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DMARC Weekly Digests by Postmark
free tool that sends DMARC monitoring tools about your domain
email  free  spam  tools  dmarc 
april 2017 by arvind
Postbox — Awesome Email
elegant e-mail client, works well with gmail
software  client  email  gmail  windows  mac  Delicious 
august 2013 by arvind
Story of Send on Google Green - YouTube
A lovely animation of how Gmail works, which really helps understand the environmental impact of e-mail.
web  technology  21apples  green  environment  email  Youtube  video  animation  google  Delicious 
november 2012 by arvind
MailMerge in Google Apps
Awesome script for mail merging in Google Apps
google  mail  merge  tool  free  21apples  email  Delicious 
july 2012 by arvind
Gmail Backup
wonderful windows-based tool that lets you backup gmail. Great for moving personal gmail into google apps gmail. Not speedy, but incredibly functional, and free
gmail  backup  google  software  email  windows  free  tool  21apples  schools  Delicious 
september 2011 by arvind
a new, social-based e-mail app that works with gmail, IMAP, Yahoo, AOL, and more
facebook  aol  e-mail  apple  mac  software  social  Delicious  email  client  osx  imap 
july 2011 by arvind
The Secret Cause of Flame Wars
why e-mail is such a bad tool in some ways
email  mail  tone  future  digital  Delicious 
february 2011 by arvind
To ensure prompt replies, build a better e-mail
article from the Boston Globe with tips to writing better e-mail. MANY people need this article
email  mail  communication  tool  article  21apples  Delicious 
december 2009 by arvind
e-mail archive software available in open source or enterprise versions. Nice!
free  software  email  mail  exchange  backup  21apples  enterprise  commercial  storage  linux  oss  Delicious 
december 2009 by arvind
What problems does Google Wave solve?
a well thought out blog post on what Google Wave does and does not do
google  wave  collaboration  email  communication  social  blog  tool  enterprise  21apples  Delicious 
october 2009 by arvind
NewsGator Inbox
free RSS reader for Microsoft Outlook
free  outlook  software  windows  tools  microsoft  email  plugin  rss  Delicious 
june 2009 by arvind
riseup home
fantastic free e-mail, listserv provider for those working on social change. No one is reading your e-mail here, they believe in free communication tools
free  email  online  activism  hosting  e-mail  Delicious 
march 2009 by arvind
AstraSync - ActiveSync for BlackBerry
cheaper client that lets you do full BlackBerry sync with Microsoft Exchange, without buying a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
exchange  software  sync  commercial  microsoft  email  mobile  Blackberry  Delicious 
february 2009 by arvind
sorts your commercial mail in this other inbox so you can keep things organized and clean. so far, it's free
free  web  tool  web2.0  productivity  mail  email  beta  gtd  lifehack  Delicious 
november 2008 by arvind
Configuring the Outlook 2003 RPC over HTTP Client
how to set up Outlook client to work when you're outside your network (i.e. remotely)
Outlook  Microsoft  windows  email  guide  tutorial  Delicious 
october 2008 by arvind Simple Private Sharing
share files online easily, freely
email  file  free  storage  tool  web  Delicious 
june 2008 by arvind
Computerworld - 100 e-mail bouncebacks? You've been backscattered.
article on backscatter spam, messages that return to you even though you didn't send them
email  spam  work  internet  technology  21apples  Delicious 
may 2008 by arvind
Email organization, search, and navigation for your Outlook inbox. Pretty cool software, only available in Beta right now
microsoft  outlook  email  productivity  beta  software  windows  free  tool  Delicious 
april 2008 by arvind
gmail vs pine
good writeup on pine email client vs. gmail
gmail  pine  software  article  google  email  Delicious 
february 2008 by arvind
Linda Stone: Just Breathe: Building the case for Email Apnea
an article about the potential harm caused by holding breath, something people tend to do while e-mailining, texting, etc
health  email  culture  article  21apples  internet  safety  Delicious 
february 2008 by arvind
Testing IMAP server
you can use telnet to test whether or not an IMAP server is working properly
imap  mail  help  tutorial  telnet  troubleshooting  email  Delicious 
january 2008 by arvind
SEND: Welcome
A new book coming out (releasing at SXSW 2007) about e-mail and why it is so annoying. I'm with them. I have been saying for a while that if I started a new school today, we wouldn't have e-mail.
21apples  education  email  behavior  culture  future  history  Delicious 
february 2007 by arvind
senduit | Share easily.
send large files super easily and let them expire after the time period you decide. no registration and free.
web  tool  free  mail  email  resource  storage  Delicious 
february 2007 by arvind
riseup help : Security Measures
short guide on how to keep your e-mail safe and secure from snoopers
email  security  article  guide  Delicious 
november 2006 by arvind
Tech Stats from BusinessWeek Online
people are on e-mail way too much! see the results of AOL's e-mail addiction survey. scary.
21apples  article  email  internet  online  management  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!
Send large attachments without bogging down your e-mail server
cool  email  free  web  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
SendThisFile - Easily send a large file! Free accounts!
SendThisFile SM enables you to easily transfer a large file to anyone, anywhere! Totally free service (pay add ons available) to send huge attachments without killing mail servers. A great tool.
cool  free  tools  web  email  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter
spam  email  linux  software  virus  security  server  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
opencomputing » server side e-mail protection
opencomputing provides openprotect : a flat fee e-mail antivirus, antispam, antiabuse and content filters for your e-mail servers.
spam  email  linux  software  virus  security  server  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Email Marketing and Postcard Campaigns - online from VerticalResponse
allows for list management, e-mail list creation and lots more. prices are quite low, and all material hosted offsite and managed by VerticalResponse
email  education  tools  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. It uses the tried, tested and very popular ClamAV open source antivirus engine as a back end.
apple  email  mac  software  virus  free  oss  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
MailTags 1.0 - Meta Data Plugin for Apple Mail.App
Plugin for mail that allows you to tag messages in Mac Mail.
apple  cool  email  free  information  internet  mac  mail  software  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Apple Mail plug-ins and tools
A repository of plug-ins and tools that extend the functionality of Apple's (v. 2.0 and above). New plug-ins and tools are periodically notified on the site update notification list (see below).
apple  email  extensions  free  internet  mac  mail  oss  osx  programming  software  resources  technology  tools  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.0.4 "The Hoary Hedgehog" | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos...
A thorough guide on how to set up an Ubuntu 5.04 server similar to how an ISP would install it
apache  email  ftp  guide  linux  mail  mysql  php  server  software  tutorial  unix  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Free, open source tools for building thriving online communities | CivicSpace
CivicSpace is a free open-source software platform for grassroots organizing and civic activity. It allows individuals and organizations to build online communities that communicate effectively, act collectively, and coordinate coherently with a network o
activism  blog  community  database  development  email  forum  free  network  online  php  portal  resources  social  software  tools  web  nonprofit  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
RoundCube Webmail Project
RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation and message filters. RoundCub
ajax  client  cool  css  design  development  email  free  future  mail  oss  programming  project  php  server  software  sql  tools  web  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Slashmail - The Open Source Email Company - Secure, Functional, Clutter-Free!
will host your e-mail for you for a low yearly price. unlimited email storage which is unparallelled. their profits support open source projects. what makes me nervous is whether you can count on them being around for a while. if it starts getting to cost
email  mail  oss  server  Delicious 
october 2006 by arvind
Stopping spam with the Anti-Spam-SMTP-Proxy (ASSP)
open source anti-spam software, apparently works pretty easily on windows servers. you should just need PERL though, so should run on most servers.
email  exchange  linux  mail  network  perl  security  server  software  spam  tool  unix  windows  21apples  Delicious 
may 2006 by arvind
FirstClass Division, Open Text Corporation
a popular collaboration server in schools. handles e-mails, voicemails, websites, conferencing, chatting, and more. i have heard that soon to have blogging built in.
education  software  email  server  network  collaboration  blog  web  NYCIST  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind
Marketcircle : Daylite
not-so-cheap organization software for the Mac. integrates calendars, e-mail, contacts, project management and more. not based on Getting Things Done by David Allen.
apple  mac  software  osx  gtd  email  management  productivity  tool  business  commercial  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind
Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support
a "Getting Things Done" plugin for Microsoft Outlook by Netcentrics
gtd  email  microsoft  software  management  Delicious 
april 2006 by arvind
Enable Password Changing through OWA in Exchange 2003
a tutorial on enabling password changing through Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2003
exchange  microsoft  windows  email  web  server  tutorial  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
PHProjekt - an open source groupware suite
PHProjekt is a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share informations and document via intranet and internet. Components of PHProjekt: Group calendar, project management, time card system, file management, contact manager,
software  oss  free  tools  web  email  calendar  projects  mail  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
goowy media home
very interesting personal communications website. get an e-mail, calendar, contacts, rss feeds, all in a cool web 2.0 draggable, customizable portal. try it out, hard to describe.
web2.0  free  email  web  tools  calendar  feeds  portal  Delicious 
march 2006 by arvind
Nice looking web-based collaboration suite. Has e-mail, calendar, address book, files and capabilities like RSS feeds, smart folders, tagging and more. Also have a hardware box to add more capacity in-house.
ajax  calendar  community  design  email  enterprise  hardware  mail  management  technology  tools  web  Delicious 
february 2006 by arvind
Web Office Suite: best of breed products | Web 2.0 Explorer |
large list/review of best web-based office apps, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, calendaring, collab suites.
21apples  calendar  email  web  tools  free  wiki  article  Delicious 
february 2006 by arvind
Webmail in Ruby on Rails
open source webmail built on ruby on rails. looks feature limited, or simple depending on your point of view
client  email  programming  project  rails  ruby  server  software  tools  web  Delicious 
february 2006 by arvind
Ecamm Network: DockStar - Customize your dock icon
Dock enhancer for Mac mail. Instead of having your Mail icon just show new messages number for Inbox, this app lets the icon show new messages into up to 5 mailboxes or folders. Costs $8.00, byt there is a demo.
apple  email  mac  osx  software  mail  Delicious 
december 2005 by arvind
Welcome to Bare Bones Software
the makers of BBEdit and TextWrangler (free) text editors
email  apple  html  tools  web  programming  osx  software  mac  Delicious 
december 2005 by arvind
Email Newsletter and List Management Software for Web Designers - Campaign Monit...
Campaign Monitor is an email newsletter and list management tool built for web designers who can design great looking emails, but need software to send their campaign, track the results and manage their subscribers. Check out the feature
commercial  design  distribution  email  html  mail  online  spam  tools  web  Delicious 
november 2005 by arvind

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