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Equity Maps – Classrooms, Groups, & Meetings on the App Store
keep track of who's talking in your class and whether you're building equitable participation
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february 2017 by arvind
Harvard Education Publishing Group - Blog
In April 1963, while being held in a Birmingham jail for leading a nonviolent protest of Southern segregation laws, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. via Pocket
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february 2017 by arvind
Accentuate the Positive | Harvard Graduate School of Education
With an unsettling year drawing to a close, many educators are increasingly aware of race: how it impacts student achievement and how it obstructs connections between people. via Pocket
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january 2017 by arvind
How to Be a Man in the Age of Trump - The New York Times
ONE afternoon, while reporting for a book on girls’ sexual experience, I sat in on a health class at a progressive Bay Area high school. Toward the end of the session, a blond boy wearing a school athletic jersey raised his hand. “You know that baseball metaphor for sex?” he asked. via Pocket
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october 2016 by arvind
Wake-Up Call
September, 2016 | Volume 63 Editorial Board STEPHEN J. via Pocket
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october 2016 by arvind
Game On! | Harvard Graduate School of Education
Zachary Herrmann is a candidate for the Doctor of Education Leadership degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a former math teacher who researches and writes about teacher innovation. via Pocket
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september 2016 by arvind
It’s Time to Ditch Our Deadlines - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Every professor has had one: the incredible disappearing student. Mine was "James," a talented and innovative thinker who had great things to say in class until he vanished, about halfway through the semester. He didn’t submit his paper. He didn’t show up in office hours. via Pocket
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september 2016 by arvind
Energizers! Tips for Using Energizers | Responsive Classroom
Last week, I encouraged you to work energizers—quick breaks that get children moving, breathing, and having fun together—into your classroom day. Energizers are great ways to get children refreshed and refocused on learning anytime during the school year. via Pocket
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september 2016 by arvind
When Kyle Schwartz started teaching third grade at Doull Elementary School in Denver, she wanted to get to know her students better. She asked them to finish the sentence “I wish my teacher knew.” The responses were eye-opening for Ms. Schwartz. via Pocket
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september 2016 by arvind
What Doesn't Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon | Edutopia
The number one concern that I hear from educators is lack of time, particularly lack of instructional time with students. It's not surprising that we feel a press for time. Our expectations for students have increased dramatically, but our actual class time with students has not. via Pocket
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june 2016 by arvind
Teaching Students to Stay Focused | Responsive Classroom
Welcome to Room 327! Here, on a warm day in May, you'll find thirty third graders reading independently. The room is silent, save for the occasional chuckle or sound of disbelief you might expect from children fully immersed in their reading. via Pocket
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december 2015 by arvind
We Aren't Using Assessments Correctly - Education Week
Much of the testing discussion in the United States today is grounded on several widely accepted notions: that we first must get the actual assessment instrument right, that there is an important distinction between "formative" and "summative" assessment, that teachers need to understand the langu vi
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november 2015 by arvind
What's in a Name? | Responsive Classroom
How do you refer to the students in your class when addressing them? At first glance, this may seem like a trivial issue; but consider how many times throughout the day we speak to students to get their attention. via Pocket
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october 2015 by arvind
Noticing Positives | Responsive Classroom
What's going well in your classroom these days? At this time of year, especially, it's common for teachers to focus more energy on challenges such as reteaching procedures that aren't going smoothly, having problem-solving conversations with students, parents and colleagues, and stopping misbehavio v
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october 2015 by arvind
The Unspeakable, in Its Jammies - The Atlantic
Hey, remember the guy in the university town who thought it was a good idea to go through Huckleberry Finn and replace the word "nigger" with something less offensive? Not the dude at Auburn. The other one. The one writing this sentence. via Pocket
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november 2014 by arvind
TOPLAB is a multiracial/multiethnic collective of ten women facilitators/trainers, based mostly in New York, but also from Boston, Toronto, Maine and Brazil, who are active as cultural workers, educators, organizers and health care professionals, as well as theater artists, and who have trained and worked extensively with Augusto Boal. While recognizing that Theater of the Oppressed has many applications and social functions the TOPLAB collective chooses to stay close to TO's political roots and use the techniques and methods as organizing tools to affect radical social change and help bring about social justice, peace and empowerment of people who have historically been oppressed and disempowered, and affected by prejudice and discrimination--people whose voices have too often been silenced.
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september 2011 by arvind
January 25, 2011 : The Daily Papert
quote by Papert on how standardizing teaching hobbles good teachers rather than improving bad teachers
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march 2011 by arvind
What Works Clearinghouse: Home Page
from the US Dept of Ed, the What Works clearinghouse is a source of scientific evidence for what works in education
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february 2011 by arvind
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