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Speechless - Tierfal - Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Ed's stupid mark is long, long gone, but it's not like he has time to care.
FMA  Roy/Ed  tierfall  slash 
august 2016 by arrghigiveup
Slithering - astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.
Harry/Draco  Astolat  slash  HarryPotter 
july 2016 by arrghigiveup
Just What Was Rumpelstiltskin Expecting to Do with a Baby, Anyway? - withershins - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Turning to a witch to save a loved one's life is one of the riskier gambles a person can take, but it's one that's arguably noble and brave. Falling in love with the witch, though—now that's just foolish.
withershins  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
june 2016 by arrghigiveup
On the Value of Clear Communication - withershins - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Five times the Penguins assumed Sid was dating Geno, and one time the Capitals knew otherwise.
withershins  Sid/Alex  slash  HockeyRPF 
april 2016 by arrghigiveup
I've Measured My Life in Coffee Spoons - lostlenore - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Alex is a simple man with simple needs: finish his chem degree on time, pay his rent, and keep his job as a barista despite a chronic inability to make drinkable coffee and the ever increasing certainty the cafe he works at is a front for the mob.
lostlenore  HockeyRPF  Alex/Brendan  slash 
march 2016 by arrghigiveup
putting on the ritz - lazulisong - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
"They think you paid me to be here," hisses Eggsy.

Harry stares at him. "I made your favorite dinner and I have to let your wretched beast sleep on the bed for a month," he says flatly.

"No, they think you paid me to be here," says Eggsy.

"My dear boy," says Harry, "do you think all these third wives married my classmates out of the purity of their affections?"
lazulisong  Harry/Eggsy  slash  Kingsman 
february 2016 by arrghigiveup
do not take love advice from sweary droids - peradi - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
“Why did Finn just beep at me? Does he speak Droid when he’s upset?”

“It seems so,” says BB-8. He’s never been so proud of the coat-stealing dickmonkey.


Finn learns Droid. BB-8 makes a friend. Poe is confused, and everything ends up happily.
peradi  Finn/Poe  slash  StarWars 
january 2016 by arrghigiveup
take my heart and take my hand - somehowunbroken - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Dylan misses it, at first.

(In which Dylan doesn't realise that he and Connor are a thing until he does.)
somehowunbroken  Connor/Dylan  HockeyRPF  slash 
january 2016 by arrghigiveup
You're A Dream To Me - omelet - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Geno thought he wouldn’t have to worry. He thought he had more time.
omelet  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
january 2016 by arrghigiveup
and so it grows - hoosierbitch - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
High School!AU in which Phil is trying so hard to step up and be the man of the house, but his mom is more than capable and just wants him to spend time with that nice Clint boy she knows Phil is crushing so hard on.
hoosierbitch  TheAvengers  Clint/Coulson  slash 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
most of all - thebrotherswinchester - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Bucky dances with Steve.

(In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)
thebrotherswinchester  slash  TheAvengers  Steve/Bucky 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Moon's Gonna Follow Me Home - turningterrific - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.
turningterrific  Derek/Stiles  TeenWolf  slash 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
jump on a moving train - oops_ohdear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Best baby need best jersey,” Alex says blithely, which doesn’t actually answer the question. It does, however, tell Nicklas whose jersey it is, and sure enough when Alex lifts it up to put it back in the bag Nicklas can see the 8 and the 'OVECHKIN' emblazoned on the back.

or, nicklas finds himself responsible for a baby. alex approves.
HockeyRPF  Nicky/Ovie  slash  oops_ohdear 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
when we come round right - Sour_Idealist - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sasha is used to waking up in Nicky’s guest bedroom. He’s woken up in this bed hungover and happy, streaked with sweat and with paint and with glitter, and, once, underneath an extremely hungover Wardo with his feet next to Sasha’s head on the pillow. He’s woken up to Nicky laughing at him, low and soft, and to Nicky hissing “Ovi, get up, we’re going to miss our flight,” and Nicky patiently and solemnly drawing an anatomically elaborate penis, with piercing, onto his forehead.

Or: Sometimes you don't fall in love. Sometimes it just grows up around you.
Sour_Idealist  HockeyRPF  slash  Nicky/Ovie 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Woman In Blue - Ferritin4 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nicklas had been going to visit demons ever since he had taken his vows at nineteen, two weeks after his mother had opened her eyes one cold winter morning and seen the face of God. She had been dreaming of Him for months, and then, finally, like the sun rising, she had woken to meet the Lord Himself. Nicklas had woken an hour later to find his mother standing outside, her hands raised to the sky and the trees around her bowed down like courtiers in the presence of a king.

It had been a formative experience.

Nicklas could not make the oaks kneel, but he could talk to God as well as the next man, and if he brought up the right topics, God had a way of listening.

Sasha had been going to visit demons ever since Nicklas had found him with claws and in chains so long ago, and if God did not listen to him, it was not for lack of encouragement to the Lord on Nicklas’s part.


A fairytale of romance, monsters, and worship.
Ferritin4  slash  Nicky/Ovie  HockeyRPF 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
mother knows best
“She’s not my mom!” Alex says, indignant, and then remembers to lower his voice. “If my mom thought we were—thought we were involved, I’d say something!”

“‘Involved’? What are we, stepping out? Are you gonna take me to the picture house?” Brendan asks.


or: alex gives good parent, mostly by mistake.
HockeyRPF  engine  oops_ohdear  torigates  Chucky/Gally  slash 
december 2015 by arrghigiveup
Get It At Home - Ferritin4 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ovechkin hadn’t been very subtle about it. Nicklas had given Justin a very concerned look when they’d all finally made it into the lockers after the post-games.

Justin had given him a smile back, because Justin — well.

Nick’s 27 years old. He’s never won a Stanley Cup; he’s never even won Olympic gold. He’s never felt his heart break with the joy of it, and he’s probably never made out with anyone on his team because he knew they knew just how he felt. 

Ovechkin, somewhere, somehow, has apparently been there.
Ferritin4  slash  Ovi/Justin  HockeyRPF 
november 2015 by arrghigiveup
Read In the Dark - uraneia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Beau's looking for someone to cede control to, just for a night, just to see. Paulie's looking for absolution. They find something else.

Or: Beau Bennett walks into a kink bar.
uraneia  Beau/Paulie  slash 
november 2015 by arrghigiveup
let me be your skyline
A year in the life of Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin, captains in the United Nations Aerial Corps, and their dragons.
agirlnamedfia  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
november 2015 by arrghigiveup
Dirty Talk for Beginners with Alex Ovechkin
Alex Ovechkin talks dirty to Sidney Crosby, and then gives Zhenya some much-needed advice. Because he’s a nice guy like that.
lupinus  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
november 2015 by arrghigiveup
Garrote - downjune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“How do I break a curse that he can’t see, and you’ll forget as soon as you leave?”

“Same way you break any curse—with true love or some equal sacrifice.” Jags smirks. “I’m guessing true love is out. So you find something else.”

Claude glances around the room, as though the pain scale or knee anatomy charts can offer up a suggestion. “Like what?”
HockeyRPF  Sid/Giroux  slash  downjune 
november 2015 by arrghigiveup
just the thought of you (gets me so high)
It's not like Dylan makes a big secret of it or anything. Kind of the opposite, really. He'll walk into the dressing room sometimes with faint hickeys scattered along his collarbone, or a distinctly hand-shaped bruise on his hip, or shallow, red nail marks scraped across his lower back. Connor can usually tell, from placement and timing, which are sex bruises and which are hockey bruises.
HockeyRPF  gdgdbaby  slash  Connor/Dylan 
september 2015 by arrghigiveup
Big and Hard
It happens, like all great things in life do, because Sid loses a bet. Granted, it’s a bet he knows he shouldn’t have made, because it just reeked of something funky. But, if nothing else, Sid’s a competitive guy, and so when the opportunity to win had presented itself in the form of Geno saying, “Bet I’m score more than you in practice today”, Sid couldn't not say, “You’re on”.

It wasn’t until later, when they were getting ready to go on the ice, that Sid had thought to ask, “What are the stakes?”

“You lose, you talk dirty to the press.”
crispierchip  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
september 2015 by arrghigiveup
more grip than crazy glue
[Paulie still has no idea Spaling is trying to replace James. "He's going to ruin your numbers," James says spitefully.

"He's not going to ruin my numbers by living with me," Paulie says, exasperated. "If you can't be rational, James, I'm not talking with you." He hangs up.

Clearly, desperate times call for desperate measures.]
nebulia  HockeyRPF  slash  Paulie/Nealer 
september 2015 by arrghigiveup
Street Sweepers, Night Watchmen, Flame Keepers
Harry survived V-Day - because of course he did - but not all the Kingsman agents were so lucky. With the world still going to shit and the worst staff shortage since the organisation began, Merlin calls a group of retired agents back to their posts to help out while he trains the new recruits.

Featuring snowball fights, banter, innuendo, handsome old men, lady scientists, secrets in walking sticks, Harry’s appalling crush, thumbnails of bigger pictures, a pastede on plot crammed in around all the flirting which is really just an excuse for me to write a silly sword fight, and an old bet from 1986 that’s still not been decided.
Deepdarkwaters  thekookster  slash  Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy 
september 2015 by arrghigiveup
what happened in moscow
A summer love story.


Geno smiles for a long moment, then clears his throat and looks away, fiddles with the beer he's got in front of him. "I want ... ask you something?"

Sid lifts his eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"You come to Russia with me, maybe, for ... little while?"

Sid's mouth opens and he stares at Geno for a moment. "I --"

"Please, Sid?" Geno asks, and Sid finds the soft look on his face impossible to resist.
pinetreekate  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
There was little to be done the day Gary Unwin was born. Like any other child, he was born into the world small and weak. But unlike other children in his neighborhood, he was born different.
Cortesia  Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  slash 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Highway Unicorn
He saw the horn poking out from the pony's head, golden and straight and somehow delicate-looking despite the empty tuna can hanging off of it. The unicorn horn. "The fuck," Sidney said out loud, his eye skipping from the horn over the greyish-white body to the graceful gold-toned hooves.
pentapus  thefourthvine  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Pass It On
Ninety percent of everyone's problems could be solved by a robot that just texted NO to hockey players on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Sidney didn't have a robot.
thefourthvine  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Once Upon A Dream
It is the first instance of a penguin proposing to a zookeeper in the history of the Pittsburgh Zoo.
omelet  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Game Plan
Unlike Nealsy, Evgeni can cook his own food when he has it. He’s perfectly capable of making breakfast. His kitchen is well-equipped, and he’s got some good basic cooking skills down. In short, he is not going to starve to death if left to his own devices.

None of this seems to matter to Sid.
HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash  thehoyden 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Right on the Limits
Sidney groans, because this is ridiculous. “I think I’m having an allergic reaction,” he says.
thehoyden  slash  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Base Notes
In which Evgeni Malkin comes to America as one of the few omegas in pro hockey, lights up the NHL, and spends a lot of time wondering why Sidney Crosby is so damn weird.
Snickfic  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Wild Winter, Warm Coffee
Sid is not an asshole, he's not! He just gets annoyed at getting hit on as much as he does, okay?
Northisnotup  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
One Time Too Many, One Step Too Far
The nose of curious Barbara, Geno's mother would say to him, was torn off at the market. Curiosity killed the cat.

All of Geno is very much intact despite his circumstances, but sometimes it gets the better of him anyway.


There’s falling in love as the Russian magpie in a Pittsburgh Italian crime family, and then there’s falling in love with Sidney Crosby.
HockeyRPF  Ferritin4  slash  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Work of Wings
Sidney Crosby gets hit on the head and wakes up with extra memories.
thefourthvine  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
silence and sound
Sidney Crosby is twelve when he soul bonds.
cathedralhearts  Sid/Geno  slash  HockeyRPF 
august 2015 by arrghigiveup
Sunday Edition
And of course, because Sharpy is the most ill-mannered Canadian ever, he opens up the newspaper like he doesn't have the most entertaining thing in Chicago across the table from him anyway. He's totally pretending to read it, just to make Patrick salty, but two can play at that game, so he snatches the Sunday inserts out of the folds, smirking at Sharpy.

But he glances down and staring up at him, looking like, all of eighteen and strangely soft and sweet is Jonathan fucking Toews.
twentysomething  HockeyRPF  slash  Patrick/Jonathan 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Get It Right, Get It Tight
"The biceps peeking out of the sleeves, stretching the material thin and tight, are a lot more impressive than Geno remembers. He would have remembered if Sid had arms like that."
twentysomething  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
You'd Be Home
"Frankly, it’s a miracle that the house is finished- carpet in place, furniture assembled, decorative hand towels on the racks- and Sid really can’t help being proud. And if that translates into telling everyone he can convince to stay still for longer than thirty seconds, he’s sorry, but not that sorry."
twentysomething  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Doctor's Orders
He’s doing the usual post-game media scrum, happy with the win over the Islanders, when a couple of the reporters suddenly look a little uncomfortable and Sid realizes his nose is bleeding again. He laughs it off, wiping his nose on his sleeve.
twentysomething  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Secrets That You Keep
He knew, vaguely, that Sidney talked in his sleep.
pentapus  thehoyden  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF  slash 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Two to Tango
Sid’s only ever felt he was meant to be two places: on the ice, and in front of a classroom. But he looks at the penguins, then at Geno, and wonders if Geno is right.
thehoyden  twentysomething  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
You By My Side
It's not that no one touches Sid. Granted, most of it is through layers of pads or a helmet or gloves, but he gets touched. Even off the ice, Duper will bump against him, nudge him with an elbow; Flower will lean close on the plane, let their arms touch, solid and comforting. So maybe it's more accurate to say no one touches Sid like Geno.
HockeyRPF  twentysomething  slash  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Hanging With the Unloved Kids
Sidney Crosby has known a few things for most of his life: he knows that he loves hockey more than anything, he knows that 87 is his lucky number, and he knows that he’s gay.
ChibiRHM  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Simple Addition
They’re sitting close, but nothing about it is predatory. It’s as if they’re feeling out the chemistry, as if they want Nate, but even more, that they want Nate to want them.
bergamotandbone  pinetreekate  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno/Nate 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Scenario-Based Training
That was the point, Special Agent Backstrom had told him -- that trainees in their final set of scenarios would be put in situations where they clearly would not be at ease. Kuznetsov had been sent to an emu ranch in Oklahoma, so Mike supposes it could have been very slightly worse.
bergamotandbone  slash  latta/wilson  HockeyRPF 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
The State of Marriage
Geno will always love his country.

Even if it doesn't always love him back.
HockeyRPF  slash  iBear  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Eagle (is Rome, Except When it's Not)
Evgeni doesn't want to be responsible for a slave.

(AKA The Eagle AU that spends almost ZERO time north of the wall)
HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno  iBear 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Make This Place Your Home
Sid is special, even for a wizard. Harry Potter AU.
iBear  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Canadian Coping Mechanisms (or It Takes a Village)
Sid gets de-aged. The Russian clique helps? interferes in? Geno's attempts to care for him.
iBear  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
stop, drop, and roll
“Most of the runs we go out on are false alarms or medical calls,” Sidney says. It's his standard response to anyone asking about the danger, and it's true — they get a lot of broken fire alarms, heart attacks, and overdoses. In the last five years, Sidney has delivered two babies and been part of the crew that, legendarily within the Toronto Fire Services, freed a guy's dick from a jacuzzi tube. “People call 911 for a lot of weird stuff.”

"You not fire captain too?" says Geno. "What, too young?" He looks enormously smug, which means he's chirping.

Sidney enjoys it more than he probably should.

Or: the one where (almost) everyone is a hockey-playing firefighter.
Lexie  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
another way to make the picture clearer
McDavid's—really nice, is the thing. The kind of nice that even being Canadian doesn't explain. It's pretty infuriating.
gdgdbaby  slash  Eichel/McDavid  HockeyRPF 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
the ring of the ancestors is not a euphemism
Stiles hadn't noticed the way the entire commissary had gone silent when the guy had approached his table, or the two military escorts that had been flanking him, looking at each other like maybe they should be intervening but weren't sure how. All he saw was someone stealing the last dessert from him and Stiles didn't think about it, he just reached across the table and snatched it back with a, "What the hell, dude?"
kellifer_fic  slash  Derek/Stiles  TeenWolf 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
keep on loving you
"No," Beau says sternly. "Geno, I am not wearing that."

"Boss's order!" Geno says gleefully. "Is Paul Martin jersey. Ginger d-man, very handsome. You like!"

Beau takes the jersey and pulls it over his head reluctantly. He very much regrets accidentally telling Geno that he has a serious weakness for muscular redheads.
bluejayys  slash  HockeyRPF  Beau/Paulie 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Your Oxygen Mask Will Fall From the Ceiling
The at least 45% polyester uniform of a flight attendant is just not inherently sexy, okay?
No one, especially no one at this godforsaken hour (the Starbucks on the main concourse isn't even open yet for god's sake) should manage to make it look like Versace, especially under the slightly sickly green fluorescent lights of Terminal F.

But the guy strolling a few yards ahead of Paul is certainly making a damn fine effort.
bergamotandbone  slash  Beau/Paulie  HockeyRPF 
july 2015 by arrghigiveup
Breathe Me In
Zhenya wants more than people say an omega should.
Dangereuse  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
shot in the dark
Sidney was introduced to Agent 71 during his second year at CONSOL, before he traded his gun for a corner office. Apparently, 71 had been poached from the old Soviet intelligence unit, and rumors of violence and terror swirled around the office for weeks leading up to his arrival. To some small disappointment, the man who had eventually shown up was almost aggressively placid despite his towering stature.
kaisehr  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
fastened low and tight [I want you like a seatbelt]
He hopes four sandwiches will be enough to get them both through this.

Sid's angst makes Geno really hungry.

or: 5 hockey players Sidney Crosby doesn't have a crush on. (+1 oblivious idiot he loves)
meerminne  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Speak Easy, Push Back
"Possession is nine tenths of the law" is one of the first English expressions Zhenya learned.

It is said about the liquor, but it’s true for himself as well. The laws on what an omegas can do, where they can go, how they should comport themselves, are just as much a prohibition as the laws banning the sale of liquor but the fact remains that Zhenya is in possession of himself.

The other tenth he doesn’t give a damn about.
bergamotandbone  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
A Foreign Familiarity
They've just been eliminated by the Rangers. "Not sure what you want, Sid," Zhenya says, tired, when he opens his door.

Sid rolls his eyes at him and pushes past him to come inside. "Stop moping," he tells Zhenya abruptly, bumping into him with his two Giant Eagle bags. "You're gonna let me in or not?"
Spinel  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Make Yourself at Home
“I could just live at your house,” Sid said, scowling at a color swatch. “I like your house.”

“My house best,” Zhenya agreed. Then, because he did actually care about Sid and his ongoing bower-building angst, he added, “But your house good, too.”

(A bowerbird AU)
HockeyRPF  Snickfic  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
“Where am-” he began to ask, only to fall into silence as his eyes opened. It was dark. There was no campfire. Instead, there was a man with a soft face and curling hair, kneeling next to Sidney, and his skin was on fire. Sidney blinked. No, that wasn’t quite true - the fire was under his skin, more glimmer than flame, contained in beautiful feathers. “Phoenix?”

The stranger raised an eyebrow. “Good evening, unknown soldier.”

(The firebird is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor. When Captain Sidney Crosby was recruited into the Crimean War, he was not expecting all this.)
elareine  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
A Fool and His Money
Newly returned from the colonies, Sidney Crosby still has his land and title but is in desperate need of funds. Eager to make a good marriage so as to ensure his sister’s future prospects, Sidney is shocked when his old friend Evgeni Malkin proposes.

Zhenya has been searching for someone just as lovely as Sidney for years so that he might marry and produce heirs. He never expected to find Sidney once again or to have the opportunity to propose. Now that Sidney has agreed to be his husband, Evgeni will have plenty of time to woo Sidney into returning his affections.

Or the very silly marriage of convenience regency au.
lupinus  HockeyRPF  Sid/Geno  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
i know i'm gonna be
“Yes,” he says.

Sid hums, clearly distracted. “Yes what?”

“Yes, I go on trip with you, ” Geno says.
bropunzeling  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Miracle Mile
There was a newly-uploaded picture, one that hadn’t been there yesterday. Sid tapped it open. The only lights he’d bothered turning on were the down-lights above the kitchen island. He moved closer until he was standing directly beneath them, the better to see this latest picture.

It was of a newborn. Or at least, a newborn’s hand, tiny and curling around Geno’s index finger, the Love for Lokomotiv wristband he never took off distinctive and visible at the edge of the frame. There was no caption.
brax  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
You're the One That I Want
It’s actually his father who suggests it.

“Take the rest of the summer for yourself,” he says. “Do something fun.”

“Fun,” Sidney repeats blankly.
thehoyden  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
The Supernova Scene
The YouTube thing is Taylor’s idea.

A YouTube stars AU.
Java_Genie  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Call Me (Maybe)
Two times Sid called Geno and two times Geno called Sid.
hockeyRPF  agirlnamedfia  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Keep Me In Your Eye Line (Stay In My Eye Line)
A blind cyborg and a hard of hearing Russian walk into a locker room and change the face of the NHL. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
A love story on two continents, in three languages, and across nineteen seasons.
downjune  Ira123  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Work in Progress
Because his life is a joke, Sidney turns out to be kind of an artist and Geno turns out to be kind of a model.
omelet  HockeyRPF  slash  Sid/Geno 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Like A Blade
Maybe she needs to stop complaining to him about guys not dropping everything to fuck her. Kaner does, and he’s basically been looking at her ever since they both hit puberty, so.
elisera  HockeyRPF  Patrick/Jonathan  slash 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
a little bit of you makes me your man
PK's always been a big fan of being honest with himself, which is why it isn't that difficult to sit down at lunch, pick through the last few years, and admit that—yeah, alright. Maybe he likes it when Carey pushes him around.
gdgdbaby  slash  HockeyRPF  carey/pk 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
grace under pressure
"So you're saying," Carey prods, through gritted teeth, "I—what? Exude pheromones? Make people crazy with—I don't know, lust?"

"You're a walking aphrodisiac, bud," PK agrees. His voice turns fervent. "I can't wait to tell Prusty."
gdgdbaby  slash  HockeyRPF  carey/pk 
june 2015 by arrghigiveup
Zhenya nudges Gonch with his elbow. "Who is that?" he says in urgent Russian, jabbing his glove at the now retreating zamboni.

"Who?" Gonch follows the line of Zhenya's gaze, blinks when it lands on the zamboni. "What, the driver? Him?"

Zhenya nods vigorously, his eyes fixed on the zamboni.

Gonch stares at him for a few seconds before answering with hesitation, "That's...Sidney."
omelet  slash  Sid/Geno  HockeyRPF 
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