Church encodings in JavaScript
Interesting functional write-up showing lambda calculus in JS
JS  Functional  Lambda-Calculus 
march 2012
jQuery Widgets - Bringing Sanity to Complex Apps
Great write-up on jQuery UI widgets and gives the best inheritance example I've seen so far.
jquery.ui  widget 
march 2012
Writing node.js extensions with C++ and V8
V8 values tree from awesome V8/Node extensions slide deck
february 2012
paperplanes. A Tour of Amazon's DynamoDB
Mathias Meyer's review of Amazon DynamoDB
NoSQL  DynamoDB 
february 2012
Wake Up And Smell The Espresso (Education) in [Market-Ticker]
Good write up about the market distortion occurring in higher education.
economics  student  loans 
december 2011
Eventually Consistent HTTP with Statebox and Riak
Resolving issues that crop up in dynamo systems with lots of concurrent operations.
consistency  dynamo 
november 2011
Features - Sugar
Sweet, functional js
august 2011
madrobby/keymaster - GitHub
key board short cuts for js
august 2011
Scaling Memcached with vBuckets
looks like a nice implementation/refinement of hinted handoff?
august 2011
Erlang -- Profiling
Erlang guide to profiling systems
erlang  profiling  performance 
july 2011
How to Generate CSS Sprites Online
Create image sprite from multiple images and get the CSS for accessing images.
css  tools 
july 2011
[no title]
Federally sponsored open source analysis of some of the most popular open source projects.
july 2011
Coffee script mode for emacs. Glorious.
coffeescript  emacs 
june 2011
Webmachine Decision Flow
Awesome distilled! It's an HTTP decision tree :D
june 2011
CoffeeScript is the best thing since the invention of pizza. Search your heart, you know it to be true.
june 2011
Misultin modules list of exports - GitHub
HTTP server in Erlang. SSL and websocket support included.
june 2011
nox/herml - GitHub
Awesome HAML parser for erlang.
june 2011
massemanet/inotify - GitHub
A file-watcher like project for Erlang that works on Linux. Enables push and poll based notifications based on file/directory activity.
june 2011
Erlang App. Management with Rebar
OTP App management using Rebar. Good starting article.
erlang  rebar 
june 2011
Octopus, an automated deployment solution for .NET applications - Paul Stovell
An interested deployment automation solution for .Net that uses NuGet.
nuget  deployment 
june 2011
Union-Find Algorithms
Awesome slide deck explaining a great way to improve upon existing algorithms. Really impresssive.
june 2011
Emacs Commands List
A list of Emacs commands.
emacs  sheets 
june 2011
First Steps with Sphinx — Sphinx v1.0.7 documentation
Instructions for Sphinx; the doc system used by
readthedocs  tools 
june 2011
Rete Algorithm Demystified! — Part 1 « Everything Decision Management, Technically Speaking
The beginning to the series of blog posts explaining rete. Makes me my head hurt :)
rete  algorithm 
june 2011
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