Touchstone - Trusted Leaders, Trusted Spaces
professional development for leaders and organizations trying to build trust
leadership  professionaldevelopment  consulting 
july 2019
Center for Humane Technology
some of the most important work on using tech to promote humanity
ethics  tech  technology  21apples  distraction  focus 
november 2018
Services - Resilient Schools - Benson-Henry Institute
The Resilient Schools program brings relaxation response-based coping skills and life management tools into the school environment to help educators and students better manage daily stress, and positively impact student’s academic performance and health.
mindfulness  education  schools  vendor  consulting  21apples  Massachusetts 
july 2018
freemium online graphical software, flow charts, diagrams, etc
free  premium  software  Web  diagram  drawing  education  21apples 
may 2018
Library | SessionLab
list of facilitation methods for meetings including energizers, introductions, etc
meeting  resource  resources  21apples 
january 2018
Visible Thinking
lexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices
arts  conversation  education  thinking  21apples  pedagogy  activities 
november 2017
Management Training and Leadership Training - Online
wonderful list of articles on various management and leadership tools, methods, etc. The free is good and have even more paid material.
leadership  learning  management  organization  tools  21apples 
october 2017
Eliminating the Human
how technology is pushing humans away from each other perhaps explicitly or implicity
21apples  education  technology  robot  robotics  psychology  article 
september 2017
CartoonStock - Cartoon Humor, Political Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations
CartoonStock is a searchable database of over 500,000 humorous and political cartoons, cartoon pictures and illustrations by more than 1000 of the world's top cartoonists, all available for instant licensing and download.
cartoons  license  free  commercial  premium 
september 2017
software used to manage attendance, carline, bus board, after-school activities, and more
vendor  school  21apples 
august 2017
Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman: Let's talk parenting taboos | TED Talk | TED.com
Babble.com publishers Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, in a lively tag-team, expose 4 facts that parents never, ever admit -- and why they should. Funny and honest, for parents and nonparents alike. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  21apples  kids  parenting 
august 2017
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