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Building and Documenting Python REST APIs With Flask and Connexion – Real Python
How to create a Python-powered RESTful API from scratch using Flask and the Connexion library. Also covers automated validation and documentation for your API endpoints using the Swagger / OpenAPI standard.
python  flask  connexion  rest  api 
17 days ago by arthuralvim
Python Random Module to Generate Random Numbers and Data [Guide]
Generate random numbers and data using the random module in Python. Choose random data from the list and set. Python random module functions. Cryptographically secure random data in Python
python  random 
17 days ago by arthuralvim
Consistent Python code with Black · Matt Layman
Code is read far more than it is written. By using a consistent style, the readability of a project can improve dramatically. This post focuses on Black, a code formatter, how it can improve your project's code style, and how you or your team can use it.
code-review  code  python 
17 days ago by arthuralvim
MongoDB as a little helper in everyday Python life - PAYMILL
Why and how to use MongoDB to ease your everyday Python tasks. An introduction with code recipes.
python  mongodb 
4 weeks ago by arthuralvim
S3 trickery, using it as a scheduler – Hacker Noon
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
aws  lambda  s3  python 
4 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Streaming data with Amazon Kinesis - Sqreen Blog | Modern Application Security
Learn how Sqreen uses use Amazon Kinesis to process and stream security data from its agent in near real-time.
kinesis  python 
4 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Merge and Join DataFrames with Pandas in Python | Shane Lynn
Join and Merge datasets and DataFrames in Pandas quickly and easily with the merge() function. Master left, right, inner, and outer merging with this tutorial. Merging and Joining data sets are key activities of any data scientist or analyst.
pandas  python  tutorial 
7 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Pandas Tutorial: DataFrames in Python (article) - DataCamp
Explore DataFrames in Python with this Pandas tutorial, from selecting, deleting or adding indices or columns to reshaping and formatting your data.
pandas  python  tutorial 
7 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Groupby, split-apply-combine and pandas (article) - DataCamp
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the pandas groupby operation, which draws from the well-known split-apply-combine strategy, on Netflix movie data.
pandas  python  tutorial 
7 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Getting every message in an SQS queue – alexwlchan
At work, we make heavy use of Amazon SQS message queues. We have a series of small applications which communicate via SQS. Each application reads a message f...
python  aws  sqs 
10 weeks ago by arthuralvim
28 comandos úteis de Pandas que talvez você não conheça
Confira alguns dos mais úteis comandos da biblioteca Pandas do Python. Pare de usar laços for e while para resolver seus problemas e melhore a performance do seu código.
python  pandas 
11 weeks ago by arthuralvim
iloc, loc, and ix for data selection in Python Pandas | Shane Lynn
The iloc, loc and ix indexers for Python Pandas select rows and columns from DataFrames. Simple guide to find data by position, label & conditional statements.
python  pandas 
11 weeks ago by arthuralvim
How to Build a Data Science Portfolio – Towards Data Science
How do you get a job in data science? Knowing enough statistics, machine learning, programming, etc to be able to get a job is difficult. One thing I have found lately is quite a few people may have…
python  data-science 
11 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Guide to Encoding Categorical Values in Python - Practical Business Python
Overview of multiple approaches to encoding categorical values using python
pandas  dados  python  dados-categoricos 
12 weeks ago by arthuralvim
Upload and Download Files to/from Amazon EC2 with Dropbox | | Spark & Shine
From my experience, it is quite slow to use scp to transfer data between my laptop and EC2. In this article, I'll show you how to upload and download files to/from Amazon EC2 with Dropbox, which is much faster. 1. Transfer data with scp 1.1 Upload files to EC2 scp -i wp_sparkandshine.pem
python  dropbox  s3  amazon 
july 2018 by arthuralvim
The Right Way™ to do Serverless in Python – IOpipe Blog
As you’ve undoubtedly heard, serverless has grown in leaps and bounds since the release of AWS Lambda in November 2013. And while the idea of not having to manage a server, paying only for the…
python  serverless  cloud 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
A guide to asynchronous programming in Python with asyncio
For the intrepid programmer who has decided to explore the asynchronous part of Python, welcome to our “Asyncio How-to”. Of course, you can successfully use Python without needing or even knowing…
python  async 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
Python e microserviços: Introdução ao Loafer – olist engineering
Loafer é uma biblioteca open-source feita em python, para facilitar a criação de serviços, em especial aqueles que consomem ou geram eventos (mensagens). O projeto nasceu como prova de conceito para…
microservices  python 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
I built a serverless Telegram bot over the weekend. Here’s what I learned.
Discover & share this Movie GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
python  lambda  telegram  chatbot  bot 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
Listing keys in an S3 bucket with Python, redux – alexwlchan
A few months ago, I wrote about some code for listing keys in an S3 bucket. I’ve been running variants of that code in production since then, and found...
s3  python  boto 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
Python Pickle | What is Serialization in Python with Example - DataFlair
Python Pickle and Python Serialization: Learn what is Python serialization, Python Pickle, comparison between Python Pickle and other modules and much more
python  serialização 
june 2018 by arthuralvim
AWS Lambda Functions Made Easy – codeburst
I hope the code in this blog post will save you a lot of time developing serverless functions for AWS Lambda. Creating simple functions using the Lambda web console is easy. As I found in a recent…
lambda  aws  python 
may 2018 by arthuralvim
Invoking Builds: Deployment and Project Task Patterns | Wellfire Interactive
Using Fabric and the new Invoke to simplify and codify both development and deployment patterns.
python  fabric 
may 2018 by arthuralvim
The Forgotten Optional `else` in Python Loops – Shahriar Tajbakhsh – Medium
This post discusses Python’s for...else and while...else syntax, one of the most rarely used and misunderstood syntactic features in Python. Both for and while loops in Python also take an optional…
python  desenvolvimento  dicas 
may 2018 by arthuralvim
Python Exceptions: An Introduction – Real Python
In this beginner tutorial you'll learn what exceptions are good for in Python. You'll see how to raise exceptions and how to handle them with "try/except" blocks.
python  exceptions 
may 2018 by arthuralvim
The Visual Python Debugger for Jupyter Notebooks You’ve Always Wanted
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
python  debug 
march 2018 by arthuralvim
SciPyLA 2018 - Chamada de Voluntários
Chamada de Voluntários - SciPyLA 2018 - The scientific Python conference in Latin America
scipy  python 
february 2018 by arthuralvim
Python programs profiling with decorators |
Zaiste is a Software Technologist who helps companies and brands build great software products. Expertise in: Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Clojure.
python  profiling 
november 2017 by arthuralvim
A gallery of interesting IPython Notebooks · ipython/ipython Wiki
ipython - Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc.
ipython  galeria  notebook  python 
october 2017 by arthuralvim
19 Essential Snippets in Pandas
A compilation of Python Pandas snippets for data science. After playing around with Pandas for about a month, I've compiled a pretty large list of useful sni...
pandas  dicas  python 
october 2017 by arthuralvim
A guide to logging in Python |
Logging is a critical way to understand what's going on inside an application.
python  logging 
october 2017 by arthuralvim
The Tale of Creating a Distributed Web Crawler
In this post, you'll find out how I built and scaled a distributed web crawler, and especially how I dealt with the technical challenges that ensued.
web  python  scraping 
october 2017 by arthuralvim
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