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Apache Parquet
columnar, what spark wants too
data  datascience 
november 2018 by arnicas
VisiData documentation
command line thing like a more visual csvkit?
data  tools  UNIX 
july 2018 by arnicas
Beñat Arregi
airbnb ratings of neighborhoods on maps
travel  data  maps 
august 2017 by arnicas
Data Explorations
explanation simulation/vis ui examples
data  simulations  infovis  examples 
march 2017 by arnicas
entry level tools - wtfcsv, wordcounter
data  tools  text  stats 
april 2016 by arnicas
agate 1.2.0 — agate 1.2.0 documentation
alternative to pandas/numpy for sql/excel-like stuff
python  data  sql  excel  tools 
january 2016 by arnicas
Tidy Data
good arguments for long format data
r  data  datascience 
september 2015 by arnicas
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