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incredibly cool way to get many, many fonts onto your website. some free options, some paid. awesome!
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november 2009 by arvind
Providing Assistive Technology Training, Support and Sales
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october 2009 by arvind
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Accessible Audiobooks for students with visual impairment, dyslexia or learning disabilities
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october 2009 by arvind
Example Style Guide
The following document is a style guide for producing content for the [client] Web site. This document outlines basic principles for adding content to the site, defines the basic style sheet classes available to content managers and how they should be use
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march 2006 by arvind
Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.2
A free, open source, screen magnifier, for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD
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march 2006 by arvind

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