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[1809.09561] Evaluating stochastic seeding strategies in networks
[spooky sound] daaaannnnnngerous research!

Slightly more seriously: I've had this idea for a while, that you could use social networks to scale up re-identifying attacks a la Erlich's 2013 surnames-from-anonymous-genomes paper. Basically, you're more likely to be connected to people in a social network (of almost any kind) if you're related to them, than if they're some rando off the street. Ergo, you should be able to compute approximate distances in social networks via genetic measures (% IBD? longest IBD region? etc.) and work backwards through the network to resolve an anonymous sequence into a network node. I think the process must look something like what's described here.

I probably should think this through in more detail.

(I remain pretty confident that people like Y.E. have been talking about this with TLAs for a number of years, so this isn't really 'cutting edge' anymore. <sigh>)
dean-eckles  social-networks  research-article  arxiv 
april 2019 by arthegall
Joseph, Mao, Neel, Roth, "The Role of Interactivity in Local Differential Privacy" (arXiv)
"First, we classify locally private protocols by their compositionality, the multiplicative factor k≥1 by which the sum of a protocol's single-round privacy parameters exceeds its overall privacy guarantee. We then show how to efficiently transform any fully interactive k-compositional protocol into an equivalent sequentially interactive protocol with an O(k) blowup in sample complexity."
differential-privacy  interactivity  algorithms  research-article  arxiv  local-differential-privacy 
april 2019 by arthegall
[1902.04114] Using Embeddings to Correct for Unobserved Confounding
"We consider causal inference in the presence of unobserved confounding. In particular, we study the case where a proxy is available for the confounder but the proxy has non-iid structure. As one example, the link structure of a social network carries information about its members."
victor-veitch  arxiv  research-article  machinelearning  confounding  causal-learning  causality 
february 2019 by arthegall
[1512.01625] Coded MapReduce
Feels, at first glance, a lot like the 'sudoku' methods in genomics, and uses of codes in experimental designs
mapreduce  arxiv  computerscience  research-article  code  coding-theory 
november 2018 by arthegall
[1610.09555] TensorLy: Tensor Learning in Python
I'm trying to figure out if "tensor methods" in machine learning means something more than, "GPU-accelerated linear algebra"?
tensors  arxiv  machinelearning  python 
april 2017 by arthegall
[1304.1467] Dimension Independent Matrix Square using MapReduce
"We compute the singular values of an m×n sparse matrix A in a distributed setting, without communication dependence on m, which is useful for very large m."
distributed-computing  arxiv  research-article  similarity  machinelearning  gunnar-carlsson 
september 2016 by arthegall
[1608.07002] A simple linear space algorithm for computing a longest common increasing subsequence
I guess I'm a little confused why this isn't "conatenate the two strings, and scan the LCP array in linear time?"
algorithm  arxiv  research-article  via:vaguary  strings  preprint 
september 2016 by arthegall
[1605.06640] Programming with a Differentiable Forth Interpreter
My rough understanding of the "differentiable data structures" thing (and by extension, differentiable interpreters?) is that the derivative of a data structure is just "the structure with a hole in it." So I assume that this is "a Forth interpreter with a hole in it?"
programming  interpreter  forth  arxiv  differentiable-data-structures 
may 2016 by arthegall
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