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Drew Gilpin Faust Has Attacked Harvard's Diversity Problem | Fast Company | Busi...
The elite institution's first female president has been on the job for seven years and has transformed its student body. Faust: There are many reasons. First, we want to offer Harvard's resources to the most talented students, whatever their backgrounds, whatever their financial circumstances. via Po
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august 2014 by arvind
"We Regret to Inform You That We Still Don't Like Your Name" - Esquire
Traditionally African-American names are still being tossed out on the first step of the hiring process. We know it's happening. So why can't we stop it?
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february 2014 by arvind
Recruiting and retaining male teachers
Download now or preview on posterous PrinterFriendly_RecruitingMaleTeachers.pdf (343 KB)
A colleague at another school posted a message today about the s ...
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