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Rotation of the Earth.
Tracking the Milky Way reveals Earth's rotation
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may 2016 by arnabocean
Mars Had a Lot of Water Just 500,000 Years Ago
Even without an atmosphere, the Red Planet hasn't always been as bone dry as it is today. A new discovery suggests that as recently as a mere 500,000 years ago, certain nooks on Mars had far more active, flowing water than scientists had imagined.
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june 2015 by arnabocean
Carl Sagan On Alien Civilisations - YouTube
RT : Sir Patrick Moore and Carl Sagan talking about extraterrestrial civilizations
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december 2012 by arnabocean
RAW VIDEO: Meteor flash caught on security camera | Dallas - Fort Worth
RT : Security camera video shows ground lit by Texas fireball: . Original NASA website with other video: ht ...
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december 2012 by arnabocean
On Being Round | Neil deGrasse Tyson
On Being Round | Neil deGrasse Tyson (via Instapaper)
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august 2012 by arnabocean
Was Earth a Migratory Planet? : Discovery News
Theory that Earth was closer to the sun before.
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april 2012 by arnabocean

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