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Awesome Screenshot - probably the best screenshot tool I've seen in a long time
via If you use Google Chrome as your browser, get this tool called Awesome Screenshot. The above video should make it quite clear as to why. Super useful.
via @web20classroo ...
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august 2010 by arvind
elegant, free, web-based screencast maker. Really slick. Integrates with Twitter for posting screencasts.
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october 2009 by arvind
Telestream ScreenFlow
really high-quality screencasting software for the mac
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october 2009 by arvind
Online image markup tool -'s Falcon
another great tool from Aviary which lets you take images and add arrows, circles, etc - mark it up for explanation sake. Free and paid plans.
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august 2009 by arvind - Introducing Skitch...
Skitch is a ultra-slick screencapture program that lets you annotate and then upload to your favorite place like Flickr, MySpace, etc. Getting rave reviews
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april 2007 by arvind

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