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Fair Use Question of the Month: Transforming the Lyrics of a Popular Song | Cent...
Great post on whether you can take copyright music and put your own words on it for an educational/non-profit video
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may 2011 by arvind
US Dept. of Ed guidelines for private schools
Click here to download: US_DOE_requirements_for_private_schools.pdf (5145 KB) Pat Bassett, President of the National Association of Independent Schools sha ...
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february 2011 by arvind
ALA | Coping with Challenges
The American Library Association resource page on dealing with book challenges. This translates well to challenges to certain websites that people want blocked - it should go through a community process.
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april 2010 by arvind
Jonathan Melber: The Brooklyn Museum's Copyright Project
fantastic article about how The Brooklyn Museum (I'm a member) put all of their images into the Creative Commons. Amazing.
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january 2010 by arvind
Fair Use Evaluator
a web-based tool to help determine if something is a fair use
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november 2009 by arvind
Canadian parents win court battle against homework
fascinating article about legally suing a school to prove homework is ineffective, and getting rid of homework for students!
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november 2009 by arvind
Student Hit With $675,000 Fine in RIAA File-Sharing Case | TorrentFreak
incredible cases of the RIAA suing small-time downloaders for huge damages
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august 2009 by arvind
Teaching Copyright
how to teach copyright, a tremendous guide by the Electronic Frontier Foundation
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may 2009 by arvind
Warner Music Issues DMCA Takedown On Larry Lessig Presentation
Professor Lessig's use of media in an educational context is being challenged by the copyright owner. Important example of why following copyright law in education is important.
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may 2009 by arvind
ACLU Sues to Protect Broward Student's Free Speech in Web 2.0 World
good article about school being sued for disciplining a student based on her writing on Facebook
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january 2009 by arvind
New digital camera? Know how, where you can use it
Digital cameras were one of the hot gifts these holidays the first one for some people, an upgrade for others. Cell-phone cameras are everywhere too, and sites like Flickr and Buzznet not to mention photoblogs make it easy for anyone to share the...
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december 2008 by arvind
Free and Uneasy: The First Year Out | The New York Times
photo slideshow with audio about man wrongly arrested and imprisoned for 16 years who was released after DNA evidence showed his innocence. Great for justice lessons or enhanced podcast storytelling example
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november 2007 by arvind
PodSafe Audio - Podsafe Music
great collection of creative commons music available for use
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october 2007 by arvind
EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers
Electronic Frontier Foundations's legal guide for Bloggers. An important and solid resource
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april 2007 by arvind
Welcome To The Podcasting Legal Guide - CcWiki
unbelievably comprehensive guide to the legal (USA) issues involved in podcasting from using music to interviewing people and everything inbetween
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january 2007 by arvind
Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0
article on CNET about kids outsmarting web filters to get access to banned websites
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january 2007 by arvind
Students can be punished for postings online |
Indian school district creates policy banning certain online postings outside of school. Violations could lead to faculty or student dismissals.
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october 2006 by arvind
The Digital Beat v.2 no.28, 04/13/2000
Andy Carvin - Student Free Speech Rights on the Internet and the Ghosts of Columbine
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october 2006 by arvind
Student Press Law Center
Desc: " advocate for student free-press rights and provides information, advice and legal assistance at no charge to students and the educators who work with them"
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october 2006 by arvind
Wired News: The Great No-ID Airport Challenge
interesting article about how one guy demonstrated that you don't legally need government-ID to fly on an airplane.
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june 2006 by arvind
Save the Internet : Join us
a coalition fighting to protect the Internet by lobbying congress to keep the Internet unbiased using network neutrality
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may 2006 by arvind
great site that takes creative commons licensed music/samples and lets you remix and share them. great for mashups and learning about how creative commons can promote sharing
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may 2006 by arvind
Podcasting Legal Guide - CcWiki
a great legal guide from the Creative Commons on podcasting. If you are podcasting yourself, or with your students, use this as a resource for students to learn about copyright and ethical use of technology
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may 2006 by arvind - Copyright Licensing and Compliance Solutions from Copyright Clea...
commercial copyright company that lets you pay licensing fees to use copyright work in the classroom, your business, your application or others uses.
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april 2006 by arvind
Woman, Teen Charged With Posting Porn On
A 16 year old was brough up on child pornography charges for photos she posted on MySpace. The implications are getting very real.
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march 2006 by arvind
Hey Neighbor, Stop Piggybacking on My Wireless - New York Times
an article from the NY Times discussing wireless internet stealing and sharing. might be a good article for discussing the issue with students.
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march 2006 by arvind
MP3 Download, music mp3 downloads. ALLOFMP3.
I am not sure what the legality of this site is, but it is a Russian site that sells MP3's and albums for super cheap, arounds 10cents a song.
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march 2006 by arvind
Lawrence Lessig - speech on free culture
Listen to Lessig's speech while watching a flash presentation. All about free culture, copyright.
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march 2006 by arvind
EFF: Bloggers' FAQ: Student Blogging
Electronic Freedom Foundation's guide detaling what students' rights are in terms of online blogging
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november 2005 by arvind

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