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Web Based Calendar
good looking, ASP-based calendar. Works with Active Directory, iPhones, and more.
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january 2010 by arvind
Scott Watermasysk
.text ASP blogging solution and development site
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october 2006 by arvind
Project management and task management software: Basecamp
Basecamp is a web-based tool that lets you manage projects (or simply ideas) and quickly create client/project extranets.
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october 2006 by arvind
Personal and small business information manager: Get organized, Backpack
Backpack is Basecamp's little brother. Backpack is better suited for personal or smaller projects while Basecamp is better suited for business or larger projects.
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october 2006 by arvind
Customized Onsite Technical Training
instructor led online classes, or private classes, or public classes in PHP, ASP, Macromedia, Adobe, Database, XML, .NET and many other web technologies.
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april 2006 by arvind :: RSS feeds, directory, software, scripts, articles, syndication, RDF,...
free software the handles RSS feeds and converts to HTML. PHP and ASP versions available. Seems to add a link to the site at the bottom though (an ad).
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april 2006 by arvind

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