipod onto your computer in case something happens to your computer. and free!
free  software  windows  linux  apple  ipod  hacking  audio  management  21apples  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
control multiple computers from one screen including copying and pasting between machines.
cool  linux  mac  software  tools  unix  windows  oss  Delicious  apple  free  hacking  hardware  integration  network  osx  resources  technology 
october 2006 by arvind
Darik's Boot and Nuke
Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for
apple  hardware  hacking  linux  mac  free  software  tools  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Snort - the de facto standard for intrusion detection/prevention
Over the years Snort has evolved into a mature, feature rich technology that has become the de facto standard in intrusion detection and prevention. Recent advances in both the rules language and detection capabilities offer the most flexible and accurate
linux  security  network  tools  enterprise  free  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
This project is a way to dynamically block hosts that are infected with some kind of virus or are in violation of a policy (scanning/hacking/etc...). However that's not where it stops. It can not only detect and quarantine infected hosts, it can also no
linux  security  network  tools  enterprise  free  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Apache Compile HOWTO
step by step on installing Apache and many applications that it can use like php, zlib, pdf creator and many more
free  software  tools  web  server  linux  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
NOVELL: Linux Newbie Cool Solutions
Novell's source for Linux newbie questions
linux  free  guide  tools  training  tutorial  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Schoolforge's mission is to unify independent organizations that advocate, use, and develop open resources for primary and secondary education.
linux  software  tools  education  free  freedom  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Freeduc, a directory of free software for education - OFSET
Freeduc is a directory of free software for education. The software are classified in teaching domains and it possible for a visitor to add new entries.
education  free  linux  tools  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter
spam  email  linux  software  virus  security  server  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
opencomputing » server side e-mail protection
opencomputing provides openprotect : a flat fee e-mail antivirus, antispam, antiabuse and content filters for your e-mail servers.
spam  email  linux  software  virus  security  server  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
learn UNIX in 10 minutes
This is something that I had given out to students (CAD user training) in years past.
articles  commands  education  programming  training  tutorial  tools  linux  help  guide  lessons  unix  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
RRDtool - About RRDtool
RRD is the Acronym for Round Robin Database. RRD is a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). It stores the data in a very compact way that will not expand over time, and it can
programming  apple  linux  windows  tools  server  network  IT  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Cacti: The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution
Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out
programming  apple  linux  windows  tools  server  network  IT  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
SchoolTool - The SchoolTool Project
SchoolTool is a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is freely available under an Open Source licence.
research  community  education  development  free  linux  online  tools  software  technology  teachers  server  students  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
FrontPage UNIX Server Extensions Support
All the resources to run Frontpage Server Extensions on linux/unix machines. Paid support available.
web  linux  unix  windows  free  apache  tutorial  tools  software  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows!
list of open source software for windows. nice resources.
linux  free  windows  resources  programming  tools  software  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. We modify Unix software so that it compiles and runs on Mac OS X ("port" it) and make it available for download as a coherent distribution. Fink uses Debia
apple  cool  development  free  linux  mac  programming  software  tools  unix  web  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Firefox Help: Keyboard Shortcuts
Great comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts in FireFox - for Mac, Linux, Windows
firefox  internet  web  tutorial  articles  apple  mac  windows  linux  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
WebDAV Resources
This site is being produced for the WebDAV community as a central resource for documentation, specifications, software, mailing lists, and other useful items.
apache  development  html  internet  linux  programming  resources  server  software  standards  tools  web  technology  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Datenator - Home
Datenator is a PHP&MySQL based Open source calendar system that allows users to add and view events.
oss  server  tools  linux  windows  software  free  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Kaboodle is a free, open-source Internet app which provides: Complete visualization of your LAN, updated in near-real time. A point-and-click interface to take remote-control of what it finds. A "personal VPN" capability to securely connect Kaboodle-enab
free  internet  linux  network  software  tools  windows  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
NetworkManager - Ubuntu Wiki
A software plugin for Ubuntu that allows you to easily switch between wired and wireless network connections. When you unplug ethernet, it switches to wireless, and vice-versa
distribution  linux  oss  free  software  tools  network  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.0.4 "The Hoary Hedgehog" | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos...
A thorough guide on how to set up an Ubuntu 5.04 server similar to how an ISP would install it
apache  email  ftp  guide  linux  mail  mysql  php  server  software  tutorial  unix  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
NTFS Resize Frequently Asked Questions
The widely used, highly reliable and even free Ntfsresize utility non-destructively resizes the NTFS filesystem of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT4 and Windows Vista. All NTFS versions are supported, used by 32-bit and 64-bit Wi
free  hardware  linux  oss  research  software  tools  unix  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Ubuntu - NdisWrapper
Directions on how to use ndiswrapper on Ubuntu linux. This will get your wireless card driver working on your Ubuntu machine.
linux  ubuntu  tutorial  wireless  help  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Linux SEK 2005 Release 1: Basic tasks for new Linux developers
a writeup from IBM on using PHP and DHTML with code examples. Easy to follow
linux  fedora  redhat  suse  ibm  guide  help  Delicious  ajax  article  css  design  development  html  internet  javascript  php  programming  tutorial  web  web2.0 
october 2006 by arvind
video editing software package for linux
linux  media  software  tools  unix  video  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Radical Designs:
full service web development group focused on the needs of non-profit and grass roots social change organizations. We provide strategic on-line campaign consulting, web design and web application development. Our premier product is the Activist Mobilizati
consulting  activism  resources  software  tools  cool  community  linux  mysql  php  web  nonprofit  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Calendar - Standards Based Calendar Client Project
We are striving to build a cross-platform fully standards based calendar client based on the open iCal standard. Our client is built using the XUL user interface language and is targeted at Mozilla-based browsers, including the Mozilla Application Suite,
apple  client  development  extensions  firefox  free  linux  oss  programming  project  software  technology  tools  web  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind :: Home
Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback (see the features and screenshots). Available for all major operating systems under the GNU Public License.
design  development  free  images  linux  mac  media  oss  resources  software  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor
jEdit is a mature and well-designed programmer's text editor with 7 years of development behind it.
css  development  free  java  javascript  linux  mac  perl  programming  ruby  software  tools  unix  xml  windows  text  editor  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Unison File Synchronizer
Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propaga
apple  distribution  free  ftp  linux  mac  microsoft  oss  programming  project  server  software  technology  tools  unix  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Compiling the MySQL C-bindings under Tiger | Ruby on Rails weblog
OS X 10.4 Tiger ships with GCC 4.0, which not all software is ready to accept a compilation by. The MySQL C-bindings is such a piece of software, so before doing “sudo gem install mysql” be sure that you do a “sudo gcc_select 3.3” (you can switch
apple  mac  mysql  rails  ruby  programming  articles  help  Delicious  site5  web  software  linux  commands  guide  tutorial  free 
october 2006 by arvind
gDesklet like applets for linux
linux  software  free  cool  fun  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Hacking Linspire - The Jem Report
how to use apt-get to install software on Linspire without paying for their click-n-run service
linux  oss  tools  articles  tutorial  free  freedom  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Fedora Core 4 Tips & Tricks
how to intsall flash, mp3 support, dvd support, real player and more
fedora  linux  tutorial  articles  help  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
The Unofficial Fedora FAQ
lots of fedora questions answered here. helps get you set up
distribution  fedora  help  linux  oss  redhat  software  support  technology  tutorial  unix  articles  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
collection of extras available for Fedora linux distribution
community  fedora  linux  portal  redhat  software  free  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Pine on Mac OS X
how to install Pine on Mac OS X - pine btw, is the worlds greatest e-mail editor.
linux  unix  mac  osx  software  tools  oss  free  cool  mail  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
[enomaly] enterprise open source consulting: common Unix / linux commands
Nice list of linux commands including sql dumps and restores from the good people at Enomaly
sql  linux  commands  help  guide  support  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Distributing Rails Applications - A Tutorial
takes all the files created by ruby and stuff its into one, easily distributable and easily expandible file
development  distribution  guide  linux  mac  osx  programming  rails  ruby  software  tools  tutorial  windows  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
JAlbum - free web photo album software and photo gallery software
powerful free web photo album creator software for your dekstop pc running Windows, Mac or Linux. just needs Java to run
photos  album  software  free  21apples  mac  linux  windows  images  Delicious 
august 2006 by arvind
EasyUbuntu is an easy to use (duh!) script that gives the Ubuntu user the most commonly requested apps, codecs, and tweaks that are not found in the base distribution - all with a few clicks of your mouse.
community  distribution  help  resources  software  ubuntu  unix  linux  free  Delicious 
july 2006 by arvind
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